• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a sad, violent life in the human world... But that is soon to change as he meet some unexpected visitors that will change his life.

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Chapter Twenty Three - Familiar Faces

Oliver?” I said in disbelief.

“Hey fag.” He bluntly replied, smirking slightly.

I looked at him, and he looked at me, along with the ponies, he looked back and forth from me to them.

“Not really sure what to ask first; how you’re still alive? Or why you’re surrounded with brightly coloured talking horses.” He said, almost to himself than to me.

“Well, for either subject, you can’t tell anyone.” I told him.

“And why’s that? I’m sure I’d win the Nobel bloody Prize if I handed in one of these things to the science department, I’d be all over the news and everything!” He grinned, fantasising about the idea.

“You’re right… You’d probably be world famous…” I agreed.

“So, what’s in it for me if I don’t tell anyone?” He asked.

“Firstly, you get to personally indulge on one of the biggest events in human history, aliens visiting us.
Secondly, your brain gets left intact, because we’d have to remove your memory if you don’t agree.”

He folded his arms and frowned, biting his lip as he thought about the offer.

“Can I tell my mates at least?”


“Gay.” He grunted.

“So, do you promise not to tell?” I asked him, tilting my head on one side and raising an eyebrow.

“Uh, fine…” He snorted.

I sighed a breath of relief; it seemed my brother may actually have a few decent brain cells after all…

“So, how come’s you’re still alive? When I got back from Andrew’s, I happened to notice a dead twat in the kitchen with a knife in his guts and a fuck load of policemen. Bloody bastards put me forward as one of the suspected killers! The cheek! Look at me! I couldn’t hurt a fly!” He ranted.

“Oliver, I watched you stab a fox to death once.” I pointed out.

“That was different, the fox was killing the chickens, I was being a hero!” He retorted, pulling a dramatic pose.

“Right…” I said flatly.

“So, how are you still alive?” He quizzed, scratching his chin.

“Well, I kinda didn’t die in the first place, I faked it.” I answered.

“What about the body? And the whole house being blown to shit?”

“Well, these ponies-”

“Faggot horses.” He interrupted.

“These faggot horses, have the ability to use magic, the body you found was a clone.” I explained.

“You can clone? Sweet! Now you can literally go fuck yourself!” He grinned.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but laugh from behind me.

“Anyway, I killed the clone and then smashed the house up to make it look like a break-in.” I continued.

You duffed up the house?” He exclaimed.

“I did!” I grinned.

“Now, that would be an interesting tale to tell mother… Her reaction would be legendary!” He teased.

Rainbow Dash was the first one with enough courage to talk to my brother, and came up beside me.

“Look dude, if you keep your trap shut, we’re cool. If you try to tell anyone, I’ll break your jaw.” She growled.

I looked at Rainbow Dash in absolute shock, Oliver on the other hand, laughed.

“I like this one already.”

We seemed to be getting nowhere, so I changed the subject.

“What’s the news at home? How’s mum and stuff?” I asked.

“Home’s fine, you actually did us a favour by dying and having the house smashed up. We had to spend so much money in repairing the house that she couldn’t afford alcohol for weeks and ended up not drinking at all!” My brother happily answered.

“Standard…” I mumbled.

“It gets better…”

I raised an eyebrow.

“So, as you know, Her Ladyship goes to play bingo every Saturday, am I right? Of course I’m right!
Anyway, she took a chance, and threw all her money at a four board game.
The bitch won full house on all of them! She won like, ten times as much money as we had to start with! We’ve been gorging on curries and kebabs ever since! It’s a miracle! You need to die more often!”

I chuckled slightly, my brother was actually rather amusing, it seemed my death had brought luck to the family, they were happier and much better off.

“So anyway, she’s gone on holiday for a while, so it’s just me, myself, and I. Do you and your gayliens want to come in?” He offered, bowing like a humble host.

I looked to my friends and shrugged, Applejack and Rarity nodded in response.

“Very well, we’d love to come in.” I answered.

I tightened the straps on my rucksack and walked towards my brother, who turned around and walked down the garden path beside him, the ponies in tow.

“So, why aren’t you freaked out by the talking ponies exactly?” I asked, awfully curious at my brother’s calmness.

