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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a miserable life on Earth. But that is soon to change, as some unexpected visitors will change his life forever.

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Chapter Seven: An Unexpected Journey

"So what's it going to be everyone? Chimicherry? Or Cherrychanga? Chimicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimicherry? Cherrychanga?" Pinkie asked over and over again to the group as we walked through the woodland.

"Will somepony please make her stop?" Rarity moaned loudly.

We'd been walking for about forty minutes and Pinkie's boredom had sent her into a spree of Pinkie Pie antics, including a very detailed speculation of how the story of a second Kung Fu Panda movie would go, which somehow turned out to be almost identical to how the sequel actually went, I wasn't even going to begin guessing how that pony's mind worked.

Thankfully the answer wasn't all that difficult; I snapped my fingers to catch Pinkie's attention, the pink pony bounced into the air and spun a perfect hundred-and-eighty degrees to face me, now locked onto me with big bulging eyes, eager for an answer.

"Well, did you make up your mind?" She asked, beaming.

"I did indeed, the answer is Chimicherrychanga." I answered with a grin.

Emitting a squeal of delight, Pinkie jumped into the air higher than ever and confirmed that I was correct; she then continued to bounce mirthfully for a few seconds before eventually settling down. She merrily pranced beside me and contently hummed to herself, finally relenting in her nonsensical riddles.
Rarity approached me from the right and quizzed me as to how in Equestria I'd been able to answer such an illogical question.

"It's actually quite simple if you think about it." I replied.

I went on to unravel the puzzle, explaining that cherry was at the end of Chimi, but also the start of Changa; the whole ordeal was a simple matter of putting the two words together, resulting in Chimicherrychanga. The others hummed and mumbled to themselves as they finally understood Pinkie's incredibly weird and incredibly pointless little riddle.

Up ahead at the front of the group, Twilight called out to me with a concerned tone.

"Callum, we are heading north, I thought we were supposed to be going north east."

She was staring at her compass which floated a few feet in front of her, suspended by her telekinesis; the mare hadn't even bothered to look up from it for the past twenty minutes or so, until now that is.

"Don't worry Twi, I know where we're going." I responded confidently, "If we were to go directly northeast, we would end up in a suburban area, plenty of houses with plenty of watchful eyes. By heading north and sticking to the Ifield Brook, we remain concealed in the woodland. We'll head east once we reach a the River Mole."

"Fine." Twilight huffed, "But if we get lost, it's your fault. And my name's not Twi, it's Twilight."

Rolling my eyes and choosing not to respond, I walked along in silence until Fluttershy chose to speak up.

"Um, Callum... What's the River Mole?"

"Oh, it's just a really big river." I answered.

"Are there any moles there?"

"I haven't the foggiest idea."

"Oh, okay..." She replied quietly, clearly a bit disappointed in my answer.

"Then why is it called that?" Rainbow Dash pressed on.

"I'm not sure, I've never actually been there, I just happen to know where it is due to living relatively close-by, and that it leads almost directly to Gatwick Airport."

"Hmph, fair enough."

Without much else to say on the matter, we continued to make our way through the Ifield Brook, we were making good progress and thankfully hadn't needed to take any pit-stops or toilet breaks.

{Do the ponies even need to take toilet breaks?} I thought to myself.

What an utterly idiotic thing to think... Of course they did! They were living beings!
Jeez, this was going to take a very long time to get used to, I was legitimately travelling with real, living, breathing, ponies from another dimension whom hailed from the planet Equus, HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING!

"So, where is this place we're headed again?" Applejack asked.

Now at the front of the group, I had successfully kept us concealed within the woodland and were close to the river.

"It's an airport, called Gatwick Airport. It's a hub for aeroplanes that allow people to commercially travel by air. The energy spike that Twilight picked up is most almost certainly down to all the electronic frequencies and equipment." I answered.

"Aero-what now?" Applejack quizzed.

"Aeroplanes, they're great big flying machines that can take people to other parts of the world. Just imagine a massive bird, but it's hollow on the inside, made of metal, and about the size of two houses stacked on top of each other." I clarified for her.

"That's absolutely preposterous! If they were made of metal, they'd never be able to fly; they would be far too heavy." Twilight scoffed.

Turning around to face the unicorn, I continued to walk backwards without looking where I was headed.

