The Xeno That Came to Equestria

by Corvo Storm

Crash Landing

He felt angry, sad, humiliated, and worst of all loneliness. He was tricked into running into a escape pod of that ship and was shot out to space. He was so close. So close to killing the one who caused him so much pain. He came close to killing all the humans on that ship. Now here he lays on the floor of the pod waiting for the end.

He eventually got up to look out into the vast space to see the stars. It's funny, he always looked at the stars as a sign as confort, but now they are his enclosure with the pod. Then he felt the gravity shift and looked to see a planet below him. It looks like he got caught in its gravitational pull and is now heading toward the surface. He believes this his second chance to start new.

He decided it was best to move on. His name is Shadow and he is a genetically engineered xenomorph with claws that can be extended to slice through a ship's hull like wet paper, his chitin is able to resist bullets and explosives, he is able to spit acid and extend some type of special skin from under his arms allowing him to fly, and he looks like a predalien with a face that looks like a human skull faceplate.

He promises to himself that he will try and create a hive of his own and try to make his species rise once more.
It was a normal day in Ponyville. The residents were doing their normal routines they usually do. Twilight was out in the town picking up some quills and parchments until she heard a low rumbling. It was getting louder and louder with every passing second and it came from the sky. She looked to see what was causing the noise and saw a meteor going through the sky.

She watched as it crashed into the Everfree Forest and began to rush home. She burst through the library door and yelled, "Spike!" before dropping her saddlebags and began to look through the bookshelves to find a specific book.

There was footsteps heard from the staircase that led upstairs and what came down was the baby dragon and her number 1 assistant Spike. He was rubbing one his eyes showing that he must have been taking a nap before she barged in and called out his name. He asked groggily, "What is it Twilight?"

She answered him without stopping to look over at him, "I need you to find the astronomy book. A meteor crashed and it would make the perfect report for the princess." Books began to pile on the floor as she frantically searched for the book. Spike began to look and found the book in no time.

He tapped her on the shoulder and showed her the book. She took it and thanked him before gathering some things she'll need to have when looking for the meteor. She was nearly done when her friend Rainbow Dash flew in. "Hey Twilight, what have you been up to?" she greeted.

Then she noticed all the books on the ground and Twilight packing. "Geez, what's going on?" she asked wondering why Twilight was being so frantic.

The unicorn stopped her packing and looked toward the pegasus while explaining, "A meteor crashed into the Everfree and I want to go find it and study it so I can send a report to the princess about it." The pegasus nodded in understanding.

"Well you're going to need somepony to watch your back, so I'll go with you, seeing as there's nothing else better to do," she offered wanting to do something to alleviate the boredom.

Twilight thought about and decided that it couldn't hurt to have someone watching her back so she isn't snuck up on by the creatures that reside in the forest. She shuddered at the thought of encountering another cockatrice. She nodded toward Dash to let her know she can come and finished her packing.

Once everything was packed up, they left to go find the meteor.
Shadow was dazed from the crash. First the shift of gravity from the atmosphere then the shaking of the pod as it fell from orbit, and finally being thrown against the windshield of the pod during the landing. Not his best moments. It matters little though seeing as he was on the planet now.

He looked at the door and pushed it with all might. When it didn't budge, he extended his claws and tore it apart. When the hole was big enough he stepped through and felt the warm dirt under his feet. He looked around and saw that he was in a forest of some sort. He felt his stomach grumble indicating that he hadn't eaten in awhile.

He looked around to see if there were any creatures nearby. As expected there weren't any, most likely scared off by the crash. He decided to go hunt for a meal seeing as no creature will be coming around anytime soon. He turned to the right and began to walk in that direction to find food.

He didn't need to walk long to find what looked to be a creature with the body of a red lion, a scorpion tail, and bat-like wings. The creature would make a fitting meal. More importantly the heart must be bigger than a human's do to it's size. He crouched down on all fours and began to stalk up to the creature.

He moved slowly as to not alert the creature of his presence. When he was close enough he pounced onto the creature's back and dug his claws deep into it. The creature let out a roar of pain and tried to knock off the xeno. It was thrashing and bashing into trees trying to knock him off to no avail.

Shadow was holding on tight not wanting to be thrown off by this creature. After a couple of minutes of thrashing the creature began to grow tired and slowed down. Shadow used this window to deliver the final blow and took hold of the creatures head. He opened his mouth and shot out his secondary mouth right into the creatures skull.

The creature's whole body went limp and fell to the ground with a thud. He got off of it and proceeded to eat the brain of the creature first. When he finished he used his tail to cut it open from the gut to the bottom of its neck. He ripped open the giant cut to reveal the creature's organs. He grabbed to stomach first and made a small cut to allow the acid to spill out over the other organs.

He liked the organs better with stomach acid covering it to give it more flavor. Once the stomach was empty he threw behind him and began to eat. He started with his least favorite organ which is the lungs. He hated to eat those seeing as they have too much space in them to not be considered filling. Once he was done those he moved onto the liver and gall bladder seeing as the two are pretty much combined.

He then moved on toward the large and small intestines. Finally he reached his favorite organ he enjoyed the most. The heart. He picked it up held high above his face and crushed it letting the blood pour into his awaiting mouth. After it was fully drained he began to consume the empty heart savoring the taste.

After he was done eating, he had blood covering his hands and face. Being satisfied with the meal he had, he turned in a random direction and began to walk through the forest to see if he could find any inhabitants of this planet.
Twilight and Dash were making their way to the meteor crash site when Dash asked in boredom, "How much farther is it?

"It shouldn't be much longer," the unicorn said irritated before perking up upon seeing some destroyed trees, "Look there are some tree right there that could have been in the meteor's path."


"Meaning it's just past these trees."

She picked up the pace with the pegasus following. Once they broke out into a clearing they saw what was supposed to be the meteor. Their jaws dropped when it was instead a alien space pod of some sort. The first one to snap out of their shock was Dash, "What is that?"

The question snapped Twilight out of her shock. She shook her head and answered, "Some sort of alien ship. This is even better than a meteor!" She was ecstatic. This will surely be a better report.

That's when she noticed the jagged edges of where the door was supposed to be. It probably was stuck and had to break out. She went inside to see that it wasn't inside at all. She walked back out and began to take notes. She took notes on the crash, what she discovered, and what the pod looked like. When she finished with her notes she put them in her saddlebags and looked over to her friend who was looking at some tracks that led away from the pod.

"Hey Twilight, if you want to meet the alien we should follow these tracks. Their leading this way," she said pointing in the direction the tracks led.

Twilight smiled trotting ahead and saying, "Let's go."

They followed the for a few minutes until they reached another clearing. What they saw in the clearing nearly made them puke. Laying in the middle was a dead manticore with a hole in its head and its body cut open with several organs missing. They approached the corpse to investigate.

"I really hope this alien is friendly. Because if it isn't, there's no telling what it will do to ponies," the daredevil said trying hard to not keep down her lunch.

Twilight nodded in agreement. Whatever caused this amount of damage surely was a force to be reckoned with. She shook away that thought and said, "Maybe it needed food. Or the organs for something else. Who knows but what i know is that it's carnivorous."

She looked the manticore over and saw that it was still fresh. So what ever killed it was close. When she looked around she saw nothing but trees. The alien didn't leave any tracks this time due to the ground being grass and not dirt. She let out irritated sigh and decided that it was best to head back to the library to go over what they learned.

They began to make their way back while Shadow made his way through the forest heading in the direction of small cottage.