• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a sad, violent life in the human world... But that is soon to change as he meet some unexpected visitors that will change his life.

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Chapter Nine - Sweet Stuff

Marshmallows… It had been too long since I’d eaten a marshmallow, I was around six years old when I went camping with my dad. As I sat down next to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie, Rarity levitated the bag over to me along with a small wooden skewer. I took a white marshmallow out and put the skewer through it, and then shuffled closer to the fire and began to roast it.

Attempt number one was a grand success; I managed to roast the marshmallow to the point where it was crispy and brown all the way around; it was perfection.

“Whoa, nice one!” Rainbow Dash cheered.

“Thanks.” I said as I engulfed the marshmallow in one bite.

My mouth was flooded with warmth and the sweet creamy goodness, it was the tastiest thing I’d ever eaten in my life. The flavour was amazing; I let out a delighted moan as I slowly chewed the delicious treat. The most special part for me was that these marshmallows had come from Equestria; I was eating Equestrian food, hoofmade by Equestrian cooks, most probably Mr or Mrs Cake from Sugarcube Corner.

Oh mu gud, this thastes so umuzing!” I said with a mouthful of marshmallow.

The ponies giggled, and then Pinkie jammed seven marshmallows into her mouth all at once.

“I get they taste good and all, but are they really that good?” Applejack asked, taking a bite out of her own marshmallow.

I swallowed my marshmallow before I answered.

“Well, I haven’t had one in a good ten years, so they taste pretty damn awesome for me right now.” I replied.

At that, Pinkie Pie screamed in surprise, firing all her half eaten marshmallows at me like a cannon.

What!? Ten years!?” She yelled.

“Yup, ten years.” I laughed, brushing off the marshmallows.

“That’s an awfully long time.” Fluttershy said.

“Yeah, it was when I went camping with my dad one time, not far from here actually.” I explained.

Rarity reached over to the marshmallow bag and skewered another one for herself.

“Funny you should mention that, that’s something we’ve been wondering about; we never heard anything of your father while we were monitoring you, what was he like?” She asked.

I scratched the back of my neck as all the awesome memories of my dad came to the surface.

“He was a great guy, and was the one person I truly respected out of my family.” I replied.

“We never saw him on the monitor, where was he?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I don’t know, he didn't live the rest of my family.” I answered.

“Why not?” Rarity quizzed.

I sighed as I remembered how my mother had kicked him out, I understood that my father had done wrong by gambling our money away, but it was with good intention, all he wanted was to gain some extra money to help the family, it’s not his fault it backfired.

“To be honest, I’d rather not talk about it.” I said.

“Aw come on,” Rainbow Dash pressed, “what happened?”

“Maybe another time, but I don’t want to talk about it right now.” I replied.

Dashie accepted that I wasn’t going to say, so she sat back down and skewered another marshmallow.

“Hey, let’s play a game!” Pinkie suggested.

“Good idea, it’s about time we did something besides trudging around for miles and hiding from the police.” Rainbow Dash said.

“And fallin’ from trees.” Applejack chuckled.

As Applejack said that, Rarity stood up and headed over to one of the tents.

“Oh, I’m glad you mentioned that Applejack, I forgot that we need to put some healing gel onto that cut of yours Callum.” She said, levitating a bag out from the tent.

She levitated out a bottle full of some strange gel, it was light blue in colour and as Rarity took the lid off I could smell a strong mix of bleach and lemons.

“Did you have to open it out here, why not in your tent?” Rainbow Dash coughed.

Rarity ignored Dash and walked over to Fluttershy and passed the bottle to her.

“Aren’t you doing it?” I asked.

At that, Rarity giggled.

“Darling, I’m a fashion designer; I don’t know the first thing about wounds and applying things to them. Fluttershy on the other hoof took a two year course in nursing, and used to have a part-time job at the Ponyville hospital.” She explained.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “The more you know…”

Fluttershy walked next to me and gestured for me to sit down, I obeyed and sat on one of rugs that were placed around the fire.

“Hey Callum, I dare you to take a great big wiff from the bottle.” Rainbow Dash smirked.

