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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a miserable life on Earth. But that is soon to change, as some unexpected visitors will change his life forever.

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Chapter Two: Unexpected Visitors

The others headed back behind the shed, I heard a slight fizzle and looked back, only to find they were completely gone without a trace, almost as though were never there at all.

{Was that all real? Or was I just talking to myself that whole time?} I thought to myself.

There was no sign that they were there, or had ever been there, but, I had felt Rainbow Dash's hoof, and I had felt Twilight's magic, perhaps it was a cloaking spell?

{I'll find out tomorrow.} I thought as I pulled on the back door handle and went into the house.

"And where have you been?" My mother ordered in a stern voice as I closed the door behind me.

By the looks of things, she had been waiting for me the whole time.

"I was putting the chickens to bed, just like you told me to do." I answered sheepishly.

"Then why did you take so long? Took at least twenty minutes."

"I, uh... saw, a fox! A really big fox going for the chickens! Horrid old thing, mangy fur with a thin matted tail, I was just chasing it off." I blatantly lied.

She glared at me, it was like she knew I was lying, but she didn't know how to prove it; she opened her mouth to speak, but clearly had nothing to say, her breath stunk of whisky, Jack Daniels, her favourite.

"Go to bed." She eventually ordered.

"It's only half-past eight."

And once again, I found myself being slapped across the face; it wasn't a hard slap, quite pathetic actually, I swear it was more of an impulsive reaction at this point, like she just subconsciously wanted to lash at out anything that didn't suit her narrative.

"Don't answer back, cocky little boy." She mumbled as she walked off.

She had a really weird obsession with calling me 'boy'; as though it took something away from me, she seemed to enjoy denying me of hearing my own name. I was used to this now, but I still found it hard to think that she can treat her own son like this, the good nature of the ponies had given me a slight reality check; which in retrospect, was rather absurd.
Ponies, literal talking ponies, were giving me a better grasp on reality. Blimey...

{Oh crap,} I thought to myself. {I hope that didn't dispel Twilight's magic.}

I ran to the large glass sliding door which faced the garden, and spoke quietly towards the shed in the distance.

"So, uh, I hope you didn't have to see that. But Twilight, if you can hear me, can you please shine a light or something, to let me know if your spell is still okay?"

After a brief moment of nothing, I was relieved to see a faint amethyst glow at the back of the garden, before disappearing again. I was pretty amazed that the spell had actually worked in the first place.


The mere thought of the word made me wonder once again if this was real life; how could it not be? I'd physically felt Rainbow Dash's hoof, it felt real enough to me, but how? That was the question that was bouncing around my head, how were they here in my world, and why was I chosen, of all people? There were literally thousands of bronies out there, tens of thousands! What made little old me so special?

{I'm sure Twilight will have all the answers, I'll just ask her tomorrow.} I thought to myself.

I went upstairs and turned on my computer.

{Better watch what I do on this now, I have no idea of what they know about the show, or what Celestia has told them.}

It felt rather strange knowing that the six were currently seeing everything that I was seeing, thank goodness I'd not been watching any porn lately, I'd been feeling so depressed lately that I simply wasn't in the mood for such things.
Thanks mental health, I guess?

After half an hour of playing an old video game called Spore (I saw no harm in playing that if the ponies were watching), I got into bed, switched off the light, and closed my eyes, wondering about what tomorrow would bring, and if it could change my life more than I expected...

I woke up early the next day, to a loud banging noise coming from the room next to me, which was my brother's room, probably one of his insane workout routines. I got out of bed, stretched, and got changed into some clean clothes for once, I didn't want Rarity to have an fit. As I went for the door handle, I noticed the banging in the room next to me had stopped, I opened my door and started to walk out when a hand came out of nowhere without warning and slapped me across the face.

"Rise and shine, dick wad."

My older brother's goofy face came around the corner, plastered with a cheesy grin as though he had won an Olympic medal; I didn't understand why he loved inflicting pain upon me, he found it fun, like a game. Growing up, I'd never have taken him for a sociopath, but alas, he became just that.

"You're up early, quite unlike you with your usually depressed state. Are you going over to a friend's house or something? Oh wait, you don't have any friends!" He teased, clearly amused with himself.

"Actually, you woke me up with all the banging and thumping in your room, what the hell were you doing?" I asked.

"Training, duh. You know I'll be joining the Royal Marines next year, I was practising my moves of course, want to partake?"

