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This story is a sequel to Prances with Ponies

In a follow up to the best-selling fiction novel, "Prances with Ponies: Stumbling into Paradise," Kevin Costern brings us a new story that weaves biology and sociology with the powerful narratives of personal tragedy, betrayal, and intrigue, by using imagination and detail in a way that grabs readers' attentions from the first page. Inspirational and heartwarming, this latest addition to his travels through "Equestria", the magical land populated by ponies, is akin to classic tales, while being as much a commentary on our own lives and society as it is about coping with the loss of his brother, Liam, ten years ago.

A journey of self-discovery, uncovering the mystery of a brother's disappearance, and a fascinating look at the attributes and qualities that we humans think make us a "unique" life form, be sure to pick up Kevin Costern's "Kindness" available in all bookstores, today!

*Edit (7/22/2014): Currently being rewritten. If you have been waiting for an update, please read this*.

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Fainting goat :fluttershbad:

I.... didn't like this. I feel like you ruined such a heartwarming moment. :fluttershbad:

Still happy theres a sequel :pinkiehappy:

Much better than the Epilogue! Let the shenanigans ensue!!! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:

Huzzah! The fun has been doubled!

"best-selling fiction novel"? lolwat?
You should put a disclaimer somewhere that if people liked the way that the other one ended then they might not want to read this one. I've read a couple stories that that happened to and walked away disappointed. But there is no way in hell that I am not reading this. <3 your stories.

Loved chapter 1! I hope I like his girlfriend's personality. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, so part of this was what we were seeing in the epilogue, nice work. :pinkiehappy:

Very nice, but now I want to know what he's wrote more than Twilight!!!

Huzzah, one of my favorite sets of HIE stories!
949195 I think his book was just the preceeding story to this one, Prances With Ponies.

Awwwww I'm sad that he has a girlfriend :( Great opener though. I just like it when there's just one human who befriends teh ponies :)

I came seeking Kevin Costner. This was not it.

but i thought this got cancelled

You could say that this fic is now...


Here's my Ode to you...

Eeesh, that's a line crossed, and no mistake...

I suppose I came in here at just the right time, then; a six month wait might have killed me :rainbowlaugh:

2847506 my mind cant handle puns of this magnitude

I don't fully understand the idea that humans simply "do not belong". Putting aside the disappearances of the students... that actually is not that hard. If they state their intent to leave to their loved ones and do not hold a traceable taxable income what then would seriously bring attention to them that isn't a long shot? People do this all the time. To tell the truth they do not belong anywhere really if you think about it. Unless you are referring to the idea that the humans will be too disruptive or something to Equestria? Or is it the fact that the ponies are already there? Is it a fear of some sort of manifest destiny or exploitation? All of these are possibilities I suppose. Just as most of the serious villains in the canon story did some really nasty things.

What I think does bother me about this stance is the idea that the ponies and other creatures or Equestria do not have a say really in the opinions of the matter. As if they are not able to make that decision for themselves. If anything judging from the prior reactions of the ponies I would say that the humans being there is not really trouble at all. At least not yet.

Or is this just a facet of his fear that his brother is no longer with him?

Otherwise I am liking the story.

Kevin sure likes to White Knight all over the place


Never got the chance, well, she did but there was quite a language barrier to deal with. And now years later...? I guess she could be more eloquent in her reasoning with Kevin but I can see your wondering why it's not eating at Twilight that she nearly killed him with a crippling blow to the leg and a mild concussion. In a way, she was almost part of Equestria's first homicide way back then.

After all was said and done, Twilight sat down on her haunches, still confused, but relieved that she wouldn't be an accessory to Equestria's first homicide. She the chided herself for letting her mind jump to such an extreme conclusion and walked back to the table to take a drink of tea to calm herself down.

:twilightsheepish: Pff, been there, done that.
:trollestia: What?!?
:twilightsheepish: Oh! Ah, it was perfectly justifiable. Heh heh, eh... yeah...

Dammit, now I hunger for an update...

>Browsing through fics
>See a familiar author's name
>Oh hey cool a sequel to Prances With Ponies
>Reads to catch up
>Last updated in July
>Status: on hiatus
(Am I doing it right?)


Excellent sequel so far. Can't wait to see more of it, hiatus or not.


