• Published 15th Aug 2016
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The Queen of Changelings in the Wasteland - Corvo Storm

Chrysalis awakens from a long hibernation into the wasteland. She will do whatever it takes to survive without a proper love source to feed from. She shall travel the remains of Equestria and learn how it all happened.

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Power Armor and Minigun Upgrade

Opening the door to the roof, the first thing Chrysalis and Blade saw was the power armor and crashed vertibird. To the left there was a desk with a holotape on it with a holotape player next to it. Blade went over to the player and put the holotape in it. It began to play. "This is Commander Sharp Wit. Are vertibird crashed into this museum a few months ago. We've been stuck here for days. The private was the first to break and he left, running down the street of the town shouting like a mad colt."

It didn't take long for are medic to break next. He was considerate enough to leave the medical supplies before running off into one of the buildings. Not long after we heard a gunshot meaning that he shot himself. The gun he used was my pistol. Don't know how he managed to get it. It was just me and the best of the squad that I used to lead. He eventually left sadly, saying that he wanted to go find anypony that was still alive like us. I let him. Never came back."

Now it's my turn to go rogue. I think I'm going to go to Manehattan. See if my sister lived through this. Then I'll see if my family made it. I doubt it but beats staying hear. I haven't heard any radio chatter. Probably because the radio is busted or the military is gone. I'm going to leave my suit of power armor here. It's out of juice and won't be able to help me that way. This is Commander Sharp Wit, signing off."

The changeling and pony were surprised to say the least. That explained why the power armor was there in the first place. Taking a few minutes to mull over what the commander in the holotape said, Chrysalis went over to the power armor. The entire suit was rusted and had a few small dents that were barely noticeable. On its back is what looked a large valve. In the center of the valve was a large hole.

Taking out the fusion core, Chrysalis looked at it and noticed how it looked like it would in the hole. She put it in the hole and it fit. It didn't go all the way in so she smacked to sure it would. The suit hissed as the fusion connected to the power system. Now with the fusion core in, all Chrysalis had to do was get in the suit. That is if it wasn't smaller than her and didn't know to put it on even if it was. She looked to Blade for help.

"Turn the valve to the left," Blade said as he prepped his rifle.

Doing as he instructed, Chrysalis turned the valve. Magic rose from the suit and surrounded her for a second before going back to the suit and surrounding it. Then the suit shifted. It stood on its hind legs and the magic expanded the suit to match her size. When it was done resizing, the suit's back opened up, the legs split open to allow her limbs in it and the back of the helmet lifted up enough to allow her head to fit in it.

Before she could even ask what to do, Blade answered the unspoken question, "You get inside of it."

Gulping a little, Chrysalis got as close as she could to the open suit then started to stand wobbly on her hind legs and quickly got in the suit. Once she was inside, the suit closed the legs and helmet before the back closed with a metallic 'click.' She was still standing on her hind legs and was surprised that she was standing steady instead of wobbling. Taking a few steps forward to be sure, she was even more surprised to be walking on her hind legs like it was common to her. This must be because of the stabilizers Sturges mentioned.

Once she got used to the fact of being able to walk on her hind legs, Chrysalis went over to the vertibird and up to the mounted minigun. It was a little rusted but seemed to be in prime condition. There were some spots on it that allowed pegasi, unicorn, and earth ponies to hold it.

Locking her armor covered hooves onto the minigun, she pulled and it came off its mount. This caused her to look at the hud, that she ignored thinking it was nothing to worry about, when it flicked a little and showed the amount of ammo on the bottom right. It had 500 bullets in the gun itself while the extra amount of ammo was 750 bullets. To the left middle of the hud was a indicator for the armor. The left foreleg and right hind leg were red while the rest of the armor on the indicator was orange, like the rest of the hud.