“Because nothing freaks me out, besides they don’t look all that scary. Alright, they’re weird as shit and have big fuck-off anime eyes, but besides that, they’re nothing but talking horses.” He replied.

“And, a talking horse doesn’t bother you, why?” I asked.

“Why should it? I always thought a talking animal would be cool…” He said.

“Right…” I mumbled with confusion.

“Look bro, it’s simple. I just don’t care. They’re weird, but you’re also weird and I put up with you for sixteen years, their species isn’t that big a deal to me, I always knew aliens would visit one day.” He chuckled.

{Of all the people to support species equality…} I thought to myself in amusement.

We came to the house and Oliver opened the back door, before taking another humble bow and beckoning us in with a wave of his arm.

“Please do, come in…” He cooed with a devious grin upon his face.

I came into my old house an instantly familiarised myself with the place again, the kitchen looked exactly the same, minus the microwave. I chuckled as I remembered the day we smashed up the house, when Applejack screamed ‘watermelon’ and head-butted the bloody thing.

“So what do you things eat?” Oliver asked bluntly to Rarity.

“We’re not things, sir, we’re ponies.” She replied.

“Pretty weird looking ones…” He snorted.

“Now, now… There’s no need for rudeness.” Rarity muttered defiantly.

“If you don’t like how I talk, you can go back outside.” Oliver grunted.

“I just mean that-”

“Look white horse thing, I’m offering you food, I’m at least half nice. Do you want food or not?” He interrupted.

“Um, yes, please.” She backed down.

Oliver smiled and went to the fridge, then changed his mind and went to get a bowl.

“I assume you’re veggies, I can make a mean salad…” He told us, puffing his chest out.

“A salad would be lovely, thank you, mister…?”


“Oliver, thank you.” Rarity smiled and dipped her head in respect.

I went to the fridge and passed him the vegetables as he pulled out a chopping board and a knife.

Ooh! Do you have any-”

“No Pinkie, we’re out of cake.” I told her as I closed the fridge door.

“Aw…” She sighed.

“A sweet tooth I see. Give me a tickity boo, I can make cookie dough in like, half an hour.” Oliver grinned.

I raised an eyebrow in confusion. Why was my brother being so… Nice…?

“Do you gals want to head up to my room? I’ll bring the salad up when it’s done.” I told the six.

I looked at Rarity and raised my eyebrows, tilting my head slightly to indicate that I wanted to be alone with my brother for a while, Applejack noticed my gesture as well.

“Let’s go y’all, we’ll leave you two to catch up.” She said fondly.

The group headed upstairs and out of sight, which was when a fist collided with my arm and a blunt pain shot from my shoulder to my wrist, I had forgotten how hard Oliver could punch.

“What was that for?” I growled.

“Twatface... Why didn’t you tell me you were fucking off with a bunch of aliens?” He ordered to know.

“Why do you think? Dumb-arse, you’d have told someone.” I replied angrily.

“Dude, you don’t just fake your death and expect me to deal with it. Fucking arsehole.” He scowled, hitting me in the chest, thankfully not as hard.

“Why do you care? You’ve never given a shit about anything but yourself.” I spat back.

That’s when he grabbed me by my shoulders and took me entirely off-guard.

“Because I love you, you fucking retard! You may be a freak, but you’re still my fucking brother!” He shouted.

I looked at Oliver in disbelief, and it took a good ten seconds for the words to sink in.

“You… Love me?” I asked slowly.

“Yes, you twat.”

“You’re trying to say… You actually have feelings…?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

“So why have you treated me like a dick for the past damn decade?” I asked with my shoulders upraised.

“I was jealous.” He quietly grunted.

I stared at my brother, my facial expression becoming more and more contorted with confusion and shock.

“Look at you… You’re quirky, you’re outside the box, you always look on the bright side, you can sing, and you’re a boxer and a swimmer. You could easily become a comedian if you wanted to. I can’t be any of those things, alright, maybe I could be a boxer, but that’s only because I enjoy violence. I can’t sing, I can’t be all positive like you. You’re too… Well… Good!
And I’m not…
I’m a cynical, hot-headed dude who lives on the darker side of life. I know that, and I ain’t gonna change.
I knew you’d end up being top dog when dad left, so I had to beat you down, I had to stay on top, I had to. But when I found you’d been killed, I… I realised how much you really meant to me…” He explained.

