• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a sad, violent life in the human world... But that is soon to change as he meet some unexpected visitors that will change his life.

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Chapter Eight - Planning a Summer Holiday

“Brazil?” I exclaimed, “How in the world are we going to get to Brazil?”

“There are two options,” Rarity started, “one, Twilight teleports us there, which is very inaccurate and will use up all her energy, meaning we’d be sent off course during the teleportation, we’d most likely be split up and we could end up in different countries entirely, or even in the ocean!”

“And the other option?” I asked.

“We use one of those.” Rarity replied, pointing behind me.

I turned around to see an aeroplane take off and ascend into the clouds.

“An aeroplane! Rarity, you’re a genius!” I cheered.

“No! She is not!” Twilight barked from behind me, making all six of us jump. “If anything, she’s an idiot for coming up with the idea!”

“How is that idiotic? It preserves your magic and it’s much safer than teleporting.” Rarity questioned, clearly offended by Twilight’s comment.
“Allow me to repeat what you said in a more realistic way,” Twilight said, strutting forward like an officer.

“How about we cross this fence, waltz into a populated area and get captured! That’s a great idea!” She shouted, acting as if she had a mental problem.

I tapped my chin; she had a point about crossing the fence, and it’d make me a bit of a hypocrite if I agreed with Rarity, as I literally just told them all not to cross the fence; but given these new circumstances that we had to get all the way to Brazil, I found it best that we take the risk, if Twilight were to cast an invisibility spell on us we should be able to sneak onto a plane with no problems.

“What if you used an invisibility spell?” I asked.

“It is still too dangerous, you said there were other humans on those aeroplanes.” Twilight replied.

She was right; there would be well over fifty people on each plane, possibly hundreds! But there had to be some way of getting them onto the plane without being detected… Then it hit me.

“How about the cargo hold?” I suggested.

“The what?” Rainbow Dash quizzed, pulling a slurred face as if she was drunk.

“The cargo hold is an area at the bottom of the aeroplane where people store all their luggage, but no one can get in there.” I answered.
“Why not?” Rarity asked.

“Because when the plane takes off, the change in pressure in the cargo hold is stronger, along with the temperature dropping massively.” I explained.

“Oh great, nice idea Callum, freeze us to death.” Twilight deadpanned.

“Hang on Egg Head,” Rainbow Dash said, “you’re a unicorn, don’t you have a spell that can bypass all that stuff?” She asked.

“That’s a good point, do you have a spell that reduces pressure?” I asked.

“And what about that really good heat spell you have?” Rarity asked, “What’s it called again…? Ah yes, Thermic Hide, that one would be very efficient.”

I pulled my head back and made a duck face with confusion; did Rarity just give a spell a name? Did spells have names? I just thought they were just, well, spells! How the hell did Twilight remember all of them if they all had names? It seemed that there was a lot about Equestria that I still had to learn…

“That spell is only in the case of us ending up in an arctic area; we are not getting on one of those aeroplanes!” Twilight growled.

“Since when did you become in charge?” Rainbow Dash challenged.

“Since Princess Celestia said I was in charge of this group before we came here!” Twilight snapped in response.

I almost laughed out loud at that, as much as Twilight was being unreasonable, she had a point there. But that’s when I found a flaw in her statement.

“As much as you are in charge of your group, the Princess also said that I was your guide, and that you are to listen to me, and I say that if the majority of us vote to get on the aeroplane, then that is what we’ll do.” I said.

She was stunned for a few seconds, unable to come back at me. Because Celestia has ordered her to listen to me, she was at a dilemma, she didn’t want to listen to me, but she couldn’t disobey Celestia.
Her nose scrunched up and she bared her teeth, her cheeks growing pink. She got angrier and angrier as she searched for a point to come back at me with; at this point she was so red that her face looked like a great big strawberry. She desperately tried to find a justifiable way to go against Celestia’s orders, but she found none.

“Fine!” She snapped as she growled like an agitated panther.

She turned around and began heading back to the woodland, I turned to the others and gave a toothy smile, at which they giggled. The fact that I could win in an argument with Twilight impressed them, I knew how Twilight could be, so it impressed me as well.

“So, when do we head over there and get on a plane then?” Rainbow Dash asked, eager for some action.