"What if such a contraption was streamlined, and had two fixed wings on either side to aid the lift-to-drag ratio?"

Biting her bottom lip and thinking for a split second, she protested that an aeroplane would need to be consistently propelled forward for it to work, which she deemed 'impossible without magic'. After pretending to be stumped for a moment, I gave the unicorn a patronising gasp and placed a hand over my mouth.

"Oh that's right! I must have forgot to mention how each wing of the aircraft have massive, high propulsion jet engines attached to them, propelling the aeroplane forward at extreme speeds for the entire duration of the flight."

"You could have just told me that to start with, instead of being such a dick about it." She muttered under her breath.

I turned back to look where I was going, and continued to walk with a proud strut, quite chuffed with myself that I'd been able to educate Twilight during a disagreement. Although deep down I suppose it was admittedly a bit dickish of me to gloat about knowing something which she couldn't have possibly known herself.

"Where did someone like you even learn about the lift-to-drag ratio anyway?" She grumbled.

"Well Twilight, although it may be difficult for you to believe, you aren't the only living thing in the universe to know science; the subject is mandatory in our education system, and quite extensively too." I explained.

Much to my surprise, Twilight didn't respond negatively to the comment; in fact, she slowly emerged from her defensive shell and actually started to converse with me about science, quizzing me on all the different subjects I'd learned in secondary school (although it was mostly just science). Whilst I was certain the pleasant moment wouldn't last forever, I was thankful to just chat with her normally for once.
After a decent twenty-ish of chatting and exchanging culture, the sudden sound of a car horn in the distance ruined the moment, spooking Twilight and sending her back into a defensive mood and mindset. We found ourselves walking in silence yet again, besides Pinkie, who quietly hummed the Parasprite Polka to herself in a desperate attempt to break the silence; Applejack gave me a melancholy expression, happy that I'd been able to finally get along with Twilight, but saddened that the moment was gone, I could only hope that Twilight was feeling the same way.

It was Rainbow Dash who broke the silence next, with a most peculiar question indeed.

"So uh, Callum... What's it like being a human?" She asked out of the blue.

Unsure of what she was getting at, I simply replied that I didn't follow, and if she could please elaborate, to which the pegasus grew surprisingly quite shy, as though she felt stupid for asking; however she continued with her query.

"Oh, well, like... I just mean, what's it like? Always standing on two legs and needing to keep your balance? What's it like with no fur to keep you warm? Stuff like that, you know? Oh, and how in Equestria do you work those hands of yours? They look less like claws and more like tentacles with bones in them!"

That last part very nearly caused me to burst into laughter, thankfully I was able to stifle it with a mere cough.

"I've most certainly never heard anyone describe fingers like that! Well Rainbow Dash, when it comes to standing on two legs, it just comes naturally, humans are biologically made for it, it's like how birds walk on two legs, you don't see them struggling to keep their balance. A better example would be Twilight's assistant, Spike. If the cartoon is anything to go off on, I'd say he walks on two legs with ease without you questioning it."

Twilight gave me a frown upon mentoring Spike, but chose to say nothing, so I continued.

"As for my hands and fingers, I can't imagine it's too different from how your wings work."

I slowed down to walk beside the pegasus, and decided that a physical demonstration seemed to be the best way to explain it.

"Now, if I raise my index finger like this, that's the same and you raising this set of feathers here." I lightly pushed the area on her wing that I was referring to, and instantly found myself infatuated with how it felt.

{Whoa, her feathers are so soft...} I thought.

She made that part of her wing flex up, just like my finger had done. I continued the explanation by curling my hand into a fist, and in turn, Dashie's entire wing bawled up.

"I get it, that's awesome!" She giggled as she constantly closed and opened her wings, along with wiggling them about.

I looked behind me to see Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rarity all bunched up together, listening to me intently, even Twilight had her ears perked up to pick up what I was saying. They were more curious about humans than I had originally thought; coming from a world of varying sentient races, I'd have thought they wouldn't be so bothered about yet another species to be interested about, especially seeing as minotaurs pretty much had hands. I knew Twilight would be interested, as she was into science and all that, but I didn't think the other five would be so invested as well.
On the flipside, I was just as interested in them, vastly so for that matter; the real-world physicality of the ponies was completely mind boggling, and I wanted to learn as much as humanely possible.
How soft was their fur? Was it the same all over, or was it softer in certain areas?
How did their brains fit inside heads with such gigantic eyes? Surely their eyeballs had to be less spherical than mine.
Were their organs the same as ponies on Earth? They were aliens for crying out loud, the possibilities were endless!

