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I'm just here to write.


This story is a sequel to Human

After a particularly chaotic day, a bunch of weirdos get together to talk about how everything sucks.

Caution: Will definitely not make sense to new and unfamiliar readers. Adjust expectations accordingly.

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Comment posted by brony01 deleted Aug 25th, 2016

I been waiting fot this. And I am not dissapointed, but I want more. I will certainly be looking forward to Something Cosmic and King Machine. I hope tons of references to this group of deviant ponies!!

Sliske fans may also want to follow Something Cosmic,

You have my rapt attention. Also sweet name choice.

Editing was done by my good friend, Posh.

Danny's promised to reimburse me for the alcohol I consumed while trying to self-medicate after learning of his perverse and deeply disturbing set-up for Human, a story whose depravity I never fully appreciated until I learned of the madness of Explodey McGee.

7512746 all the shit in Human and it was Explodey McGee that raised your eyebrows?

Well, that's certainly one way to end it :rainbowlaugh:
So much meta. Universe got rebooted, timelines got smushed, stupid shit happened and this story is the result. And it was still fun. Good job!

7512746 You should ask him about the emotional roller coaster that is the afterlife arch. You'll need two bottles, and he'd steal one.

7512879 Everything I knew about Human going into editing this came from Danny pasting excerpts without context into Skype chats. The only thing I knew to prepare for was that I wouldn't know what to prepare for.

So, yes, a sludge monster having three-way shape-shifting pony sex came as some surprise to me.

7513731 Well then the full story of Human will blow your brainpan wide the fuck open.

This story is a pile of shit. 10/10

This is exactly the kind of stuff that I love in a story, a sense of depth. this world that you've been creating is one of the best "verses" ive seen on this site. You deserve all the Attention you get, and more.

So, uh, hi, uhm...

I'm not normally a fan of "grimdark as F***, with a sideorder of OH GOD WHY and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH , MY EYES! MY EYES!!!!! , CAN'T UNSEE!! on a sandwhich".

That said, "Human" was the single most well-realized fourth wall meta-story I had encountered at that time, and even now the competition remains sparse.

...With these two factors being completely at odds with each other (seriously, one scene in the story made me physically ill to read, I am not joking), there came a point in the story when the cons simply outweighed the pros and I had to stop reading on.
(It was the scene, where Second eats the roasted corpse of one of his own pegasus-guards, and tricks another pony into trying it too, on the pretense that it is "just chicken". Just... :pinkiesick:)

In "Human", there were two last remaining "shimmers of hope";

1) That there was a genuine, seemingly good afterlife, so no one actually died --- and then they started discussing a military takeover of the afterlife. :ajbemused:
2) And, that the mane six were mercifully left out of this horrible mess. ...And then the mane six showed up. Gaaaah. :twilightoops: At reader-request, no less. :facehoof:

I managed to read up to the point, where Spike reunites with the mane six on Mount Celestia, and that's where I ended it mid-chapter, on a high-note.

ALL of that being said......

Would I understand what's going on in this or the other sequels? What's the level of "grimdark as F́͏͢͏̧̬̙̼̟̳͇̺̣ͅͅÜ̷̴̧̢̦͎̟̘͈Q̶̷̯͇͈̩̹̩̤̺̮̯̯̟̹͕͜͞͞ͅK̸̦̪͖͎̤̮̮̯̹̯̱͚͠" here and in those? I don't even see a "dark"-tag for this one, which gives me some hope. :unsuresweetie:

I... guess I can't shake being morbidly curious. Emphasize on "morbid". :twilightoops:

I don't care about spoilers for "Human" either, I really don't plan to read the rest of it. It's a weird "love/hate" thing. :derpyderp2: I am definitely not the target-audience. :rainbowderp:

(I've already seen a comment stating that the entire thing ends with theentire universe exploding and everybody dying, and then the universe resets and everybody un-dies and everything un-happens. Eh. I'm not surprised, though I was more expecting a giant Pacman to eat the sun. Or a galaxy-sized rubber duck to annihilate the solar-system. It wouldn't even have raised an eyebrow by that point anymore. When a dream sequence about ponies fighting giant mecha-clones of Adolf Hitler is less crazy then what's going on in the waking world, then.... then... I don't even. :trollestia: )


Ah, yes, the Private Blackpepper scene. Good times. I'd apologise for all the edginess, but in truth, pitch-black comedy was the intended style; the real problem was that I didn't give a better indication early on of what kind of story you were in for, so that you could've quit a lot sooner and saved yourself the effort. It only got worse from the point where you stopped.

For your first question, yeah, I think you'd understand it just fine. The main things that a reader would have to know going into the story is who the main characters are. There's a bit with Soft Spoken that may surprise you if you really didn't reach the last chapters, but I don't think it'll leave you confused; it was foreshadowed before the reveal, and it isn't much crazier than anything else that happened in the story. As to your second, yes, this story doesn't have a dark tag, and it doesn't have that level of grimdark edginess that Human is known for. That said, I can't guarantee that it won't still disgust you anyway, because it still gets pretty vulgar at points. But I guess that's up to you to see.

Edit: Actually, there is one joke about a cat that's pretty dark. It's short, but it might get you.

I honestly considered completely revising Human and posting it on this site, but if there are going to be more side stories from the official author, I probably won't.

I'm not even a great writer, so that's probably a good thing.

This story is a sequel to Human
Caution: Will definitely not make sense to new and unfamiliar readers. Adjust expectations accordingly.



You know, it sounds stupid saying it but...

i actually like Iron Hoof.


Hands down, the third-best character I've ever written, right after Ian West from Wanderer's Diary and Fishstink the hobo from Dragonfall.

The best moment of his character was that one time when he voiced an opinion, that was great.


I liked the part where he died.

To be fair, what other character can boast that their body was the vessel for a pantheon of gods and was used to destroy the afterlife? thats kind of like an accomplishment.


It's out of context statements like that which make me truly appreciate just what I have done.

The entire story is an out of context statement.

This entire website consists of out of contexts statements.

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