“I think it’s best that we make camp here, get a good night’s sleep. We’ll head out tomorrow.” I said.

As much as Dash was rather disappointed with my decision as she was eager for adventure, and to be honest, so was I, but I thought a night’s rest was in order. She accepted my choice with no complaint. It was getting into the late afternoon and I’d rather set off in the morning when we were all fresh.

“So, Rarity how does your portable camp work exactly?” I asked.

“Well, you see,” she started, “The tents and sleeping bags are all flattened and then shrunk down with magic, then it is easy to carry around and take where you like, when you take it out the bag, it deploys itself and expands to its normal size, you can then move the tents and the campfire to wherever you like. I can get it out and show you if you like?” She offered, reaching for one of the bags on her back.

“Sure!” I said, delighted to see more magic.

“To start with I’ll only deploy one tent so I don’t have to pack them all up again.” she said as she pulled out a miniature tent, no bigger than a DVD box.

She placed it on the ground and pulled on a little piece of string, as she did so the tent began to expand, it grew bigger and bigger, until it was around the same size as an average van. I was amazed by the sight, even though it was a simple tent, the way the magic worked just blew me away.

“Whoa, that’s cool…” I murmured.

“Pretty neat huh?” Rarity giggled.

“So, how do you shrink it again?” I asked.

“That’s the most difficult part, as it requires somepony to fold the tent in again, along with a unicorn to shrink it again, so if there isn’t a unicorn around, you’ll find yourself in quite a jam.” She explained.

“Wow, that’s really cool, here on Earth…” I stopped mid-sentence.

“Here on Earth what?” Rarity asked.

I quickly turned to her and put my finger to my lips.

“Sshh.” I went.

“I beg you pa-”

“Shush!” I interrupted her.

I tilted my head to one side, listening, and there it was, a sound that in most cases I would simply ignore, but as I heard it now it sent a shiver down my spine… A police siren.

“Crap…” I mumbled.

“What did you just s-”

“We’ve got to move, now!” I ordered, interrupting Rarity for a second time.

Twilight, who was a good fifty metres away, turned around.

“What is it?” She called over to me.

“We’ve got company!” I yelled back.

“What? You told us it was safe!” She screamed at me.

“Someone must have seen your lightning bolt!” I shouted, jogging towards her.

The others followed me quickly, nervously waiting for my next command.

“Twilight, I need you to cast a cloaking spell on us.” I instructed.

“Fine, but I won’t be able to sustain it with all seven of us, for some reason it takes a lot of magic to manipulate you, teleporting you used a lot more of my mana than usual.” She said.

“Don’t you think you could have told us that a little sooner?” I asked, frustrated.

“I didn’t think it would be necessary to tell-”

“We don’t have time for this!” Applejack cried out.

“I can’t sustain the spell if it is being cast on him! What do you propose?” Twilight snapped back.

“Hide?” Fluttershy whimpered.

Come to think of it, that wasn’t a bad idea. I’ve always been good at hiding, well, unless Fluttershy was involved in searching for me, as our game of hide and seek proved.

“Hold my bag.” I said, and then headed to one of the vast number of oak trees around me.

I heard the slam of a car door, making me panic; without a second to think I shot up the tree like a squirrel on Red Bull, I climbed all the way up to the top, at the point where the trunk stopped and split into other branches. I didn’t even bother to think about how high up I was, I just hugged the branch I was lying on and listened.

“It was around here somewhere.” A man said.

“The witness said that the bolt was right here.” Another man stated.

I peeked out to see two police officers standing near the fence, one of them pointing to the point where Twilight used her spell. One of them was tall and slender, about six feet high, while the other was short and stocky...

“Well I’m not seeing any signs of scorched earth, are you sure it’s here?” The taller man said down to the other.

“Yes, she said it was by the fence at the edge of the woodland, right here.” The short one replied, stomping the ground.

“Well it’s not here, is it?” The tall one replied.

He squatted down to match the height of the short one, obviously humiliating him for his size.

“Maybe it was aliens.” The short one said.

The tall one burst into laughter.

“Sure, if you say so.” He chuckled.

“It could have been, think about it, a massive lightning bolt, and then no signs of impact. It might be like that War of the Worlds movie.” He mumbled.