After plucking up the courage to ask a handful of the questions on my mind, I was soon the beholder of mountains of new information, the most interesting being about unicorn biology; apparently unicorn ponies had a specific gland inside their brains called a Mana Well, which was where they stored the supposed lifeblood of the universe, mana. The gland was directly connected to their horns, which converted this mana into magic in order to cast spells.
Apparently ponies also had absolutely terrible eyesight in the dark, and I mean terrible! Unlike our human ability to adjust to low light settings, they were left quite simply blind without a decent light source; the strangest part about this fact was that it completely contradicted eyesight of equines on Earth, whom could in fact see better than humans in the dark.
How odd...

All that talking helped the time pass, soon enough the biology subject faded away and I walked in contented silence as I listened to Rarity talking with Fluttershy about fashion, while Applejack tried, and failed, to help Twilight lighten up.
Ahead of us, I finally found what I was looking for.

"Here we are folks, the River Mole." I announced to the others.

It was quite a wide river, definitely not jump-able, and it was quite deep. It had quite a current to it, I was a good swimmer and could just about manage it, but I highly doubted the others would make it without a struggle.

"This'll be a piece of cake, Fluttershy and I can just lift you guys over one by one." Rainbow Dash suggested.

"Or one of you two could teleport us over?" Applejack proposed, looking at Rarity and Twilight.

"Darling, I can barely muster the strength to teleport myself a few inches without feeling lightheaded. Just because I possess magic doesn't mean I'm an all-powerful mage like Miss Sparkle." Rarity said.

Shrugging, Applejack looked to Twilight and awaited her response, to which the purple unicorn strutted over to Rainbow Dash.

"I'm saving all my magic for this Airport so I can use the spell to find the shards, Rainbow Dash will have to carry us over, as she's just suggested in the first place." She said in a military-like tone.

Dashie responded by casually stretching her wings in preparation for flight.

"Cool, no worries. I can do it on my own Fluttershy, you just take the bags over."

While it may have not seemed much, I recognised the gesture of kindness and smiled; it was no secret that Fluttershy was a weak flyer, which wasn't always considered or accounted for as far as the show was concerned. But here, Rainbow Dash had taken her friend's weakness into account and gave her the easier job.
The butter coloured pegasus scooped up a few of the bags and slowly flapped across the river, and after three journeys, she had successfully transported the baggage, and patiently waited on the other side for us.

"Me first! ME first!" Pinkie bounced up and down.

Rainbow Dash took flight and put her hooves under Pinkie's foreleg... pits, I suppose? And lifted her across.

"This is utterly mortifying." Rarity deadpanned as she was carried over the cascading waters.

"I can put you down if you'd like?" Dashie teased.

"You drop me, and I'll kill you."

Laughing, Rainbow Dash plopped Rarity down and took a moment to catch her breath.

"You good?" I called over.

"Yup, Rarity's just rather heavy these days!"

"Oh you absolute so-and-so!" Rarity shrieked, charging at the pegasus.

Cackling mischievously, Dashie took to the air once again and evaded Rarity's attempt to catch her; she soared back over the river and helped Applejack and Twilight across, before finally preparing to lift me. I put out my arms, but I had a rather strong feeling that I would be too heavy for her; all it took was one attempt to reveal my prediction to be correct.

"Mother of Celestia, how much do you weigh?" She gasped after being able to lift me just a few inches off the ground.

"Eighty-eight kilograms." I replied.

"What's that in normal measurements?"

"Fourteen stone."

"In pounds, dipshit."

"Just under two-hundred."


"I'll have you know that most of it's muscle, plus I'm big boned." I snorted defensively.

"I'll believe it when I see it." The blue mare sneered.

I stuck my tongue out at her, for I didn't have a good comeback. I knew she was joking, but I had always been conscious about my weight and admittedly it stung to be called fat by a brand new friend; but again, she was joking and I needed to just let it go.

"How are we going to get you across then?" Dashie asked.