He clenched his fists and started to box the air, and then threw a punch that missed my nose by mere millimetres, my obvious reaction was to move my head backwards to avoid it.

"Ha, you flinched!"

He threw an incredibly powerful punch into my gut, causing me to bend over in pain and wheeze, now winded. He did this a lot, in what he called 'testing my measure', an activity where he'd attempt to make me flinch, and punish me if I did; I had somewhat grown accustomed to it, but it still hurt a lot.

"What did I ever do to you?" I said whilst trying to hold back tears.

"You were born, princess." he said in a harsh tone.

He then noticed my eyes watering, and let out an irritated groan.

"Really? You're honestly going to cry now? You're such a pussy, it was just a gut-punch, I thought you were a boxer! Seriously bro, I've seen stalks of corn with better durability, I reckon you'd lose a fight against a fucking summer breeze."

I was going to reply, when he pulled his phone out of his pocket and pretended to talk to someone else over a walkie talkie, and threw on a stupid gravelly American accent as though he were some sort of drill Sargent.

"Hello, Corporal? Yeah I've got Private Pussy right here, I thought I'd advise you to keep him far away from strong winds."

I managed to fight back the tears, I sniffed and then looked him in the eye.

"So, when are you pissing off to your friend's house?" I asked him as calmly as I could.

He rolled his eyes and took a stretch, yawning.

"I'm getting the train in a few minutes, why?"

"Just curious." I replied.

Shrugging, he went back into his room and started playing music from his phone, Lose Yourself by Eminem if I wasn't mistaken; despite my dislike for him, he had a decent taste in music.

I headed downstairs and greeted a very happy-to-see-me Chilli, she stood onto her hind legs and pawed at my shins until I squatted down to give her a cuddle. Archer then decided to follow suit, standing up and lumbering over to me in order to give me a friendly dog-kiss, engulfing the right side of my face with his enormous tongue.

"Hello to you too, big boy." I grumbled playfully.

Scratching the deerhound's neck and giving him a few pats, I got up and went to eat breakfast, I went and poured myself some cereal, I sat down in the dining room and began to eat, when I was sure that my brother was still upstairs, I mumbled out loud.

"You still there Twilight?"

Looking up from the table and out of the glass door, I spotted Pinkie Pie's head quickly pop out from behind the shed, and then vanish behind it again. Needless to say, I was now absolutely beaming, I had never felt this kind of joy in all my life, not even on Christmas morning, yesterday it was like a dream, but now I knew for certain that I was awake.
The mane six were real, and they were in my garden.

"I'll take that as a yes." I said aloud, smirking.

Eating as quickly as I could, I finished my cereal and put my bowl in the dishwasher, I then heard footsteps from above me, and then my brother shouting from the top of the stairs.

"Tally ho!"

An earth shattering thud rippled through the house, my brother had been jumping down the stairs since he was about seven, even though it had been strictly forbidden. Alas, Oliver being Oliver, he quite simply didn't give a shit.
To put it in his own words...
'If you can afford hard-wood floors, you can afford to have someone jump on hard-wood floors.'

"How many times have I told you about jumping down those fucking stairs?" Boomed the voice of my now livid mother.

I then heard her footsteps thud on the floor above, I walked into the hallway and threw my arms up.

"Well done Oliver, now you've gone and pissed her off."

An evil, sly, sickly smile crept up onto his face, as though he had just thought of a really good method on how to creatively kill somebody; he looked at me and opened the front door.

"I know, it was my intent, and now she's all yours. Good luck! Later, fucker!"

He jumped out the doorway, took a little bow, and slammed the door shut. I turned around to see my mother standing a matter of centimetres away from me; I could smell her morning breath, a mixture of whiskey, last night's dinner, and most likely the corpse of her previous victim; I couldn't help but wrinkle my nose.

"What have I told you about jumping down the stairs?"

I nervously took a step back, the noise evidently woke her up, as she was far more pissed off than usual, it didn't take a genius to figure out what was going to happen next.

"It was Oliver, I promise."

"Don't lie to me!" She yelled.

She strode towards me with her arm raised; as her hand came down I instinctively put my arm out to block the impact, she grabbed my wrist and with her other hand she whacked me on the side of the head.

"Get off me you crazy old woman!" I yelled back with my hand against my head.

As I backed away she shoved me with both hands, I fell over and my head smacked against the wall, I cried out in pain and dropped to my knees and covered my face to avoid any further abuse.

"Oh grow up, you're not hurt! You wimpy little boy!" My mother shouted.