I just continued to stare at my brother with disbelief, he was showing me a side to him that I’d only ever seen when I was young, when everything was all relaxed and happy; when we played PlayStation together and were the closest of brothers, when I was happy at home...
For the first time in forever, I finally understood why my brother was such an egotistical prick.
That was when he took me completely unaware, and hugged me.

“I’m sorry little bro…” He choked.

I hugged him back as tears filled my eyes.

“It’s okay big bro…”

“See what you’ve done? You’re in the house for less than ten minutes and your gayness is already rubbing off on me!” He laughed through his own tears.

The both of us laughed together and sorted ourselves out, respectfully not making eye-contact while the tears were wiped away.

“I’d better do that salad before your pets start complaining.” Oliver chuckled, reaching for the chopping board.

I held his wrist and looked him in the eyes, smiling.

We’ll, do the salad.”



That’s when he slapped me in the face.

“If you ever say anything that gay again, I’ll kill you a second time over, and make sure you stay dead.”

I laughed and took the vegetables.

“I’ll make the salad, you make that cookie dough for Pinkie.” I told him.

“Pinkie? That’s her name?”


“Her parents weren’t very creative, were they?” He chuckled.

The both of us laughed as I made the salad, and Oliver prepared the cookie dough. For once, the both of us were at peace. Which was when another subject came into mind.

“Hey bro?”

“Yes fag?”

“Did anyone talk about me? After I died?”

“Dunno, the Queen Mother didn’t, she just got pissed off about the home damage. I never talked with any of your mates, if you actually had any.” He answered, chuckling.

“Did I get a funeral?” I asked.

Shit! I forgot about that. Yeah, you’ve got a funeral on Friday, it was delayed because nobody could cough up the money for it.” He replied, again, chuckling.

“What day is it today?”

Oliver copied one of my quirks and licked his index finger, before raising it into the air.

“It’s Tuesday.”

“Great whickering stallions… That’s three days from now!” I exclaimed with excitement.

“Yeah, you could turn up at your own funeral!” He joked, laughing.

That’s when we both looked at one another.

“Fuck yeah…” We both said in sync.

Oliver opened my bedroom door for me, as my hands were full with a tray, containing five bowls of salad and one bowl of cookie dough.

“Housekeeping!” I sang in a high pitched, feminine voice as I entered.

I almost dropped the tray when I entered the room.
Everything was gone…
My bed, my shelves, my dressing table, my laptop desk, all of it… Gone…
Nothing remained but my desk chair, the built in wardrobe with all my clothes, and the flat screen TV on the wall.

“Yeah, after you died mum sold a lot of your stuff.” Oliver told me.

I turned to look him with a face of shock and horror.

“They didn’t take my laptop did they?” I asked.

“You’re in luck there, I was allowed to keep some of your stuff, so I have your laptop safe and sound, and your Xbox.” He said to me with a warm smile.

“Thank god…” I sighed and put the tray down.

“Food!” The ponies all cried.

Oliver looked at me with an eyebrow upraised, as though to ask why they were so excited over food.

“We haven’t eaten much in a long time.” I explained to him.


“Food isn’t so easy to find when you’re in a cage.” Rainbow Dash said before face-planting into the bowl.

“What do you mean?”

“We were kinda kidnapped by a psychotic drug lord in Brazil.” I told him.

Oliver looked at me blankly, I rolled my eyes.

“Right, I guess I need to tell you the whole story.” I sighed.

“Ooh, can I tell him!?” Pinkie squeaked.

I looked at Pinkie, and then at Oliver, and then back to Pinkie, and then back to Oliver.

“Yes…” I agreed with a sick smile, “Yes you can…”

“And after Twilight teleported off, Rainbow Dash and Callum started wrestling, and that’s when you showed up and said ‘what-up faggots?’ I don’t know what that means, but I think it’s mean, so you were a big meanie! But anyway, you took us to the house and offered us salad, and I wanted cookie dough!” Pinkie rambled as she stuffed her face with cookie dough.