I looked a little further upstream to see an oak tree that leaned towards the river, with a nice selection of branches that conveniently stretched all the way across the river, it was rather high up, but I was confident that I could hack it.

"I'll show you." I stated with a grin.

I jogged over to the tree, the girls on the other side watching with great curiosity. Upon getting there, I found that the branch was even higher up than I thought, but that wasn't a problem for me; I took a few steps back, and then ran at the tree, I leapt at the trunk and launched myself further up with a wall jump, I grabbed one of the branches and pulled myself up; I then manoeuvred through the tree until I was standing on the right branch.
I looked at Rainbow Dash to find her staring at me with her mouth wide open; I looked across the river to find they were all staring at me just as intently. Without warning them, I intentionally dropped myself beneath the branch so that I was hanging from it; the ponies gasped as I did so, which made me chuckle.

With a few swings to gain momentum, I transitioned across the branch with a simple 'one hand in front of the other' method; I got to the other side and the branch began to bend under the strain of my weight, so I simply detached after a final swing, and landed with a forward roll, partially to break my fall, and partially because I was a self-indulgent sod who wanted to look cool.

"Alrighty then, where were we?" I announced proudly.

All the ponies were in awe; even Twilight had her eyebrows raised.

"So... Awesome..." Rainbow Dash breathed quietly from behind me, whom had flown across to join us.

"Callum, are you a professional athlete by any chance?" Rarity asked, finally finding words.

"Pfft, I'm far from being an athlete. I'm just the weird kid who never grew out of climbing trees." I chuckled.

"There's climbing trees, and then there's that!" Applejack hooted.

"Oh come on, it wasn't as spectacular as you're making it out to be, all I did was swing across a tree branch." I replied in earnest.

"Stop being so modest, that was quite an impressive feat you just pulled off, darling! The confidence, the usage of momentum, and that spectacular roll upon your landing! Oh, and not to mention you were holding your entire weight with only your hands whilst propelling yourself forward! How did you do it without breaking your wrists?" Rarity exclaimed.

"Uhh, well most humans have very strong hands. We're kind of built for rough and tumble activities, I guess." I shrugged.

"I want hands! I want hands!" Pinkie yelled into my left ear.

I grinned and tried to ignore the fact I was now potentially deaf in said ear; I was going to say something silly about hands when my stomach grumbled, quite loudly. That's when I realised that I hadn't eaten a thing all day since the salad I made, and I barely got a mouthful of that as I made it for the ponies and not myself, and I wasn't even going to think about that damn cake that I cooked by myself, for myself, I didn’t even get a bloody slice of it...

I headed over to Fluttershy's bag pile and opened up my rucksack to retrieve a packet of Quavers.

"Ooh, wha'cha got there?" Pinkie asked.

"Quavers." I replied, opening the plastic bag.

The second Pinkie caught a whiff of the cheesy goodness, I knew she’d want one; she slowly edged her head towards mine, until her nose was almost touching mine. The mare then twisted her head to such an angle that it was almost upside down, which was somewhat horrifying, even by Pinkie’s standards.


"Yes, Pinkie?" I replied blankly.

"Can I have one?"

I took a single Quaver from the packet and handed it to her; she politely took it with her hoof, and within a few seconds she had engulfed the crisp. She began to buzz, and then let out a long mmmmmnn, and before you could say 'Quavers' I was giving them out to each pony. They all loved the snack, besides Twilight, whom tossed hers onto the ground; it didn't go to waste though, as Pinkie slithered along the ground like a serpent and inhaled it.
I hadn't even eaten any yet, and the packet was almost empty.

{Methinks I'm going to have to get my food out in secret from now on.} I thought to myself.

After eating the remaining crisps, gave myself a small shake and then I picked up my rucksack, slinging it over my back and putting my arms through the straps; I then looked to Twilight, giving her a weak smile and a friendly nod.

"We good to go?" I asked.

She dipped her head in acknowledgement, and so we headed off once more.

We were walking for some time when Applejack cried out all of a sudden.

"What in tarnation is that?"

I turned around to find Applejack looking upward, I followed her gaze to see an aeroplane overhead, descending to a point not too far ahead of us, a good sign.

"That's the creepiest looking bird I've ever seen. Like, ever." Rainbow Dash said with an eyebrow upraised.