She sounded like she couldn't care less, but as I looked up at her from the floor and into in the eyes, I could see a very rare occurrence, remorse, it seemed that she actually felt bad for what she'd done for once; without saying a word she stormed upstairs. I got up, and headed into the kitchen to get an ice pack from the fridge to soothe the throbbing pain on my head.

About five or ten minutes later, my mother came back downstairs dressed in some casual clothes (if you can call a poncho casual), instead of her dressing gown.

"I'm going to work, touch any of my drinks and you're out of the house for good."

She wasn't bluffing either, for she had done it before when I was twelve; I had poured all the wine down the sink because I couldn't cope with her drinking anymore. She beat me senseless until I was black and blue, and then kicked me out into the garden, I had to sleep in the shed for several days, Oliver admittedly felt bad and brought me leftovers from dinner after the first night on an empty stomach; it was only when dad came home from a business trip did he realise I had been locked outside, and let me back in; the argument that followed was insane. She'd never apologised for doing it, and I honestly don't think she ever would.

Elisabeth opened the front door, stepped out, and then slammed it shut behind her without saying goodbye, allowing me to let out a loud sigh of relief. Home alone at last, finally I could let the ponies into the house, even though it was only last night when I saw them it seemed like I had been waiting forever; I still wondered if I'd gone crazy or not, this was utterly insane.
While I had confirmation that this was all real, this still didn't feel like true reality, if that made sense. But then again, how could it? There were talking ponies in my garden, it was hardly a conventional Sunday morning.

There was no doubt that Twilight's spell had broke when my head hit the wall, it was a hard knock. I rubbed the side of my still throbbing head, to find a lump had formed there. Although it was hurting like hell, the excitement of formally meeting the ponies helped me to block out the pain, that along with my two year's worth of being a boxer, I had learned how to take a decent beating.
I wanted to make my welcome as warm as possible, especially for Twilight, and headed upstairs to gather some books that could be useful to her, I also tidied my room so Rarity wouldn't make a fuss. When I was finished, I went downstairs and into the garden; I was quivering with excitement, I was absolutely ecstatic. To think, in a only matter of seconds I was going to see, and talk to, the 'mane six', I stood in the middle of the garden and waved both my arms and called out.

"It's all safe, you can come out now!"

I took a safe bet and guessed who would be the first pony to reveal herself, and was right; Pinkie bounced out from behind the shed, squeaking with joy.

"Oh oh, I can't wait to see the inside of an alien's house! I'm so excited, aren't you all excited? Oh my gosh I've never been so excited, well except for that one time when I ate a whole bag of sugar then jumped around the rooftops of Ponyville for an hour, but how can you top that!?"

The next to emerge was Rainbow Dash, followed by Applejack, then Rarity. Fluttershy and Twilight nervously came out together, I could understand why Fluttershy would be nervous, that was her very personality, but something was up with Twilight; I could tell that she didn't trust me, which I could understand, but she seemed afraid, really afraid, I could see it in her eyes from the moment I could look into them. She honestly looked like she had just seen her worst nightmare, something sinister was clearly plaguing her mind, I was desperate to find out, and decided that I'd ask her later.

"Please make yourself at home," I smiled, "just be sure to wipe your hooves on the mat when you come in."

I said it in a jokey way, but I feared what would happen if my mum found hoof prints in the house of all things, I knew what would happen. First she'd go nuts, then she'd ask me how they got there, then I'd be forced to lie, and then she'd gut me alive for the sake of it. By the looks of things the ponies were thinking the same thing.
I headed to the back door and held it open for everyone, wanting to be a hospitable as I could; thankfully none of them noticed my hands shaking. As soon as Pinkie had entered the house she was whizzing back and forward from the lounge to the kitchen squeaking with delight, the others entered in the same order as before.

"Oh such a gentlecolt." Rarity said as she walked past.

I chuckled sympathetically, but I didn't correct her, I'd teach them all the difference in human dialect later when we were more acquainted. Fluttershy looked at me cautiously as she went by, she didn't say anything but she nodded her head to say thanks, I was sure that with time she'd become more relaxed.

"Thank you." Twilight began, taking a single step forward.

At first I thought she had calmed down, until she continued.

"Listen here, you said that you're no threat to us, but I don't trust you, okay? If anything bad happens, you're to blame."

{Blimey, alright then...} I thought to myself.

