• Published 15th Aug 2016
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The Queen of Changelings in the Wasteland - Corvo Storm

Chrysalis awakens from a long hibernation into the wasteland. She will do whatever it takes to survive without a proper love source to feed from. She shall travel the remains of Equestria and learn how it all happened.

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New Friend

The next morning, Chrysalis and Krall set out (after Krall set up a generator and a radio beacon to attract settlers) to head further into Equestria. Chrysalis finally had a plan and that was to find the princesses. If anyone else, other than ghouls, were able to survive the fallout it was them.

She needed to know more about this war that Krall seems to know a lot about. It was almost like he knew all about it. She'll interrogate him but for now they needed to get a move on if they were to get any closer to Canterlot. They would have been there faster if a certain ghoul still had wings.

"How long will this walk be my queen- I mean Chrysalis?" Krall asked getting sore hooves.

She turned to glare at him while answering through gritted teeth, "We'll be there in a few weeks if not a month at most. We would have been able to get there in mere days if it wasn't for someone lacking wings. That someone also needs to stop asking how long it will take every ten minutes. For a wise changeling, you act like a child when it comes to traveling." He looked down in embarrassment and kept his mouth shut.

As they continued to walk on, they noticed how quiet it was. They expected to be attacked by something. The feeling of being watched didn't help at all. "Do you ever get the feeling of being watched Krall?"

"Every time. Though you should consider that there are creatures possibly hiding around watching us."

"No I mean do you get the feeling that someone is watching," Chrysalis said while looking to her left aiming her weapon in that direction. She saw a small glint of light but assumed that it was just something on the ground the sunlight reflected off of. Unknown to them that it wasn't just an object but the scope of a rifle. A pony laying on the ground had that rifle and watched the changeling and ghoul closely. Looking ahead of them the pony saw a raider camp in their path. The pony knew the raiders there and also knew that they will more likely take from the two he's watching.

Getting up, the pony began to run over to the camp to 'cut loose' a 'friend' that leads the raider in it. With Chrysalis and Krall, they saw the camp and began to pick up the pace in hopes to get some help. Chrysalis needed to have some food and water stocked up so she could survive a bit longer. Krall didn't like how the camp looked though. There were spiked poles on the outskirts of the camp, some that had skulls hanging from or stabbed on them.

That didn't stop Chrysalis from heading to the camp. Right now the possibility food, water, and aid was on her mind. Once she reached the gate the lookout called out to her, "Stop right there! If you want to pass you have to give us all your caps and any weapons you have with the ammo."

"Why would I do that?" Chrysalis asked with deadpanned look.

"Because if you don't we'll have to kill you and take everything you have off your bullet-filled body," the lookout said chuckling. She just stared at him for a few seconds before aiming her weapon at his head and pulling the trigger. He fell off his small tower and onto the ground. The gunshot didn't go unheard as the gates to the camp opened with a few raiders charging out. There were three. One was had a bladed tire iron while the other two used their pipe rifles.

They were quickly dispatched of. When Chrysalis stepped through the gates, they started to close. Krall managed to get in just before the gates closed them in. "You have a lot of guts to kill members of my gang and I respect that. Though you won't last long in here," a voice said from the front of the gathering raiders.

The lead raider was a griffon with brown feathers covering his entire body and wings except the his head and the tip of his wings were black feathers. He wore some armor that looked like it was welded together and it had some dried blood on it. He was rather intimidating but that didn't scare Chrysalis as she just looked at him with an unamused look.

"And you are?"

"Gut Choker. I'm know to hang my victims with their own guts if the name's anything to go by," Gut Choker said with a sinister smile. That smile turned into a scowl when she started chuckling.

"You hanging me with my guts? Ha ha don't make me laugh. What chance do you have against me?" Those words died when he smiled again and said one thing that made his words 'you won't last in here' mean something.

"I know that you could barely survive a attack from a deathclaw."

"How do you?"

"A patrol saw you fight it and inform me. You will die here. Go get her boys!"

The gathered raiders charged forward with their pipe weapons aimed and firing. She barely had time to bring up a shield before the bullets collided. With a glow of her horn, she cast a spell that teleported her and made her invisible. She appeared on one of the watchtowers and fired into the group of raider, ending some of them. They started firing at her position when they figured out where the bullets were coming from. It wasn't long until she teleported behind them and gunned them some more down while killing the rest with her magic.

When she was finished, she was exhausted. She didn't even notice Gut Choker sneaking up to her before it was too late. Pounced on top of her looking at into her eyes with bloodlust in his. He spoke in a menacing tone, "You don't realize that you just cost me a lot of caps just by killing my gang. I'll be sure to have your carcass hang above my mantle so I can look at you and laugh at how you died."

Chrysalis had fear in her eyes. She never thought that her life would end this way. Though fate had a surprise in store for her. The side of Gut Choker's head exploded when a bullet from an unknown source hit it. A voice yelled in triumph that was not far, "Yeah! That is what happens when you mess with someone of interest!"

Chrysalis pushed the griffon's body off of her and turned to see a green stallion that looked like an alicorn with a white mane and tail. He was levitating a sniper rifle above his head in victory. When was done watching him celebrate his small victory, she called out to him, "Who are you?"

The stallion stopped his small celebration and called back, "My name is Blade Crysto and, even though you didn't ask, I want to help you."

Author's Note:

Blade belongs to a friend of mine who let me use his OC. Also I feel this chapter was a bit rushed do to how I made it. My mind was going blank on how to make so if you don't like the chapter forgive me. I will try to make up for it later on. Oh and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments if you want. You never know if I'll use it or not.

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