“Oh don’t be so silly Dashie. You know what happened when you got Twilight to do it.” Fluttershy said, frowning at Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah, it was hilarious! She didn’t talk to me for a week afterwards!” Dash laughed.

Now that Dash had mentioned Twilight, I realised that she wasn’t outside; that misery guts must have been sulking in one of the tents.

“Do it, or forever be deemed scaredy cat!” She taunted.

I took the bait; I’ve never backed down from a dare, and I never will; I’ve had to do some crazy dares at my Scouts group; for instance, one time I had to climb onto the scout hut and do a cartwheel off the side whilst yodelling. I also had to suck on someone’s big toe, which was probably the worst dare I’ve done. If Rainbow Dash was into dares, this adventure was going to become a whole lot more interesting.

Challenge accepted!” I shouted in an American accent.

I grabbed the bottle and jammed my nose into it before inhaling deeply, and instantly went through one of the most painful experiences of my life to date. I felt like someone had poured petrol into my nostrils and stuck a lit match into them, my throat went dry and my eyes began to water; I fell onto my side and began to cough and splutter everywhere.
For me, this was complete agony, while for Dash, Rarity and Applejack it was the best thing they’d ever seen, through my writhing in agony and coughing I could hear all three of them roaring with laughter.


The pain only got worse as it spread to my mouth; it felt like I was chewing on a full pack of Birdseye’s hottest chillies, I continued to splutter with my tongue lolling out of my mouth.

“This is better than when Twilight did it! You put your nose right into it!” Rainbow Dash howled, tears streaming down her face.

She fell onto the floor and continued to laugh; Applejack was also in tears with laughter, while Rarity was beginning to calm down.

“How are you feeling Callum?” Rarity giggled.

Paaaain…” I groaned loudly.

“Get the poor bastard some water!” Rainbow Dash squealed, still rolling around with laughter.

“Rainbow Dash! Language!” Rarity scolded.

“Oh come now Rarity, it’s all in good fun.” Applejack chuckled.

“Are you not forgetting the ponies present?” Rarity said, glancing at Fluttershy and Pinkie.

Pinkie was completely oblivious to the word, and Fluttershy was just looking at the ground, doing her best to ignore the whole situation. Applejack got up and headed into one of the tents, still chuckling.

“What do you want?” I heard Twilight moan from inside.

“I’m just gettin’ some water.” Applejack replied.

“What for?” Twilight asked with her voice full of hostility.

“For drinking of course! You don’t need to be so confrontational all the time Twilight.” Applejack said.

“Whatever, just get that idiot outside to shut up.” Twilight snapped.

Applejack ignored Twilight’s attitude and walked back out the tent with a bottle of water.

“Here.” Applejack said, offering the water to me.

I sat up and grabbed the water without saying a word, I unscrewed the cap and chugged the entire bottle, when I was finished I flopped back onto the ground and gasped in relief, about ten seconds later an incredibly amused Rainbow Dash walked up to me.

“Dude, you’ve made my day.” She giggled.

“I hate you Dash…” I groaned.

She began to laugh again as she gave me a hoof with sitting up; Fluttershy then walked over to me with the bottle of foul gel.

“Can we put this on your leg now?” She asked quietly.

I leaned back and put my leg out so Fluttershy could get to the cut; she turned the bottle upside down and let some of the thick blue goo ooze out onto her hoof.

“Now, this might sting a bit, but it’s really good for the cut, it stops any bacteria getting in and it heals the wound faster.” She explained.

“Yeah, I’ve used antiseptics before, just get it over with, the smell is killing me.” I moaned.

Fluttershy nodded before turning my leg slightly so she could get to the cut better, and then smeared the goo over it. She wasn’t kidding about it stinging, it felt like someone rubbed salt into the wound, followed by a swarm of wasps stinging it, followed by setting it on fire; I gritted my teeth and let out a small growl.

“Oh shush you.” Fluttershy giggled.