"And it's the most normal looking aeroplane I've ever seen." I replied.

The ponies all gave an 'ahh' as they realised that this was one of the aeroplanes I was talking about before.
I turned around to find Twilight, staring at the plane with great interest, studying it as much as she could; being as quick and quiet as possible, I slowed down and crept up behind her without her noticing.

“Not so preposterous now is it?” I said in a deep, stereotypical Queen's English accent.

Twilight jumped into the air and yelped; everypony else burst into laughter, leaving a very disgruntled Twilight.

“Shut up.” She growled as she turned her back and kept walking.

I followed her, continuing to antagonise her.

“Well, is it preposterous, Twilight? Is it?”

“Yes, it is! Because that aeroplane, is not flying on its own, there is clearly magic involved!” She shouted, practically snarling.

“Now now Twiley, didn’t Princess Celestia tell you that there is no magic in this world?” I replied.

“Well there has to be! Otherwise that thing up there is not possible! And don’t you ever call me Twiley again.” She hissed.

Twilight was adamant that she was right, so I thought I’d better leave it for when we get to the airport to prove her wrong, as there was no convincing her with words. I also noted to myself to perhaps not use her brother's nickname for her, for her teeth were gritted so hard at the moment that one could practically hear them grinding!

“Ugh, if you're going to be this stubbornly dense about it, I’ll just show you when we get there. Besides, I should have learned by now that arguing with you is… Preposterous.” I said, mimicking Twilight’s voice to the best of my ability.

The others tried to hold in their giggles at the impression, and we all continued walking to the airport.

It turned out that the airport was closer that I thought, and it wasn’t long before we came to the edge of the woodland, I could make out the flight tower in the distance across a large field, the runways were no more than a kilometre away.

“Is that it, over there?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Yup, that’s Gatwick Airport.” I replied.

It was then that another jumbo jet came in to land, the metal behemoth came from behind us and took us all unaware as the deafening sound of its engines bellow overhead like a dragon's roar; I could just about hear Fluttershy screaming in sheer terror. It took somewhere between eight to ten seconds for the noise to die down, and when it did, all the ponies were frozen solid, completely stupefied by the experience like a herd of deer caught in headlights; poor Fluttershy was lying down in the grass with her head in her hooves, genuinely crying.

After a few more seconds everypony gathered themselves.

“What... What the fuck was that!?” Rainbow Dash shouted, rubbing her aching ears.

“Are you trying to get us killed?” Twilight yelled at me.

“Okay everypony, calm down… That was nothing more than an aeroplane coming in to land.” I explained.

"Wait, so that was... normal?" Rarity asked, astounded.

I nodded, and elaborated that jumbo jets have absolutely whopping propulsion engines which make quite a racket; but what they just experienced was a completely normal occurrence which we'd simply had the misfortune of being too close to.
Twilight however, was not convinced.

“Oh sure it was! That was not a landing, did you see the speed of that thing as it hurtled towards us? That was a blatant attempt to kill us!”

At that, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“An attempt… An attempt to...”

I hadn't relished in a laugh this hearty in months, I took a huge gasp and wiped away tears from my eyes.

“Oh Twilight, you’ve just made my day…” I said, still chuckling.

I’m being serious!” She barked.

“I know! That’s the best bit!” I cried out.

Rainbow Dash joined in on the belly laughing, which caught on as Applejack and Pinkie found themselves chuckling.
Rarity placed a hoof on Twilight's shoulder and attempted to reason with her.

“Twilight darling, how could that have possibly been an attempt to kill us? Callum is stood right here with us, he would have been squashed as well if that colossal thing had crashed into us. Use some common sense, dear.”

Twilight shook off Rarity and carried on walking.

“Well, I see his poisonous words have already gotten into your head.” She muttered through gritted teeth.

Rarity gasped, but I signalled for her to ignore the comment by shaking my head, it wasn't worth the argument.

“Well then Twilight, we’d better get a move on before I slither into your head too.” I taunted.

At least Rainbow Dash could enjoy the humour of the situation, for she giggled from behind us at my comment; Twilight snorted in disgust then headed further towards the Airport.

“So, how close do you have to be to the airport to locate the first shard?” I asked.

“I’ve got nothing to say to you.” Twilight spat, not even turning to face me.

I reluctantly turned to Rarity, rolling my eyes.