Buh the way, thus tustes duluchious!” She shouted with her mouth full.

She swallowed.

“And, well, here we are! Two months, been and gone!”

To my sheer amazement, Oliver had been able to withstand a half hour, in-depth explanation of our journey.

“So let me get this straight, you’re going around the world to find pieces of a magic ball?” He asked.

I nodded at him, and he scratched his chin.

“Hang on a second… That means, that was you!” He shouted.

I tilted my head in confusion.

“It was on the news, Brazil’s most wanted criminal, Ingeo Montenegro, massive ass drug lord. There was reported gunfire and shit, the police turned up and found his compound. When they went in, like, everyone was dead. All of Ingeo’s men and a load of people from other countries and stuff.” Oliver told me.

“Did they find Ingeo?”

“Yeah, in a room with a big Russian bloke with-”

“A large fatal torso stab wound?” I interrupted.

“Oh my fucking god… You really were there…” He gasped.

“Aye, but he left me a mark to remember him.” I told him.

I unbuttoned the top of my shirt and showed him the massive scar on my chest, it was still healing and was more of a massive scab than a scar for the time being.

“Bloody hell…” He breathed.

“I was also shot in the leg three times, electrocuted, stabbed, force-fed razor blades, and had a handheld drill through the hand.” I added, showing him the mark on my hand.

“Dude!” Oliver exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’s been quite the adventure.” I said in a merry tone.

“Does your hand still work?”

I wiggled my thumb, index finger, and middle finger, the last two twitched, but didn't fully respond, they still had a few days of healing to do.

“How’d you heal so fast?” He asked.

“Kuphila amanzi!” I sang.

“I beg your fuckin’ what?”

“It’s some healing gel that basically speeds up your healing factor by at least ten times.” I told him.

“Where’s it come from?”

“A rhyming voodoo zebra.”

“What?” He said blankly.

I clicked my fingers, which was when Pinkie assaulted my brother.

She’s an evil enchantress! And she does evil dances! And when you look her in the eye she’ll put you in trances! Then what will she do!? She’ll mix up an evil brew! And gobble you up in a big tasty stew!
Soooo… Watch out!

My friends all laughed as my brother stared at Pinkie in horror, his eyes almost bulging out of their sockets.

“What… The actual f-”

“She’s from their world, and she’s like a witchdoctor and can make many different potions and brews using the plants from the forest she lives in. She made this Kuphila Amanzi for us.” I quickly explained.

“That’s pretty awesome.” He hummed, still weirded out by Pinkie.

I smiled and nodded.

“So, you’re the hero who killed the infamous Ingeo Montenegro…” My brother smirked.

I nodded and let out a grin at being called a hero.

“So what was it like? Killing a man?”

“Traumatic as fuck.”

“You seem alright.”

“It was a month ago.”

“True…” He hummed.

I looked to the others to see they had finished their salads, and Pinkie, her cookie dough. It was then when Oliver grabbed the rucksack still on my back.

“Hey, this is my rucksack you bastard!” He growled.

Watch your profanity.” I said in an extremely high pitched voice.

“Shut your face and give it back, that cost me a lot of money!” He ordered.

“Oliver, if I be so bold to say, that backpack has had its money’s worth with the adventure its been on, there’s no need to be angry at Callum for taking it.” Rarity spoke up.

“It’s my bag, not his, he didn’t ask.” Oliver spat.

“There’s no need to be selfish over it.” Rarity stood her ground.

“My house, my rules.”

“Yours? Or your mother’s?” Rarity retorted.

{Oh snap…} I thought.

“Well, while she’s not here-”

“Do you earn the money for the household? Do you pay the bills and provide the food?” She interrupted.

“I’m looking for a j-”

“I own a house, and run a business. I pay my bills and keep the place tidy, and I don’t treat my little sister the way you treat your brother. Until today, you thought he was dead! I would have thought that backpack would be the very least of your concern.” She snapped.

We all fell entirely silent. Oliver was gobsmacked that someone had actually stood up to him for once, and we were all gobsmacked that there was actually someone with enough guts to stand up to him.

“You know, for a creepy looking talking horse with a penis on your forehead, you have a fair point.”