“Well, if you see any huge tripods walking about, let me know.” The tall one laughed.

“Hey, what if it’s like a Star Wars Jedi mind thing? What if we’re being tricked into believing there are no aliens here, but in fact we’re surrounded by them?” The short one asked, getting excited.

“Pfft, you’re such a nerd.” The tall one teased.

“I’m not; you’ve just got no imagination.” The little one retorted.

“Quit the sci-fi nonsense and look for this so called impact.” The taller man sighed.

“This sucks, there’s probably no impact, for all we know it was a trick of the light.” The stocky one huffed.

“True…” The slender one replied. “But we still have to look around otherwise we’ll get a bollocking from the fat man upstairs.”

The short one chuckled and walked down the fence, while the taller man lit up a fag and walked in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes of walking up and down the fence, the two gave in.

“Well shorty, I guess these are not the droids we’re looking for; let’s go.”

The two of them burst into laughter, before getting back into their car and informing their superiors that is was a false alarm on the radio. The tall man threw his cigarette onto the ground before they shut the car doors and drove off.

I looked down and found that the six were still under the invisibility spell.

“Alright, it’s safe to come out now!” I called down to them.

With a zap and a fizz, the six reappeared; they were all looking up at me.

“Are you sure?” Twilight shouted up to me.

“Positive!” I replied.

I began to climb back down; when I suddenly heard the branch I was lying on begin to creak. I gulped.

“Ok, no sudden movements now…” I said to myself, as I tried to slide myself across the branch with little force.

But try as I might, the entire branch cracked all the way down the middle, before snapping entirely.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!” I yelled as I fell to the ground below.

“OOF!” I cried as I hit a large branch on the way down.

“ARGH!” I shouted as yet another branch.
GOD!” Branch number three.
DAMMIT!” Branch number four.
YEEAHAHAHOOOW!!!!” I screamed in agony as a branch shot up between my legs and smacked me in the balls.
Whooaa, daagh!” I yelled as I hit another seven branches, before smacking into the ground, face first.

Everything was surrounded in darkness, and all the sounds around me were fuzzy.

Callum!” A voice called to me.

I couldn’t tell who it was, as the sound was muffled and my face was buried a good few centimetres into the dirt. Without warning a pair of hooves grabbed onto my arm and rolled me over onto my back, at first everything was all fuzzy, I could only see swirls of colour.

“Callum! Are you ok? Come on, talk to me buddy!” A distressed pony shouted whilst pushing at my chest.

The pony was Rainbow Dash, I could only tell by the light blue blur that was standing only inches away from me.

“Uuuuh…” I moaned.

Rainbow Dash was suddenly pushed aside and a terrified Pinkie Pie planted her nose into mine.

CALLUM! TALK TO ME!” She screamed.

I summoned enough energy to push Pinkie back and roll onto my side. I rubbed my eyes and coughed.

“Nyah,” I groaned as I pushed myself into a sitting position, “I really need to work on my landings…”

Applejack came up to me and gave me a hoof in standing up properly.

“That was some fall, you ok sugar cube?” She asked.

“I’ve been better…” I grumbled.

Rarity rushed forward in a panic and began to check me all over.

“You’re not ok darling, just look at you; you look like you’ve been hit by a train!” She whimpered.

“How’s my face? Am I still beautiful?” I joked.

Still beautiful? You never were to start with!” Rainbow Dash sneered.

Dash, Applejack and I chuckled, while Rarity was still fussing over me in a panic.

“This is no laughing matter, you could be seriously hurt!” She whined as she lifted my right arm, making me wince in pain.

“You see? You’re hurting.” She said, prodding my wrist.

Ow! That doesn’t mean you can make it worse by poking it.” I complained.

“Do you think it might be broken?” Applejack asked.

I wiggled all my fingers, and to my relief they all responded the way they should. I’ve never broken a bone in all my life, and I wasn’t planning on having any broken any time soon. I’ve fallen from plenty of trees in my time, some were even higher than this one, Rarity was just overreacting a bit.

“Nope, it’s just a strained wrist.” I said.

“You sure?” Applejack questioned.

