The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm

by Corvo Storm

The Great Evil

Corvo woke the next morning with a plan in his head on how to deal with the upcoming danger. He then went to the throne room and had a servant gather everypony and meet him in the throne room. He knew that his parents were going to be worried once they heard who is making his way here.

Everypony was all in the throne room confused at what was going on. The half breed cleared his throat and quieted everyone so he could speak. Once everyone was quiet he began to speak, "Alright I bet you're all wandering what's going on so I'll be blunt. Kron has returned." There were several gasps throughout the room as many remembered him. Corvo continued, "Yes he has returned and if you all remember he wants the power I have inside of me. He's on his way here as we speak. He won't stop until he gets me."

He looked over at his two loves and saw their scared faces. He knew what they were thinking. They were worried for him and scared that they might lose him. He gave them a small smile before turning back to everyone in the room. He was also scared as well in fact he was terrified but he had to look strong for his loves and everyone in the castle. He explained his plan, "I have a plan on how to get rid of Kron once and for all. We all know that the prophecy is referring to me as 'one of the ones' to defeat Kron. I want to take the prophecy to Twilight and see if she can find a way to identify the others that will be helping me defeat this great evil. Once we figure that out we can be rid of the most dangerous being in the entire universe!"

Everyone began to cheer after he finished. They knew if this plan succeeded Kron would be destroyed forever. Corvo then went over to one of the servants and told him to get the prophecy and have a carriage ready to head to Twilight Sparkle's castle. He did as he was told and rushed off quickly knowing time was on the line.

The half breed went over to his parents and two loves who looked worried about him. He knew what he was doing was risky but it needed to be done they were going to be rid of Kron for good. He wants to live in a world where he can be with his two loves and raise a family with them. That is if his plan works. The 'if' isn't really calming. All it does is let you know that what you're trying to do will or will not work.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when his parents began to speak to him worriedly. "Son do you know what you're trying to do! You're trying to quicken your fate faster!" his father explained. He looked to his mother who had tears in her eyes. She lost him once when she was banished, she doesn't want to lose him again. He gave her a hug and tried to comfort her. It somewhat worked.

She told him, "Whatever you're planning to do once the two allies are found, just promise me that you will return to me safe and sound."

"I promise I will return safe and sound," he said determined to keep his promise to her. The half breed then turned to his two loves and pulled them both into a hug wanting to comfort them as well. They couldn't hold back their tears and sobbed into his coat. They knew that if his parents were worried about this Kron, then they knew his plan was going to either succeed in Kron's destruction or fail and take away the only one who gave them a second chance at living a normal life.

He did his best to try and stop them from crying. They soon stopped crying just enough they could talk. Nightmare was the first to speak, "Please come back to us when this over and done with please just please." She started to cry again.

Chrysalis began to speak, "Corvo whatever you do just make sure you know what you're doing before you do it. Also me and Nightmare have been thinking and talking with each other and we decided to accept your proposal. We will marry you."

Upon hearing that he couldn't stop himself from pulling them both into the same, seemingly impossible kiss. Everyone in the room was surprised on how he managed it but 'awed' nonetheless. The staff knew that they would need to prepare a wedding when Kron is destroyed. They had a feeling that Corvo is going to succeed in his plan.

Once the half breed ended the kiss he gave Nightmare and Chrysalis a reassuring hug and left the throne room to go to the courtyard where the carriage would be waiting. When he got to the courtyard he saw the carriage was ready and the servant that was sent to retrieve the prophecy and prepare the carriage. He looked to what was pulling the carriage and saw it was being pulled by two dragons who looked to be teenagers but really full grown pony sized dragons. They were armored head to claw and were looking back at him waiting for him to enter the carriage.

After he took the prophecy from the servant who told him that a letter was sent to Twilight telling her of the situation and that the half breed was meeting her soon. Corvo thanked the servant and stepped into the carriage set off Twilight's castle. The trip was short thanks to the dragons flying all the way there. The half breed thanked the dragons and told them to head back to help protect the castle. They nodded and took off.

The half breed then went into the princess of friendship's castle. When he walked in he saw Twilight and her friends talking about the letter that was sent to them. They noticed he came in when he opened the doors and looked at him. The first thing Twilight's eyes landed on was the prophecy he was holding but had no idea what it was. The others noticed it and began to think that this just some document that he needed help with.

Before the mane six could utter a word he had went into the middle of the room and opened the document which showed ancient marking and pictures. The markings were glowing a faint blue showing that they were written by some type of magic entity. He gestured for them to come over to him so they could talk about the prophecy.

Once they walked up to him the alicorn princess asked, "What is that?"

"This is the prophecy that tells of three beings that are going to defeat and destroy the greatest evil known as Kron," he answered. The half breed knew that they didn't know about Kron. He even knew that Celestia and Luna themselves didn't know about this evil either.

He began to explain, "I'm here because I need help to figure out who the other two beings mentioned in the prophecy is so I can destroy Kron once and for all. He can't be allowed to take my power and destroy the entire universe. He is a being that believes that destroying all of existence will create the perfect universe."

"Well we'll stop him that's for sure!" Rainbow shouted.

Corvo knew she was hot headed but he needed help to figure out who else is involved in the prophecy. He turned to Twilight and gesture to the prophecy. She looked at it before going over to and began to read it. It took some effort to decipher the writing but she managed. After she finished reading it she put her hoof to her chin in a pondering look.

"One who has been to the moon and back, and the other to that can hide in plain sight hmm," she said allowed. After giving it some thought she realized that there was only two who these descriptions and that they were already found.

She turned to the half breed and exclaimed, "I know who they are!"


"Their-" she started before a loud demonic laughter was heard in the air. They all ran outside and saw a black mist. Inside the mist you could see a pair of red glowing serpent eyes. Then something erupted from the mist. That something is what owned the pair of eyes. It looked like a large snake with skinny arms and ended with three talons for fingers. It had six wings on its back and a some hair that went backwards in a circular saw look and was the same color as the mist and its skin. It let out more laughter as if everything is a game.

Corvo was unfazed by it but the mane six were. "What is that thing?!" asked a shocked Dash.

He answered, "That is Kron, the six winged serpent."