Oliver turned to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Sorry bro...”

I smiled happily and nudged my brother with a shoulder.

“It’s alright, I know you can’t help it. Being an arse is just in your DNA.” I teased.

“Damn right its in my DNA.” Oliver laughed in agreement.

He then turned to Rarity again, taking on a more hostile approach again.

“You know, besides my mother, you’re the first living creature to ever stand up to me like that.” He barked.

Rarity looked at my brother sternly, clearly nervous, yet valiant. It was then when Oliver bowed.

“I applaud you… Your non-existent balls are bigger than Callum’s.” He complimented.

That was when Applejack and Rainbow Dash burst into laughter, and I looked back at my brother with a frown.

“So, what are you lot going to do while you wait for Twinkie Sparky?” Oliver asked.

{I shall be calling her that from now on…} I thought to myself, chuckling.

“We honestly don’t know, we were going to just camp outside.” Rarity replied.

“Movie night! Movie night!” Pinkie squeaked.

Blu came out from Fluttershy’s mane and sat on Pinkie’s head.

“That’s the first decent thing that’s come out of your mouth! Caark!” He squawked.

“You have a parrot!?” Oliver exclaimed.

“Yeah, Fluttershy found him.” I answered.

“Polly want a cr-”

If you want to keep your eyeballs I’d stop right there!” He screeched.

The entire group burst into laughter as I explained to my brother that Blu hated cracker jokes.

“Fascinating…” He mumbled, scratching his chin.

“Back on track, I think it would be great to watch some movies, I’m very interested in human culture.” Rarity said.

“But please, not another kid’s film…” Rainbow Dash moaned.

That’s when I had an idea.

“Right, how about we put on younger films on in my room, and more mature films in my brother’s room?” I suggested.

“Oh no, I’m not housing these things in my room.” Oliver growled.

“Come on bro, they’ll be good films. Snatch, Pulp Fiction, Hot Fuzz and stuff like that.” I pleaded.

Fine…” He groaned.

“If we do that in the evening, what shall we do for the meanwhile?” Rarity asked.

My brother grinned, a sly smile, as though he had come up with something revolutionary.

“I have just the thing…” He breathed darkly.

Headshot!” Rarity screeched as she got a lucky shot with the Barrett Fifty Cal.

“Damn it! I was only two kills from an AC-One-Thirty!” Oliver barked.

That’s when I hit Rarity in the back with a throwing knife and stole her care package.

Don’t you dare!” She growled.

“Booyah! Chopper gunner!” I cried in delight.

From there, I annihilated the both of them and won the match.
Having spent twenty minutes of teaching Rarity how to play the Xbox, she turned out to be an absolute natural and had come second place in our free-for-all game of Modern Warfare Two, we had played three matches and Rarity had really gotten into it.

“I must say, I hadn’t expected virtual violence to be so… Entertaining!” She giggled.

“I hadn’t expected you of all ponies to enjoy it.” I chuckled.

“Likewise, but there’s just something so satisfying about it.” She hummed, still grinning.

“This is where I hate not having magic.” Rainbow Dash grumbled, wanting a turn.

“Why doesn’t Pearly just sync the controller to your body?” Oliver suggested.

“I beg your pardon?” Rarity asked.

“Well, think about it, your magic connected to the controller is just syncing your mind with the buttons you want to press. Why not do that with her? The controller is wireless to the Xbox, so just make a wireless connection between the controller and her brain as well?” He said.

The room went silent as everyone stared at my brother.

“That’s so crazy it might just work…” Rarity mumbled.

“You often forget that I got an A Star in Science.” Oliver gloated.

Rarity’s horn lit up and my controller glowed slightly, the glow then left the controller like a ball of foggy light and floated to Rainbow Dash and landed on her forehead and was absorbed into her brain.

“Whoa, that feels weird…” She breathed as she rubbed her temples.

“I bonded the spell with the controller’s battery, so your head will be synced with the controller until it’s turned off.” Rarity told her.

“Neat…” She giggled.

I let Rainbow Dash play with Oliver and Rarity and went over to Fluttershy, who was looking at my Derpy Hooves mouse-mat.