That giggle… I almost died there and then from a heart attack. Let it be said, Fluttershy had the cutest giggle, it melted my heart in an instant. The pain in my leg disappeared as she removed her hoof from my leg and let the goo settle; I looked down to see it was rapidly turning thicker and thicker and formed a dry skin over the top, within seconds it had solidified like ice.

“What is that stuff?” I asked.

“Healing gel, Zecora made it; she called it ‘Kuphila Amanzi’. It goes solid when it comes into contact with warm blood, so the wound is not disturbed and can heal.” Fluttershy explained.

“That’s awesome; I need to get some of that.” I said with my eyebrows raised.

“When are we playing our game?” Pinkie called from the other side of the campfire.

“Aww guys, we forgot about Pinkie!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

Pinkie bounced over to us with a big frown on her face.

“Sorry Pinkie, we got a little caught up in sorting out Callum’s leg.” Rarity apologised.

Pinkie’s reply was a snort and a huff.

“Hey Pinkie, would it cheer you up if you were allowed to choose the game?” I asked with a smile.

“Yippie!” She squeaked, bouncing up and down with a big grin.

Pinkie’s personality made me laugh; the way she could just forgive and forget was quite outstanding.

“We’ve still got hundreds of marshmallows, can we play Fluffy Bunnies?” Pinkie suggested.

“I love that game!” Rainbow Dash cried out.

“I only like it for its name.” Fluttershy whispered.

I tilted my head on one side, I had never heard of the game.

“What’s Fluffy Bunnies?” I asked.

“It’s a vulgar, uncouth game that involves stuffing your face.” Rarity sighed.

Pinkie bounced right up to me, no awareness of personal space, and gave her view on the game.

“Fluffy Bunnies is a game where you put a marshmallow in your mouth and say ‘fluffy bunnies’, then you keep putting in more marshmallows until you can’t say it anymore, and you’re not allowed to chew them.” She explained.

As much as Rarity was one of my favourite ponies, I’d have to stick with Pinkie on this one, Fluffy Bunnies sounded like an awesome game. I had a very sweet tooth, so Pinkie would have a decent challenge.

“Sweet, so who’s in?” I asked, looking around at the others.

Me!” Pinkie yelled in my face.

“And me!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

“Me too!” Applejack cheered.

“Uh, fine… But only because you’re doing it.” Rarity huffed.

“What about you Fluttershy?” I asked, turning around to look at the yellow pegasus.

As I came to face Fluttershy, I noticed that she had disappeared, I then saw her tail disappear into one of the tents.

“What’s up with her?” I asked.

“She threw up last time she played the game, she’s never played it since.” Rainbow Dash explained.

“Fair enough.” I said, shrugging.

I then went over to Pinkie who was holding the marshmallow bag and grinning like a maniac. The others followed me and we sat in a circle.

“As the Ponyville Champion, record holder of seventeen marshmallows, I shall start us off!” Pinkie declared.

She stuck her head into the bag, scooped out a marshmallow and stuffed it into her cheek.

“Fluffy bunnies, easy peasy!” She squeaked.

Rarity was next, she removed a marshmallow and did the same as Pinkie.

“Fluffy bunnies.”

Next was Rainbow Dash, who stuffed her head into the bag, much like how Pinkie did. Come to think of it, Dash and Pinkie were incredibly alike, yet they also act so different. Dash was a hot-headed, athletic, tom-boy, while Pinkie was a hyperactive, crazy, sugar-head.
Yet differences aside, they both loved dares, they both loved pranking ponies, and they would do anything for a bag of marshmallows by the looks of things, the more I thought about it, the more they had in common.

“Fluffy bunnies!” Dash cheered.

She gave me that bag, and I took out a white one, my favourite.

“Stop picking the white ones, it’s not fair to keep eating Rarity’s kind!” Rainbow Dash giggled, still with her marshmallow in her cheek.

Applejack joined in the laughter, while Rarity frowned.

“For the last time, I am not a marshmallow!” She shouted.

This caused her marshmallow to shoot out of her mouth like a handgun, it landed into the fire and melted away into a gooey sludge.

Mini Rarity! No!” Dash cried out, lying on her stomach in fits of laughter.