Well something was certainly up with Twilight, from what I seen in the show, even in the most extreme situations, she had never been that rude. I wanted to ask her upfront what the matter was, but it was clear that I was already on thin ice with her. I guess it will be the same situation with Fluttershy, it would take time to get her to realise she is safe; I just had to keep it cool with Twilight and be a yes-man for her, I don't want any hostility between us.

"Of course, fully understood." I said calmly.

I gave her one of those 'Look, I get it.' kind of faces, so she could be sure that her message had got across; she seemed to find my response adequate and entered the house, and so I shut the door behind us. I headed into the kitchen where the other ponies were patiently waiting.

"You've been out there a long time, you must be hungry. What can I get for you all?"

Pinkie started jumping up and down and asked with an ear piercing volume.

"Oh, food! Food! Do you have any cupcakes?"

Funny enough, I had some chocolate cake in the fridge, I had bought it with my own money as well, so my mother wouldn't go ballistic.

"I don't have any cupcakes, but will chocolate cake do?"

She squealed and jumped up and down with the biggest smile on her face.

"Oh my gosh oh my gosh you have cake! Yes yes yes!"

Applejack rested her hoof on Pinkie's shoulder and calmed her down, then she turned to me.

"Do you have vegetables at all sugar cube?"

Zipping over to the fridge and opening it, I was thankful to find that it was stocked with all sorts of vegetables, (Oliver was fond of salads); sticking to the basics, I took out some carrots and some lettuce.

"Will these do?"

"Why, they'll do just fine, Sugarcube!"

A large smile unintentionally crept onto my face at being called Applejack's favourite pet name of Sugarcube. I chopped up enough carrots and lettuce to make a salad that would feed the five of them, while Pinkie was happy with cake.
After that, I invited them upstairs and into my room so I could ask why they were here, and why Celestia had sent them to me specifically; Rainbow Dash and Applejack were happy sitting on the floor, while the others sat on my bed, I picked up all the books that I had gathered in the corner and handed them to Twilight. I went to my chair by the computer desk and sat down, I decided to be the one to ask the first question.

"So, let's address the elephant in the room, what are you all doing here?"

I wasn't surprised that Twilight didn't answer, for she had planted her head into my 'AQA Science' textbook, studying it with full attention. Interestingly, it was Fluttershy whom responded, although I could barely hear her.

"Well, um... Not too long ago, um... Something from our world, something very, um, important... Well, it came here by mistake, and we're, um, just here to get it back."

The ponies honestly seemed just as confused about the matter as I was; Rarity finally spoke to help clear things up.

"You see, darling, a rather drastic occurrence has befallen our world. Not all that long ago, a precious item came here via a rift in space. Thankfully, Princess Celestia knew it had come here, seeing as we've been here before. Apparently there's a connection between our worlds due to the event prior. So, the item we're looking for is extremely important, it was made by the Titans themselves!"

"Hang on a second," I interrupted, "did you just say you've been here before?"

The white unicorn looked at the floor, thinking hard on the matter.

"Well, yes... It supposedly happened a few months ago... According to Princess Celestia, we came here once, only for an hour or so, and then we returned. The only reason I say 'supposedly' is because we actually can't remember a thing from the event, the Princess removed the memory from our minds. She told us that it was very important that we didn't remember what happened, as it could potentially cause some irreversible damages."

{Ho...ly... Crap...} I thought to myself, almost muttering it aloud.

I cast my mind back to yesterday, when Rainbow Dash alone had expressed such a great look of perplexity and curiosity towards me; a faint shiver rippled through my body as their previous reason for being here dawned upon me.
Dashie spoke next, whom only confirmed my theory.

"It's weird, since we started watching you, I've definitely been getting that feeling like I've been here before. There's something about all this human stuff that I feel used to. Honestly, it kind of feels like I could have been living in a human house for years or something."

There was no 'or something' about it, I knew exactly where her Déjà vu came from.
Still bearing the same intense expression from yesterday, the cyan pegasus looked at me, and I could see the whole story behind her puzzled eyes. All of it, gone from her mind; my eyes grew misty, as they always did when I read 'My Little Dashie' by Rob Cakeran...

{This can't be... How could a fan-fiction be real?}

Such a thought was utterly absurd, and yet it seemed to be the most logical answer. I began to feel somewhat dizzy, I was completely unprepared for yet another layer to this already crazy and complex turn of events, I was losing touch with reality.

"You okay there, Sugarcube? You're going a bit pale." Applejack said.