“Rarity, be a lamb and ask Twilight how close she has to be to the airport to locate the first shard.”

Rarity sighed and asked Twilight, whom clarified that she needed to be roughly five-hundred metres from the flight control tower.

“That’s rather risky; airports have a lot of security. Armed security at that.” I replied.

“Why?” Rainbow Dash asked.

I went on to explain about how airports have to be under constant high security and surveillance, so that people don’t sneak into other countries or illegally board planes to cause chaos.

“You mean like Nine Eleven?” Pinkie called from the back.

I stopped dead. How in holy hell did she know about that? I shivered as I thought about the incident; so many deaths…
As these thoughts went through my head, I felt some empathy towards Twilight’s mistrust.

“Yes, just like Nine Eleven. But how on Earth do you know about that?” I asked.

“I read it in one of your books, the one called Humanity's Tragedies.” She replied.

{Crap… Why didn’t I hide that book?} I thought to myself.

“How much of that book did you read exactly?” I quizzed nervously.

“Oh only a few pages, I skimmed a few bits and then it got boring, so I threw it away and got another one.”

I sighed a great breath of relief at that, that book covered some of the worst of humanity's crimes against itself; from the holocaust, to the world wars, to the crusades, Humanity's Tragedies had it all. Pinkie was saved by her own innocence.

“Anyway, why do you need to be so close?” I asked Twilight, changing the subject.

"To locate the shards more accurately, obviously.”

“Well, we can’t go any further than that fence.” I said, pointing out an eight foot spiked fence, lined with razor wire.

“Not close enough…” Twilight stated.

“Well, if you want to go beyond it and risk being captured, go for it.” I retorted.

She growled something spiteful under her breath, but what she said I couldn’t make out.

“Hey, I’m only protecting you here, not that you'll believe me for whatever dumb reason. If you go beyond that fence, and you get spotted, this whole mission of yours could be over before it's started. There are airports all across the world, along with a plethora of radio towers and the like, so how about you just hone in on a single shard and we'll go after that one?"

I placed a hand upon my chest to show further sincerity.

"I don't know why you won't trust me, but I know that you'll trust logic, so let's use logic. Collecting these shards is like ticking off a checklist, let's start with the first one before moving on to the next. Now use what you’ve got, and get us some results.” I ordered.

It was just enough dominance mixed with just enough earnestness to win her over, the unicorn dipped her head and nodded.

"Fine, we'll do it your way. Now give me space."

The six of us backed away from Twilight and watched as her horn began to glow. Her blank expression slowly grew contorted with intense concentration, the spell she was casting appeared to be a very powerful one, and how could it not be? We were talking about a planet-wide sweep to locate one of six hunks of rock! A humming sound began to emit from all around us, and the leaves and dirt around Twilight's hooves began to float. Small sparks then began to burst from her horn, most of them were various shades of purple, but I noticed that one or two of them were emerald green.

Shiny lights!” Pinkie yelled.

Twilight’s horn got even brighter, the sparks grew in size and became a brilliant white, it was almost blinding; the humming sound was growing louder as well, I could feel the vibrations all around my body from the sheer depth of it.
Suddenly, there was a loud crack as an iridescent bolt of energy fired from Twilight’s horn and into the sky, the sound stopped along with the lightshow; Twilight sat there, sweat dripping from her brow.

“Now what?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Give me a second,” She said, “I need to wait a few seconds for the-”

From up above, there was a thunderclap, and an identical bolt of energy shot from the sky and smacked into Twilight, causing her to yelp out loudly, there was another flash of light and I was temporarily blinded. When I could see again, I rushed to Twilight’s side, whom was on the ground, moaning in great discomfort.

Twilight, are you ok?” I asked in a panic.

“Ugh, I’m fine... Get your hands off me.” She grunted, standing up and steadying herself.

The others all crowded around her, Applejack was the one to speak.

“So, where are we headed, Sugarcube?” She asked.

“I only saw it, so I don’t know its name, I need a map.” Twilight replied.

I reached into my rucksack and took out my map of the world and opened it. I then took out a red marker pen and gave it to Twilight, who drew a small ‘X’ on the map.

“Where is that?” Twilight asked.

“Brazil.” I said.

“Well then, looks like we’re going to Brazil…”

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