All of us burst into laughter at that, even Rarity was forced to let out a small giggle.

“Looks like you’re out Rare.” Applejack said.

“That’s not fair; I was provoked into spitting it out. It was by accident as well.” Rarity complained.

“Okie dokie lokie, give her another go.” Pinkie piped.

I handed Rarity the bag, and just as I expected, she took out a pink one, not white.

“I told you she’s a marshmallow, she never takes the white ones.” Dash whispered to me, still giggling.

“I heard that.” Rarity growled as she popped her marshmallow into her mouth and said ‘fluffy bunnies’.

I did the same, as the marshmallow made contact with my tongue the wonderful taste flooded my mouth once more, I almost ended up chewing it.

“Fluffy bunnies.” I said with ease.

Rarity levitated the bag over to Applejack, who did it with just as much ease as the rest of us.

“Alright, now time for round two!” Pinkie yelled.

And so the bag went back to Pinkie, this game was going to be intense…

Five minutes went by in the blink of an eye and we had all managed to make it to round five, and it looked like Rarity was going to lose first, she was having to hold her marshmallows in with her hoof just to prevent them from firing out of her mouth.

“Fluffy boonis!” Pinkie squealed.

She then passed the bag over to Rarity, by now we simply passed the bag along without saying anything due to our mouths being stuffed. Rarity let out a deep groan as she attempted to force the marshmallow into her mouth.

“Fruf-” Was all she could manage, before half of her marshmallows were ejected out onto the ground.

Pinkie began to laugh, and somehow managed to hold in all her marshmallows, I could tell that she was most likely going to win, but I was going to give her a good run for her money.
Rarity accepted her defeat, then chewed and swallowed her other marshmallows.

“Well, I beat my last record of only four, so it’s not a total loss.” She smiled as she passed the bag to Rainbow Dash.

The next to go out was Applejack, who met her fate on a valiant round eight.

“Darn it…” She said as she ate the marshmallows that she hadn’t fired all over the camp.

“Turm frr roond noon!” Pinkie muffled as she drew a tally line in the dirt to signal the start of round nine.

She took out a marshmallow and stuffed into her mouth, it looked like she was beginning to struggle, but she still managed to shout a muffled ‘fluffy bunnies’.

The bag then went to Rainbow Dash, who was on the verge of breaking, it required her hoof just to cram her ninth marshmallow in.

“Floob… Flub… Fluoo… Flubbu bummies!” She said with great difficulty.

She passed by the skin of her teeth, but there was no way she’d get past round ten.

The bag then came to me, I took out my ninth marshmallow and found a nice pocket for it in my cheek.

“Fruffy bunnies!” I shouted.

Pinkie passed round ten with just as much ease as the round before, but just as I had expected, Rainbow Dash met her defeat. Unlike the others, she managed to keep all the marshmallows in her mouth, but she just couldn’t get the words out.

“Fff. Fub… Frrububur! Murrb!” She muffled loudly, before bowing her head to admit an honourable defeat.

She chewed up and swallowed her marshmallows before sitting next to the others who didn’t win.
I took my marshmallow and popped it into my mouth.

“Fruffy bunnies.” I said, not taking my eyes off Pinkie’s.

“Round eleven!” Dash shouted.

Pinkie removed a pink marshmallow from the bag, and found a place to squeeze it in.

“Fruffy bummies!” She squeaked.

I took a white marshmallow from the bag, but still not taking my eyes off Pinkie who was squinting at me intensely, I squinted back as I put the marshmallow into my cheek.

“Fuffy boonies.”

I passed round eleven with no more difficulty than Pinkie, if anything I found it easier than she did; I had a possibility of winning here…

“This is going to be close!” Dash called, before the bag went back to Pinkie…

Six rounds passed, this was it… This was Pinkie’s record.
Pinkie took out her seventeenth marshmallow, there was no way she could do this, both her cheeks were bulging. For a pony who ate sweets all the time, I was quite surprised that she was being bested by a mere marshmallow. As she opened her mouth to insert the marshmallow a small amount of drool dripped from her lips, causing Rarity to cringe and cover her eyes, while it made Rainbow Dash burst into yet another fit of laughter.