Breathing in deeply and coming back to my senses, I blinked rapidly and sighed.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just processing all this. Please Rarity, go on, you said something about Titans?"

Nodding, the unicorn continued.

"Yes, there were once six grand beings, called the Holy Titans of Harmony. It was these Titans who created our world, Equus. To keep their creation safe from all things dark, the Titans created an orb from a rare and unbreakable crystalline material known as titanstone, the orb's purpose was to generate a field around the planet which prevent all foreign entities from coming into contact with us, therefore protecting it from evil."

As I processed this new information, I silently studied the ponies and the expressions they wore; I still didn't understand why Celestia had sent them to me in the first place, I wished that I could ask her directly.
Gosh, just to personally lay eyes upon the Princess of the Sun herself, I'd do anything to have such an honour; that's finally when the thought hit me.

{What if I could go back to Equestria with the six?}

The thought was instantly shot down however, as I remembered what Celestia had said to the writer in My Little Dashie...

'He cannot join you in our world much like how you cannot stay in his.'

It would never have been allowed, it was not my place; the girls had simply come here to retrieve something important, and then return back home. Still, even if I couldn't go to Equestria with them, I would still help them, there was nothing for me here, I'd been miserably wasting away for years now with no aspirations other than to do something decent with my life before dying at a young age.
This was my chance, this was my 'something decent'.

"So, I'm guessing you want my help finding it?" I asked.

"Pretty much." Twilight replied, who had her head into yet another book.

As I looked from pony to pony, I noticed that Rarity was currently staring at my shoes with interest; after staring at them for a good few seconds, she looked up to face me.

"I do hope you don't mind me asking, but what's the purpose of those things attached to your paws?"

I couldn't help but laugh in a friendly manner, I still needed to teach them about the subtle difference in language between Earth and Equus; but before I could answer, Twilight spoke on my behalf.

"They are called shoes, and he doesn't have paws, humans have feet."

It began to bug me that Twilight was so on edge, but the real issue was the question of why? I had to get to the bottom of it soon, as I didn't want to start things off on bad terms, but for now I just had to be polite as possible to gain her trust.

"You're absolutely right, Twilight." I said warmly.

I went on to explain that human feet were rather sensitive in comparison to hooves, and often required footwear to protect them during excursions outside one's own home.

"My, how interesting!" Rarity exclaimed, prodding my shoe.

Chuckling, I decided to broaden subject, in hopes to generate some familiarity between us.

"So, is there anything else you'd like to know about humans? Those books leave out quite a lot."

Yet again, Rarity was the first to ask, she seemed far more inquisitive about this world than the others.

"What kind of education system do you have here?"

And so, I explained to them how schools work in England, I touched on all areas, from the social elements to the actual subjects such as maths, science and so on. We eventually got to exchanging troves of culture as the girls drew comparisons to their own education, and I ended up learning just as much about Equestrian schools and they did about English ones.
I noticed that Twilight wasn't reading anymore, she had been listening to me instead.

"Anything you'd like to know Twilight?" I asked.

"No, these books will do."

All the others stared in awe at Twilight's brusqueness, everyone had clocked on to her attitude at this point and knew it was uncalled for; Twilight looked around and quickly noticed the judgement from her friends, and faced me once more with an evidently fake smile.

"But thank you for the offer." She quietly spoke, going back to reading.

Everyone looked back to me, waiting to see my reaction to Twilight's behaviour; alas, I didn't want any conflict between us and so I simply ignored her attitude.

"Alright then, anyone else?"

Looking to one another and shrugging, they couldn't think of any further questions off the bat. Feeling like I'd perhaps put them on the spot a bit too much, I thought I'd ask one myself.

"How are we going to find this orb?"

Unsurprisingly, Twilight looked back up from her book to answer me. I quickly sussed out that when it came to the task at hand, about this orb, her behaviour was much more relaxed and civil, she very clearly wanted the job done.

"It's not so simple, when it entered your dimension, it broke into six pieces and scattered around the planet; that's why Princess Celestia sent us to you, she believes that you can help us navigate, and to keep us from danger."

"Across the whole planet?" I said in disbelief.

Twilight simply nodded and then went back to reading; I had to speak with her alone and find out why she was so tense, perhaps after we set off to find the orb.

"So, when do we move out?" I asked.

"Whenever you're ready I s'pose." Applejack replied.

That made me think...