“Yes, its fine, I’m ok.” I protested, trying to push Rarity away from jabbing at me.

“Try saying that while looking in a mirror.” Dash giggled.

I tilted my head on one side, not sure of what she meant, until Rarity used her magic to create a mirror for me. Now I knew what she meant; my whole face was covered in dirt, I was entirely coated in filth from head to toe; I had hit the ground with so much force that I had pretty much merged with the earth itself.

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” I stuck my tongue out, and instantly regretted it as I got a mouthful of mud.

I started spluttering in an attempt to spit out the mud, causing Rainbow Dash and Applejack to burst into laughter, even Rarity was unable to stifle a giggle. It was at this point where Pinkie bounded back up to me and pointed behind me.

“There’s a small stream about thirty metres over there.” She said.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Just a hunch.” The pink mare grinned, before going over to one of the tent packs and setting it up.

“Oooh, springy!” She squeaked, before bouncing off humming her little tunes.

I ignored Pinkie’s randomness and turned around, I then proceeded to head over to this so called ‘stream’.

It turns out there was a stream; never again would I doubt a Pinkie hunch. I bent down and started to wash all the dirt off my face and arms, I was almost finished when I heard a scream from behind me. I turned around to see Rarity sprinting towards me.

Callum! Your leg!” She yelled, skidding to a halt in front of me.

I looked down to see nothing abnormal on my leg, just a lot of mud.

“What about it? Why are you screaming?” I asked.

“It’s bleeding!” Rarity bleated in a panic, prodding my calf muscle.

As soon as her hoof made contact, a stinging pain shot into my leg, making me jump.

“OW! Rarity, can you please stop poking me!?” I shouted.

“But, but your leg is blee-”

“That doesn’t mean you can keep poking it.” I butted in.

I sat down and looked at my calf to find it was indeed, bleeding. It was quite a nasty gash as well. I heard hoofsteps and looked around to see Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy coming towards us.

“What’s wrong? I heard a scream.” Rainbow Dash said, looking around for danger.

“It’s nothing,” I started, “Rarity’s just concerned about a little cut on my leg.”

“Sweet! Let’s see it!” Dash grinned and came forward.

I stood up and showed her the cut, causing the pegasus to give a long whistle.

“Now that’s a cut! But I’ve had worse.” She smirked, raising her eyebrows and closing her eyes.

“Please, you ain’t ever had a cut that big.” Applejack said, rolling her eyes.

“Have so! It was when I broke my wing that one time.” Rainbow Dash argued.

I sat there chuckling as the two mares began to argue about who’s had the worst injury, there was another jolt of pain in my leg as a hoof began to dab at the cut.

“Rarity, for the last time…” I growled as I turned around.

But it was not Rarity, it was Fluttershy. She was cleaning the area around the cut with a damp tissue.

“Sorry if it hurts, but it’s best if the cut was kept clean.” Fluttershy said quietly.

“Thanks Fluttershy, but I’ll wash it myself if you don’t mind.” I smiled as I stood up.

She nodded and headed off with the others, who were going back to help Twilight and Pinkie set up the tents, leaving me to finish washing.

When I finished cleaning up my leg I inspected the wound, it was pretty deep, and blood was still oozing out of it, more so now that I had washed, but besides that it wasn’t that serious. As long as I bandaged it I’m sure it’d heal up in a good two to three days, it should be fine by the time I got to Brazil.

I looked into the sky and noticed it was getting darker, dusk was here and the night would follow quickly. I stood up and headed back over to the tents, or where the tents should have been for that matter, as they were gone.

“Uh, guys?” I asked out loud.

I listened and looked around, nothing; then there was a small fizz as Applejack appeared a small distance away from me, it was as if she had come out of thin air.

“Over here sugar cube.” She called as she gestured for me to come over to her.

I walked over to her and started to feel a great warmth radiating from the area around us, it grew hotter and hotter. Suddenly there was a flash of white light and a beautiful sight came into vision.
Three large tents stood before me, and a metre or so in front of that was a large campfire with five of the ponies sitting around it. A sweet smell wafted over to me and into my nose, it was a delightful smell, but what was it?
That’s when Rainbow Dash answered my thoughts.

“Take a seat,” She smiled, “we’ve got marshmallows.”

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