“The two of you look ridiculous!” She cried out, “Your cheeks look like a pair of apples!”

I ran my finger down my cheek to find it really was about the size of an apple, I didn’t believe they could even get to that size!
Fluttershy came out of her tent to see how the game was going, took one look at me, and squeaked.

"How is he doing that with his face!?" She shrieked, before diving back into her tent.

Pinkie put her marshmallow against the sticky wall of others, and used her hoof to force it in.

“Frr, Frrb, fff…” She muffled.

A smile began to creep out onto my face, she couldn’t say it; she physically could not do it!

“Faf, fuff bub!” She muffled again, more desperately this time.

She then tried to move the marshmallows out of the way with her tongue, when she suddenly gagged and shot her marshmallows at me like a machine gun, one by one they hit me in the face, which almost made me gag as well; I wiped the marshmallows off as Pinkie looked at the floor.

“I… I couldn’t do it… I just couldn’t do it…” She sighed, her ears falling to the side of her head.

Her ears then perked up again as she picked up the bag and threw me a white marshmallow.

“Well, your turn, let’s see if you can do it.” She said.

The others all crowded around me as I lifted the marshmallow to my face.

“If you do this, you beat the Ponyville champion.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Yeah, but at such a high score, I’d be honoured if Callum beat me!” Pinkie squeaked.

That made me feel a little bit better about winning, I’m glad Pinkie wasn’t a sore loser. I felt pretty bad for taking Pinkie’s title, I could fail the round on purpose and pass it as a draw…
But unfortunately for Pinkie, I was a lot like Rainbow Dash when it came to games, although I play for the fun of it, I won’t pass the chance to win while I’m at it. I stuffed the marshmallow into my mouth, forced it into my cheek, which was now in agony, and stated my victory.

“Ff, fruf… Frubbu… Fabbu… Fuffy bummies!”

Rainbow Dash’s jaw dropped, Rarity’s eyes widened, and Pinkie fell back onto her bottom.

“Dude… No way…” Dashie breathed, taking a step back.

“Yea haw! Fillies and gentlecolts… We have a new champion!” Applejack cried out.

They all cheered and swarmed around me, Applejack gave me a heavy pat on the back, which turned me into Planet Earth’s first human shotgun, my marshmallows fired out all at once, hitting both Dashie and Rarity, this caused Rarity to scream and frantically attempt to brush them off herself.

“Get them off! Get them off!” She yelled.

“Hey look! The mini-Rarities have gone back to their queen!” Rainbow Dash giggled as she assisted Rarity.

“Shut up and get them off! Eww they’re all sticky! Ew! Ew! Ew!” Rarity whined.

All of us had a good five minutes of laughter at Rarity’s distress and Dashie’s brilliantly timed comment. When we had settled down Pinkie came over to me and took a bow, she then stuck out her hoof.

“Great game! We should play it again sometime!” She beamed.

“I look forward to it.” I replied as I shook her hoof.

I rubbed my cheeks as they were aching, and I found that they had become really stretchy, almost like elastic. As much as I loved marshmallows, I don’t think I’d be eating them again for quite a while, regardless of how fun the game was.

After a few jokes and a bit of friendly banter, Applejack came over to me and nudged my shoulder.

“Callum, don’t you think we should get some shut-eye, it’s gettin’ pretty late.” She suggested.

I looked up to realise the sky was pretty dark, I took my phone out of my pocket and checked the time, it was nine o’clock.

“You’ve got a clock on that thing? That’s awesome!” Rainbow Dash said with her eyebrows upraised.

“Eeyup.” I said with my Big McIntosh impression, which was spot on.

“You sound just like my brother.” Applejack giggled.

“Well you see sis’, that’s exactly who I’m tryin’ to impersonate.” I said, continuing the impression.

“Alright stop that, that’s too good, so good that it’s kinda creepy...” Applejack said as gave me a light push.

“So, what’s the time?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“It’s nine o’clock.” I answered.