“You alright?” I asked her.

“Yes, thank you. I’m just thinking about how we’re famous in this world when we know absolutely nothing about your kind, it’s confusing how our world links with yours, but not the other way around.” She sighed.

I put an arm around the pegasus and smiled.

“You know, you’d be surprised how much our world links with yours…” I told her.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I think it’s time for a history lesson…” I grinned.

“Did someone say history?” Rarity asked, looked over my way.

I looked at her and smiled, and beckoned her over, she stood up and looked back to the screen to find Rainbow Dash had blown her to pieces with a grenade, causing her to snort. Pinkie jumped up and ran over to Rarity.

“I’ll take over!” She squeaked and scooped up the controller with her hooves and stuck it inside her mane.

I sat at my old desk and opened up my laptop, starting it up as Rarity stood beside me.

“If you like history, you’re about to fall in love with me.” I said to her as the laptop’s home screen loaded.

“Do tell?” Rarity said inquisitively.

“Well, Fluttershy was just wondering about how our worlds link, so I was going to show her something remarkable.” I told her.

My laptop was all loaded and good to go, and so I opened up Google Chrome.

“Give me a famous city, or a landmark in Equestria.” I requested.

“Las Pegasus?” Fluttershy suggested.

And so I searched for, ‘Las Vegas’, and went to Wikipedia. I turned around to see Fluttershy’s and Rarity’s eyes light up and stare at the screen in absolute amazement.

“They’re practically the same city; even the architectural designs are similar…” Rarity breathed.

“What about Canterlot?” Fluttershy asked.

I went back to Google and searched for Camelot, the great British castle known for housing the legendary King Arthur, the wielder of the Sword in the Stone
After showing Rarity and Fluttershy a brief history of Camelot, I typed in 'Minas Tirith' from Lord of the Rings, as it was well known that Lauren Faust had based Canterlot on the design of the fictional city.

“Simply spectacular…” Rarity sighed in amazement.

“Our worlds really are linked…” Fluttershy muttered, absolutely star-struck.

I was going to show them more when Oliver called me over.

Callum! Pinkie scares me!” He screamed.

I went over to see Pinkie was at the top of the leaderboard, and was one kill from a Tactical Nuke killstreak.

“How is she doing this? The controller is in her mane for god’s sake!” He wailed, almost crying.

Pinkie just giggled as she made her character bounce up and down, killing all the other players with nothing but semtex grenades and C-Four.

“Party cannon go!” She squeaked and detonated the C-Four, killing Rainbow Dash.

No!” She growled.

The game then announced that Pinkie had earned the Tactical Nuke, and Pinkie’s face lit up with joy.

“Woo! Orbital Friendship Cannon is online!” She squealed and launched the nuke.

Tactical Nuke inbound! It’s all over!” One of the game characters shouted.

Then there was the well-known beeping sound to signify the nuke’s timer; which as I had predicted, Pinkie joined in on.

“Boop Beep! Boop Beep! Boop Beep! Boop Beep!

Game over.

“Dang it…” Rainbow Dash mumbled, pulling the battery out of her controller.

Pinkie pulled her controller out of her mane and looked at us all with a big smile.

“So, movie night?” She innocently asked.

Oliver looked at his watch and hummed.

“Well, it’s nearly six, I can put on some dinner and then we can put them on. Sound good?” He suggested.

We all agreed and went downstairs with Oliver to see what was for dinner, he opened the fridge and removed sour cream, some mushrooms, and the English Mustard, along with a large slab of beef.

“What’s cooking?” I asked curiously.

“For you and I, a nice beef Stroganoff. For the Faggot Horses, Mushroom Stroganoff.” He merrily replied.

He danced around the kitchen collecting herbs and spices and all the other ingredients, I took the rice from the cupboard and helped him out. It didn’t take long for the cooking to begin, as the ponies watched with fascination…

“My, my… This dish is simply divine!” Rarity exclaimed as she swallowed her first bite.