Pretty sure Kevin's just thinking back on history and how well it goes for the natives when modern humans show up; like it did for the Incans (Oh, sorry, I have a cold), American Indians (I claim your land because I have a flag and you don't, so there), and several Amazon Tribes in the way of lumber companies clear-cutting acres of old rainforest as fast as they can.

Also, because there's no fixed gateway, it makes regulating the flow between worlds all the harder. I mean, short of putting a huge wall around the Everfree, and/or making nastier monsters, more humans are going to show up. It's wishful thinking that the new arrivals will be bronies or not thinking how to exploit an entire new world of untapped resources. Just the idea that gold and big fat gems are common as dirt would get a few prospectors sniffing around (and damned the effect on crashing the gold and precious stone market, heh).

I suppose a bunch of signs could be posted around the Everfree in a few languages with directions to the nearest Human Visitor Center Embassy... along with a subtle (or not) warning about being on your best behavior as you're representing humanity in a foreign land.

As you've pointed out there's a myriad reasons why it's been taking me a few months of self-debating whether to continue this as is or doing some major overhauls.


Well, as they say, you built your own muffin, now you gotta eat it.


Derpy?! :derpytongue2:

How did you find out about my flag!!!? It is true. I worked so hard on it.:applecry:

I would have been such a kind ruler..... well. I wouldn't have been the best ruler but just that weirdo. At least I would have been mostly harmless with a pretty weak flag.

In all honesty if such a situation existed I would go travel and see what's happening. Sounds fun at least. Do the whole exchange of ideas thing and meet people. Just without patent and copyright laws in the way as much. (I know they would probably have those but you don't know the law until you look.... especially any loop hole inbetween that system and yours.). Meh. Still sounds fun. Sometimes the profit is just the experience and what lesson you take from it.


This actually updated? Well, I'll be.

I haven't read any of it, and don't intend to until it's completed (as I'm still less than confident it ever will be, especially since it's still marked On Hiatus), but I did like Prances with Ponies, so I've been keeping an eye on it.

No, I'm editing a lot of it before uploading the new chap.

4734229 What parts have you editted?^^

Need to edit 5 chapters before adding the new chap :applejackunsure:

A human in equestria story with an actual human girlfriend? Yes! I finally caught up with the story and i gotta say i love it, please, do continue.

Same difference, I'm just happy to see it's making progress.

To this Twilight leaned close to Fluttershy and nuzzled her friend reassuringly. "Oh, Fluttershy, nothing's going to go wrong. That kind of thing only happens in fictional stories to add tension and drama! Nothing will happen that we can't laugh about it later."

DOOMED! Dooooooooooomed! :twilightoops:

When will Twilight ever learn? :facehoof:

I fully expect at least one pony tail on fire, possibly a princess' tail (somehow), and a squirrel attached like an alien facehugger upon Kevin's girlishly screaming face before the Gala is over.

4736153 I also foresee Blueblood being a jerk to Fiona and getting punched. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part... :twilightsheepish:


Assaulting royalty? Er, what's the worst that could happen?


If Celestia can't just give a pardon, she might be able to swing a 'house arrest' in an effort to keep up good relations with Earth. The more logical result would be banishment from Equestria but that means Kevin would also tend to want to leave as well and that would defeat the purpose of the story.

4751737 She's the head mare in Equestria, for all intents and purposes (I doubt that Luna will second guess her, IMO) so if she can do what she wants. That spans the spectrum from Pardon, to execution.

I recall the situation coming up before and being explained away that Celestia going against the will of the people (ponies) is difficult for her; mainly in a bad precedent kind of way. Yes, she is the supreme leader in what amounts to a duo-dictatorship but she is also constantly portrayed as a loving mother figure who will follow what her little ponies want, to a degree. And besides, in modern pony society, I doubt they would consider the option for execution. Banishment would be about as severe a penalty as they could come up with. Still, I bet they wouldn't think forced transmogrification would be as terrible as we would-- forced to live as a pony for X amount of time "so they may learn the error of their ways".

I'm pretty sure the unicorns can get real creative with magic when doling out the punishments. As a member of a species that has no defense against even a foal, that is a little terrifying.


Ok...this has strayed far enough from commenting on this fic. Please take it to PMs, peeps. Don't even apologize. Just...please don't unnecessarily raise the comment count, k? Danke.

I must say... I love your new avi. :pinkiehappy:

fluttershy seems agitated by fionas presence. could there be a love triangle in the works here?

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