“It’s not that late.” Dash responded, rolling her eyes.

“Not for you maybe, but some of us actually enjoy a good night’s sleep.” Rarity said, copying Dash by rolling her eyes back at her.

As my normal bed time was around ten, I was on Rainbow Dash’s side.

“Well, you lot can head off to bed if you like; I can stay up with Dash for a little longer.” I suggested.

Rarity nodded and headed off into one of the tents with Pinkie, while Applejack got into the tent with Twilight.

“And then there were two.” I said.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Come to think about it, I had a shed load of things I wanted to talk about; I wanted to know more about this orb that I was helping the six find, I was also very curious about the colt that Rainbow Dash was talking about earlier today, the second Dash mentioned him it caused Fluttershy to blush and hide under her hooves, so he was definitely her crush or something. I thought it would be best to ask about the more serious topic first though.

“Well, I’m rather curious about this orb that I’ve given my entire life to help you look for, so perhaps you could give me a little more info on that?” I asked.

“When you put it that way, I feel pretty bad for getting you to help us.” Dash said, looking down.

“Don’t feel too bad, let’s be honest, it wasn’t that amazing to start with.” I chuckled.

That caused her to crack a smile.

“So, what do you want to know about the orb?” She quizzed.

“Well, Twilight said something about titans, I’d like to know a little more about that.” I said.

“I’m not much of a historian I’m afraid, so I don’t know all about that, all I know is that there were six titans called the Holy Titans of Harmony. They created Equus, and one of them was Celestia and Luna’s mother, one went nuts and ate the others, then some hero sent him to the other side of the universe.” She explained.

I raised my eyebrows as I took in all that information, so Equestria was made by titans, and one of them created Celestia and Luna; well there went my Fausticorn theory…

“Do you know why one of the titans ate the others?” I asked.

“I don’t know, like I said, I’m no historian, my guess is that he got a serious case of the munchies.” She replied.

The two of us burst into laughter, Rainbow Dash and I seemed to share the same sense of humour; although she acted a lot like Pinkie, I found that she was a bit like me as well.
For the history of these Holy Titans of Harmony, I knew that I wouldn’t get any more information from Dash.
As for my second concern on the other hand, I had a feeling that she’d know a thing or two about that.

“Hey, I was wondering, earlier today you mentioned some colt that Fluttershy knew, as soon as you said it she got really flustered, what gives?” I asked.

Rainbow Dash giggled a little before she answered.

“Oh, him.” She said, still lightly chuckling. “Yeah, he’s some colt that Fluttershy’s known since she was a filly, and she’s got a major crush on him, they were practically made for each other!”

“What’s his name?” I queried, leaning forward.

“I think it was Midnight or something, Fluttershy just calls him Middy though.” Dash replied.

“So, what’s he like? What does Fluttershy like about him so much?” I continued to inquire.

“His coat is a deep blue, and his mane is a lighter pale blue; as for his personality, I’ve only met him a few times, so I don’t know him too well, but from what I’ve seen he’s pretty sweet. He was pretty shy when I met him, but apparently he can be really hyper. Oh, and the dude’s obsessed with birds, he’s got his own aviary; he’s got owls, eagles, hawks, you name it; if it has feathers, Midnight has one as a pet.” Dash explained.

I scratched my chin, I was quite concerned at how much this ‘Midnight’ character sounded a lot like Bruce, he was a total bird lover, and he had a very ‘Shy one minute, hyper the next’ attitude; after a few moments thinking about it, I shrugged it off as a coincidence.

“Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but Fluttershy has a picture of him in her saddle bag, she looks at it before going to sleep.” Dashie whispered.

She then lightly chuckled to herself, while I didn’t find it so funny, I’d say that it was more cute than it was amusing. It must be a pretty serious crush; I was surprised that she’d shared her feelings with Rainbow Dash of all ponies.

“So, how come Fluttershy told you about it and nopony else?” I quizzed.