I mumbled in agreement as I munched on my third mouthful, we were all sitting in my room with plates on trays, watching the TV as we did so, by now it was half past six in the evening, and The Simpsons was on.
We ate our food as we enjoyed a good cartoon, and then I offered to clean up the dishes, which Rarity lovingly offered to help as well. After that, we picked out some films to watch and lay them out on my bed.
After a good ten minutes of voting on films, we decided to play Despicable Me in my room for Fluttershy and Pinkie. In Oliver’s room we put on Hot Fuzz for the others.

“If you need me, I’m just in the other room.” I told Fluttershy and Pinkie as I went into my brother’s room.

About halfway into the movie, Rainbow Dash poked my arm.

“Dude, I swear I’ve seen these guys before.” She told me, pointing at Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.

“What? Where?” I asked her.

“Before we went to Brazil, when Twilight used the spell to find the first shard and the police dudes showed up. They looked just like these two!” She said.

I looked at the screen and then tried to jog my memory back, I recalled one being tall and the other being stocky, but I assumed it was just a coincidence.

“Hm, possibly.” I hummed, and went back to watching the film.

When the film finished, we put on Snatch, and The Land Before Time on for the others, which I ended up having to watch, as Fluttershy had burst into tears when Littlefoot’s mother died, Rarity also joined us as Snatch was a bit too offensive for her liking.

“Hey, his name is Spike! Just like our Spike!” Pinkie squeaked.

I chuckled in response and started to properly enjoy the film, forgetting how entertaining kids films could be, especially the more ‘down to earth’ originals.

A few films later, it reached eleven at night and we all started to grow tired.

“Do you mind if we sleep here?” Fluttershy asked.

“By all means!” I smiled.

“I feel like another film to be honest.” Rarity hummed.

“How about you and I watch another film with the others, and then come in here to sleep?” I suggested.

Rarity nodded and we left Pinkie and Fluttershy to settle down.
We came back in to find the others roaring with laughter to Austin Powers, we joined them and had a laugh.
Afterwards we decided to honour the inspiration of Austin Powers and put on Skyfall, needless to say, the ponies were now completely immersed in human culture, as they couldn’t detach their eyes from the screen, completely absorbed in the action, violence, storyline, and emotion behind the characters.

“It’s so sad that M died at the end, I thought she’d survive…” Rainbow Dash sighed.

“I know, she reminded me of Rarity.” Applejack agreed.

“What! You think I’m old and whiny!?” She growled.

Yes!” Oliver and Rainbow Dash answered together, before exchanging a bro-hoof.

I laughed and wrapped an arm around Rarity.

“They’re only teasing m’lady. Come on, let’s head to bed.” I chuckled.

Rarity snorted and got up with me and headed off to my room.

“We’re staying with Oliver, so we’ll see you tomorrow morning dude.” Dash told me before I left.

“Okie doke.” I replied and left my room.

I went into my room with Rarity to find Fluttershy was still awake, but Pinkie was out for the count and was curled up in a little ball on the blankets we had laid out, her tail tucked underneath her like a cushion.

“Good night Callum.” Rarity said fondly, giving me a small hug before curling up on a blanket.

I stripped down to my boxers and lay down on the blanket next to Fluttershy.

“Hey…” She whispered.

“Hey, you okay?” I quietly asked.

“Yeah, just a bit restless.” She replied.


“I just feel a bit low, I’ll be okay tomorrow.” She muttered, practically mouthing to words she was so quiet.

“Want a hug?” I suggested.

“Uhm… Yes please… If that’s okay with you…” She mumbled shyly.

I smiled before crawling over to her and putting my arms over her and giving her a little squeeze.

“Thanks.” She said kindly, nuzzling my chest and almost causing a heart attack.

“S’alright.” I replied happily before rolling over onto my side away from her.

I closed my eyes and was about to drift off when a hoof wrapped itself around me, followed by a wing, I was only just able to contain myself from clutching my chest and having a ‘hnng’ attack.

A good half hour later I still couldn’t sleep, and I was just about to drift off when Fluttershy started mumbling in her sleep.

Hm… Middy…” She breathed.

That was when her hind leg wrapped itself over my waist, and she started dreamily kissing the back of my neck, occasionally mumbling Midnight’s name.

Oh dear god no…” I whispered with a gulp, my eyes wide with sheer terror.

She was having a rather vivid dream, to say the least...

This was going to be a long night…

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