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We are the company that makes everything. If a product exists, we made it. we started small, but now we are big. Our mission: to bring to pass the ideal timeline for all universes.


The Dazzlings… Ancient creatures supposedly from Equestria, banished to another world, then brought low through devastating defeat. That’s all the library at Canterlot says about them, but how much do you really know about Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk, and Adagio Dazzle? What if they weren’t created by Star Swirl the Bearded as is the popular belief? What if they weren’t from Equestria at all? And what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if we added some more characters? Hmm… Let’s see… Of course, the Rainbooms, but then… A courageous hero, sword, shield, yadda yadda yadda, that would show these sirens the way of good. Yes, that will do quite nicely. A villain, a terrible demon, to provide a challenge. And then… Ah, yes. A devil-may-care scoundrel, to bring them all together. And also… Yes, YES, YES!!!!! We include everyone. Not just My Little Pony, not just two fandoms, but EVERYONE. Let’s do all of this, and SEE! WHAT! HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, this story is different from most stories, starting at the beginning of the hero’s journey in a new Infiniverse, but his story starts off with him facing against an opponent stronger than any other our Protagonist has faced, He won’t be coming out of this one with just a single hit loss. It’ll be dangerous and possibly deadly.

He’s Sword and I’m D30!

And we both welcome you to Geeks of the Round Table: The Dark Invasion!

Bold text is the Super Smash Bros announcer

All things used belong to their owners

Rated T because you can see the individual threads in Mario's overalls

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 31 )

Why isn't there a Dazzlings tag?

D30's reply: They're coming. I just need to get some exposition stuff out of the way. I have an oc hero, villain, and scoundrel that I need to explain who they are. I tried writing a version that started with the dazzlings but it didn't work because no one would know who Daphnes and Serif are or who Darkness is and what's his deal. Give me 15 chapters (I've written ten) and there will be dazzlings

Sword's reply: We put a bunch of tags early so we wouldn't have to worry about them, but we need to add some tags anyway so thanks for bringing that to our attention

“SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!!!” The voice came from one of the bridge windows that led to mini-dimensions. This one led to a lime green room with Snoop Dogg in it perpetually doing the tidy and singing.

So many memes

So are we doing Gamer Luna?

Whis, remember that time you said you would do me a favor?...

Dragon Ball Z?!

3!!! 2!!! 1, GO!!!!!

MLP for Smash? :raritystarry:

Subspace Emissary was the best. I will never accept World of Light. BRING BACK SSE!:flutterrage:

You're talking about Geek Club by GeekClubProductions, yes? Well, then I won't have to worry because I read the version you two have on Wattpad without reading GC and I understood what went down perfectly. (Also, don't read Geek Club. it sucks.)

Also I think the Wattpad version's dead.

Sword's reply: Not yet, look at the Wattpad version, it's not dead, and we have ourselves the storyline back once more.

D30's reply: Wait, Sword, you have an alternate account? I need to get one to talk to the viewers so I can stop writing D30

And the Skeletons- This D30 guy must be a die-hard memer. I just hope that Big Chungus won't somehow get involved

This is different from the Wattpad... I like it.

Are you kidding? Geek Club DIPSHITS!:flutterrage: They take a near-perfect heroic character and make him a villain HOW IS THAT NOT SHIT?:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

How long did the SSE (I think that's what you're trying to do:unsuresweetie:) take to type?

D30 to Crono: I don't wanna talk about it:pinkiesick: And yes, that's what it is

Sword's Reply: Indeed, I did. And no worries, I'm not touching this version at all. This is yours to type down, I'm going with wattpad.

This story is pretty peculiar

D30: Basically I tried to redeem my fav villains from MLP but when I ran it by Sword (Who knows the characters better than I do) we found that they all involved stuff from other fandoms. So we went for broke and decided to make FIMFiction Super Smash Bros.

Now I'm off to see yours

oh, and fasten your seat belt cuz it only gets crazier from here.

Comment posted by Link2019 deleted May 15th

I just found out that some of the media I had was removed by youtube. It would help if you told me where.

what is the geek club?

D30: So basically a bunch of geeks in high school discovered they could use the powers and take the forms of what they were fans of. e=Each was an ordinary human in "the real world" until they found this power and took on a new name and form. Ryton was Doctor Who. Daphnes was Legend of Zelda. These "Geek Lords" banded together to keep this power out of the wrong hands. Daphnes was exiled from their number because he was too dangerous. The Geek Club were going to send him to a world where fandoms were just fandoms and had no power so he could learn to live in reality, but they accidently sent him to a world where fandoms are reality (Fangea):twilightoops:.

Technically in the Geek Club story, if you read it on wattpad, Nick Wilson (Lord of Harry Potter) actually gave Delta the coordinates to Fangea.

Doesn't stop him from being an absolute dipshit

Nick technically was a good friend, Daphnes was just too stubborn to accept his help. Don't you think you thank Potterlord for giving Delta to Daphnes, considering Delta is a good friend and set the coordinates to Fangea, which Nick gave to him?

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