{I could just leave, I could get away from this place right now, and see the whole world.}

I shivered with excitement, while I wasn't a religious person, it was hard not to consider this my true calling. But I couldn't just leave, not without anyone knowing. No matter how horrible my family were, I didn't want them to worry about where I had gone; I didn't care so much about my mother, but Oliver deserved better than that.
And what if my father miraculously came home after all these years? What if I never saw him again?

"What about my family?" I asked.

Rainbow Dash's jaw nearly hit the floor, she stared at me with disbelief.

"Seriously? Look at how they treat you! We've all seen how that dude bullies you, and how your mother abuses you, it was only this morning when she shoved your head into a damn wall, seriously just ditch them dude!"

Now that Rainbow Dash had brought it into mind, my head started throbbing again; Rarity noticed as I went to lightly rub the bump which was emitting a searing pain.

"Darling, let me take a look at that." She said with a sympathetic tone.

"It's fine, really."

"Nonsense, I can clearly see that you're in pain, now come here."

I didn't want anyone to make a fuss about it, but from the moment she got up off my bed and came towards me, I knew I had no choice in the matter. She gently combed over my head with a hoof, and I couldn't help but flinch as it touched the pulsating lump, Rarity gasped as she saw it.

"Still think it's fine? Darling, it looks like an egg has embedded itself into your head."

"How do you still care about them?" Rainbow Dash asked.

It was Applejack to speak up next, whom actually defended my concern.

"Rainbow, this is his family you're talking about here. He loves them, no matter how nasty they can be."

Turning to me, she continued.

"I can understand why you'd not want 'em worrying about you, not knowing what's become of you, right Sugarcube?"

Nodding, it was nice to know at least one of them got it. I couldn't stand my family, but I didn't want them forever wondering where I'd gone; my dad had already disappeared, and it was unfair for Oliver to deal with that again.

"So what? You're going to tell them you're going on an adventure or something?" Dashie said.

That's when a crazy idea popped up in my head.

"I'm not sure... I guess we could... Fake my death or something?" I suggested.

Needless to say, everyone was caught off guard; Fluttershy whimpered at the word death and buried her head into her hooves, Pinkie's mane somewhat deflated slightly, and Twilight's book hit the ground. The ponies were clearly touched by the word, but if they are going to travel around this planet with me, they would have to get used to it.
After a small awkward silence and the ponies looking at one another with uncertainty, Applejack spoke up.

"Sugarcube, are you sure you want to do that?"

After some hesitation, I nodded, and she blinked rapidly to disperse the tears in her eyes, hoping that I hadn't seen them, which I had. Something had hit her hard when I said 'death', more so than the others.

"But, just think of how they'll feel... When they find out you're dea-"

I put my hand on the orange mare's shoulder, cutting her off.

"Applejack, I honestly think it's for the best. I would rather they believe I'm dead and move on, rather than worry constantly about where I am and if I'm okay or not. Trust me, I believe this is the right thing to do."

She sniffed.

"Okay... If that's what you have to do. Then do it..."

She was hurting, I could see it in her eyes. Examining her expression, I raised my eyebrows with concern.

"Are you okay, Applejack?"

"Yeah, it's fine."

Looking up at all the others, I could tell the subject had created an awkward ripple through the group; I needed to change the subject, and fast.

"Look, we're not in any rush, my mum's gone all day so we've got a good twelve hours at least to make a decision, so let's just focus on something else for now, ey?"

That's when Twilight finally spoke without such a moody attitude.

"I agree, it would be nice to learn more about you and your culture before we move out."

With a wide smile, I dipped my head and relaxed.

"Absolutely, if we're going to be spending a lot of time together, it'd be good if we actually knew one another on a more personal basis. Is there anything you specifically had in mind?"

"Actually, yes, could we watch a 'Three-D' movie? I've just read up on them, and how humans can create movies with nothing but digitally generated content, and human voice actors to portray the characters."

"That sounds amazing!" Pinkie yelled.

Rainbow Dash joined in, "Yeah, that seems pretty cool."

The other ponies nodded in agreement, so I searched through my collection of films for a decent one to watch, keeping in mind that I would have to make a boundary for the content, I didn't want to expose Fluttershy and Pinkie to anything too violent or scary.
I scanned through my abundantly stocked library of films, and after a good five minutes, I still couldn't find anything that I considered suitable for them; that's when Pinkie Pie jumped up and down holding a film case in her hooves.

"Hey, what about this one?"

I rolled my eyes, as I'd now be watching the same film for the seventh time...

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