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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.


How do you tell King Sombra, the most feared King in all of Equestria, that he has NOT been ruling the Crystal Empire his entire reign, but instead a race of pan-galactic, hyper-intelligent beings running a 10 million year program on the planet have? Worse, how do you follow that up with the news that this is all in pursuit of discovering the question to the answer of Life, the Universe and Everything?

Very, VERY carefully.

An insane cross-over with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Chapters (3)
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Naturally I giggled like the dirty minded person I am at that suggestive conversation! :rainbowkiss:

Poor Nyxie...Sombry is gonna blow a gasket in 3..2...1...

Comment posted by Hail King Sombra deleted Apr 1st, 2016

My initial reaction to the description:
What? No. No way. Someone actually did it. Why did someone did it? Will this be any good? There's no way this can measure to the original.
Reading soon, as soon as I can find my frooping towel.

Don't worry about the mice, Sombra. They're mostly harmless.

Mmmmm, King Sombra and Nix in a crossover with the Hitchhikes through the Galaxy is interesting idea, their seem to be little sadism in this story for my tastes, but it could work depending on how you pull it off. I think that you could do a lot of things with this, but it would be a shame to see Equus destroyed. I will be looking forward to see more of this story soon.

At least the mice didn't ask for Sombra's brain, saying he wasn't using it anyway. Then they really would have been in trouble.

Will Iron Blade get use to being pulled into a vortex?

Will Nyx give the mice back their data pad before the end of the fiscal quater?

Will Tight Planner be served up for dinner in a white wine sauce?

Will the question of the question be answered by the answer?

Will the writer stop reading these posts and get on with it!?

Iron Blade hears a Who? Was there a disturbance in the time vortex? Did Eddy hear it? Eddy's in the time vortex, right?

“We would like our datapad back, please. Then we’ll be on our way and you can get back to your droll little existences pretending you rule the Crystal Empire...if that’s what makes you feel better to believe, of course.”

0.5 seconds later came the sensation they were utterly BONED. RIP space mice! :pinkiecrazy:

“Shit! Where did he go?!” One yelled, looking wildly around the room. The pairs beady little eyes came to rest on the only pony left in the room.

Iron Blade.

The BONING continues! XD

Just realised that sounds like a euphamism....Quota met. :raritywink:

Blade caught a peculiar sound from just the other side of the door to the war room. Peculiar, but he knew exactly what it mean Nyx and King Sombra were up to

The Horizontal Tango, roll in the hay, bedroom athletics, horizontal jogging...BONKING. There, think i got that out of my system. :trollestia: Dont ask where i learnt these.

“You’ve outdone yourself, Au Gratin!” Commander Iron Blade beamed, letting out a mighty belch.

Ah, a pony after my own hear-BURRRP. :scootangel: Yup.

Love this story~ is made of awesome!

...Four-legged Frolic. OK, im finished, honest!

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