Chrysalis out of the vertibird and to the edge of the museum roof with Blade laying down on his belly and holding his rifle's scope to his eye. A raider on the roof opposite of them, saw them and yelled down to the raiders that had collected on the street, "Hey there's some ponies up here! One even has-"

He didn't get to finish when Chrysalis pulled the minigun's trigger. It took a second to spin up before unleashing a torrent of bullets at the raider, killing him in seconds. Chrysalis jumped off the roof and landed just fine and proceeded to mow down every raider. Some of them taunted her, believing they could kill her even though she had power armor and a minigun. They didn't even last long. When Chrysalis got close to the end of the street, something began to ram into the metal sheet covering a sewer entrance. When it was knocked off, a deathclaw emerged and roared in anger.

Chrysalis couldn't believe her luck. Then she realized that she was wearing a strong suit of armor and had a minigun. She grinned under the helmet and began to open fire on the deathclaw. It began to run at her weaving left and right to try to not take a lot of damage. Once it was close enough, it grabbed Chrysalis and threw her over itself.

She recovered quickly and let go of the trigger and punched the deathclaw in the face when it turned around. She was quick to put her hoof back on the trigger and pour bullets into the deathclaw's side. It recovered from the punch and proceeded to pin the changeling and try to kill her by striking her head. All that did was rock her head to the side and dent the armor.

When the deathclaw released Chrysalis, she got back up and open fired on the deathclaw. The minigun unloaded its last round into the deathclaw and Chrysalis made to reload it, only to be hit by the deathclaw. She ran away from it reloading her weapon. Once it was reloaded, she turned around and unloaded a barrage of bullets into it.

As she was busy with the deathclaw, a raider took aim at the fusion core of the power armor. The raider didn't manage to fire the shot when Blade honed in on the raider with his rifle and fired. The raider's head exploded into a bloody mess.

Back with Chrysalis, she finally managed to kill the deathclaw. Turning back, she saw the last few raiders with their weapons raised, but they were visibly shaking. Chrysalis aimed at the cover they were all sharing, which was a car, and shot it. The engine of the vehicle blew then the car exploded in a large explosion, followed by a mushroom cloud that reached the roofs of the buildings.

The raiders and deathclaw dead, Chrysalis and Blade went back inside to check on the settlers. All of the settlers were gathered on the bottom floor talking. "You need to take it easy Mama Murphy."

"Oh don't you worry about me Garvey. I've been through worse back when I was young."

Upon hearing Chrysalis walk up to them, they turned to her and Blade. Preston smiled when he saw them. "I'm glad you're on our side Chrysalis. Here, take this for helping us." He hoofed over some caps to both of them. Chrysalis being given more than Blade.

"How come she gets more than me?" Blade asked a little disappointed.

"Because she was willing to fight a deathclaw head on."

"Fair enough."

"Anyway. If you want, you can join us on the way to Sanctuary. You'd get a place to sleep plus some food and water," Preston offered. Chrysalis thought about it. I could use some water after that fight. So these ponies haven't tried anything to attack me like those raiders. I'll keep my guard and go with them. I don't have a choice with how I'm lacking supplies.

Her mind made up she nodded and everyone began to stand and get ready for the walk ahead of them. They walked out of the museum and pass the dead deathclaw. "Never thought I'd see one of these up close," Preston commented. They continued walking for awhile until they came upon a bridge. This bridge leading into a small neighborhood. This neighborhood having turrets and guards, walls and a gate at the bridge, and some hoof made building. The gate opened to reveal some stallions dressed in the same uniform as the dead stallion that was outside of the museum.

But one of the stallions was wearing something different. Blade and Preston recognized him. The stallion in the center had on a suit of X-01 power armor with his wine red horn poking through the helmet. He was taller than her surprisingly and was holding a gatling laser. After a few seconds of staring at each other, the power armor wearing stallion spoke in a joyful voice, "Welcome to Sanctuary, one of the main Minutecolt bases of operations!"

Author's Note:

Finished and now on hiatus. I hope you all are fine with how I made the power armor change size. I wanted it to make it that way so I can do the fight between Chrysalis, the raiders, and the deathclaw. Let me know what you think about it. Oh and sorry for the short chapter.

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I have seen a few grammer errors in the last two chapters where you put 'are' instead of 'our', but I knew what was being said.

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