“Because we’ve known each other since we were little fillies! We played together, we went to flight school together, we practically lived together; Flutters and I have a special bond, we’re not like sisters, and we’re not like friends, we’re something much closer; she’d trust me with her life, let alone a crush.” She said with pride.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from letting out an “Aww…”

“That’s really sweet; it’s nice to know that you two have such a special bond.” I said warmly.

“Yeah, but I’m sure you’ll bond with her as well; like I said earlier today, she’s warmed to you really quickly.” She replied.

“Any reason why?” I asked.

Rainbow shrugged.

“Probably because you’re not a pony, she loves interacting with other species; she’s such an animal lover.” She suggested.

I raised an eyebrow and loudly cleared my throat, Dash suddenly realised what she’d just said.

“Not that you’re an animal or anything, that came out wrong, I mean that she just-”

“I knew what you meant, I'm teasing.” I interrupted, smiling.

She took a small sigh of relief; I then sat forward and stretched, causing my upper back to give a small crunch.

“So who’s sleeping in which tent tonight?” I asked.

“Applejack’s with Twilight in that tent.” Dash pointed to one of the tents. “Me, Pinkie and Rarity are in the big one, and you’re in there with Fluttershy.” She said, pointing to the other two tents.

“I would have thought you’d want to be in with Fluttershy, seeing as you have this special bond.” I quoted.

Dash gave a huff as she rolled her eyes.

“Oh please, we have a great bond and all, but I’d rather be in with the moody Egghead than stay with Flutters.” She replied.

“Oh?” I said with my head tilted on one side.

“It’s a nightmare camping with Fluttershy, she always needs the toilet in the middle of the night, and she is too scared to go out alone, somepony has to go with her.” Dash explained.

“So you decided to stick me in a tent with her?” I asked dully.

“Yup!” Dash grinned.

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” I said sarcastically.

“Anytime.” She replied.

I took a gentle sigh as I flopped onto my back and looked into the night sky, it was lovely, not a cloud in sight. Dash and I stopped talking for a short while and just looked at the stars.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” I asked after a few minutes of silence.

“What, the stars?”


“Not really…”

“Oh come on, just look at them, all the details and the patterns are stunning.”

“You sound like Rarity.” Dash giggled.

“How so?” I asked.

“Being obsessed with patterns and colours and stuff.” She said.

“I’m not obsessed with patterns and colours, I just like to admire them.” I replied.

“Pff, gay.” She snorted.

“Says the one with a rainbow coloured mane.” I retorted.

“Whatever…” Dash said as she stuck her tongue out at me.

We chuckled, before I reached into my pocket and took out my phone to check the time.

“Right, the time’s ten o’clock, we should get to bed.” I said with a yawn.

Dash simply nodded and stood up and stretched like a cat.

“Well, see you tomorrow dude.” She said.

“Yeah, see you.” I replied.

“Nice chat by the way, we should do this again sometime.” She said with a smile.

“Definitely.” I said, before I turned towards my tent, Dash did the same.

I walked over to the tent and unzipped the entrance; I took off my shoes and left them outside so the bedding didn’t get dirty.

As I entered the tent I saw Fluttershy quickly hide something under the covers.

“Hi Callum.” She smiled, acting as if I hadn’t seen whatever it was she was hiding.

To spare her the embarrassment, I went along with it.

{Probably that picture of her ‘Middy’…} I thought to myself.

“Hey, I hope I didn’t wake you up.” I said as I crawled over to my sleeping bag.

“No, I was awake.” She replied.

I got into my sleeping bag, and took a long sigh; today had been a long day, a very long day. I had trashed my house, killed a clone of myself, just thinking about it made my stomach turn; I had given my puppy Chilli away to Bruce, I had learned teleportation, I had hidden from the police, and I took away Pinkie’s well-earned title of Fluffy Bunnie Champion. All I wanted now, was a good long rest; I snuggled down and closed my eyes and began to drift off to sleep.

About ten minutes later I was disturbed by a hoof prodding my arm, I rolled over to see Fluttershy sitting up with her legs crossed. She didn’t need to say anything for me to know what she needed.

“Um… Callum…”

I hate you Rainbow Dash…

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