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Coverart edited version of ranban's Two Friend

What does it mean to be a unicorn? To have spells that create fire, and have light at one's beck and call? The ability to conjure illusions, and grasp and throw objects with just a thought?

There is a point in every unicorn's life when they must decide whether to live with magic as a mundane thing, a simple tool, or to steep themselves in the higher learnings that is their birthright.

For three young mares that have been chosen to be taught by Princess Celestia, herself, their studies have only just begun.

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Oh, I can see the shenanigans stirring up with this one. I'll be keeping track of it and am looking forward to how all three of these ponies deal with each other.

Till then!

THREE students? Celestia may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Pretty good so far. I'm curious to see where you take this.

Is Sunset adopted? :rainbowderp:

Not sure if this counts as a prologue.

Either way, it'll be interesting how the events of the Summer Sun Celebration will go this time around. Three mares can get into a lot of trouble...

Till next time!

Well it's the one prior to Ponyville's which falls upon the 1000th year after Nightmare Moon...yeah...I know it's a stretch of a prologue...

...I'm gonna go back to writing, now...

4558028 When can we expect the next chapter? :applejackunsure::unsuresweetie::duck: I am really liking this story so far.:heart:

i really like this hope to read more soon:twilightsmile:

Loving this so far,Hope to see more:pinkiehappy:

i know i commented on this chapter before and i am sorry to bug you i was just wondering if by any chance you know when you might post next chapter :fluttershysad: i understand that life can get in the way and i don't want to rash you or anything i just asking if you don't know that is okay and take your time on making a grate chapter also happy holiday to you:twilightsmile:

LOVE IT hope to read more soon

This thing still on hiatus?

Very clever use of the three students in this situation. It's nice to see how each one contributes in their own way.

And Trixie has a rival? That was unexpected.

Keep up the good work!

This was awesome. Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

I wonder how many times the palace will have to be remodeled... Then again, less times than the school probably would have to if Celestia had not intervened.

Sweet. Really sweet. But now I wonder where this is gonna go.

i know i commented on this chapter before and i am sorry to bug you i was just wondering if by any chance you know when you might post next chapter :fluttershysad: i understand that life can get in the way and i don't want to rash you or anything i just asking if you don't know that is okay and take your time on making a grate chapter:twilightsmile:

Me? I'd go with the maximum amount of magic possible without having to listen to a lecture on "great power...great responsibility."

This appeared at the bottom of the featured list!

Comment posted by Typewrittensoul deleted Aug 30th, 2015

Hey, better late than never right? :twilightsheepish:

I was so hoping for a comment about the chapter, itself...

6374320 Right, sorry.
Teacher Twilight's and Sweetie Belle's interactions were great and very believable if I'm to go of movie ideal movie teachers (wish I had, had teachers like that). :derpyderp2:
The chapter felt a bit short (probably due to only two major scenes being shown) but i still enjoyed it a lot.
I'm really interested in seeing the places each of the three go to as well as the different lessons they'll learn. :pinkiehappy:

nice chapter, twilight don't forget to tell moon dancer and sweetie belle's parents that you may be out for awhile :twilightoops:

"Right,” Twilight said with a nod, following along. For a quick moment Twilight’s thoughts turned toward Cadance.

The link on "Cadance" is password-protected; I assume that's not deliberate?

DAMN IT. Well, let's just say that "Secrets are no fun"

Nice job with this chapter. Sweetie Belle is best student! BTW, do the Elements work differently here or well this story deal with another magical item?
Also, is Trixe going anywhere?

This sounds very interesting indeed.

Hmmmm to be honest I don't understand why making a secret scene. I mean I don't understand the point of it. :applejackconfused:

Such a sweet moment between Sunset and Celesta.

"Shiny Chariot" Yay L.W.A reference! Now I want a crossover.

Also, I really want to see Trixie go to all those places with Twilight, that would be fun to read.

Ouch! Poor Trixie, that's more than a tad harsh... Um, Celly... I think you may have out-gambited yourself this time. Trixie might be good but I think you underestimate what she can do... At least have her take one or two survival training courses or take her camping before doing that. Jerk...

Bring on the 'secret scene'! Wait... What is it again?

Trixie seems to be taking it rather calmly, but then again the letters did say she was invited to be Celestia's personal student, so she probably got it out of her system earlier. Unlike filly Twilight.


Completely unrelated to Blueblood, I'm assuming. Let's just hope Trixie doesn't invite him to the palace, or inherit his own kleptomania.

Of course you're good at a fire spell, SUNset Shimmer. It's literally in your name, it's what your Cutie Mark is going to be, and so on.

I do wonder what Sunny's precise relation is to Celestia. Sounds like her own parents were good friends of Celestia that she apparently got adopted. Either that or she really is Celestia's (secret) daughter, but I doubt it. Her trying to act super-mature for the age just makes for adorable antics, though!

Did we get a subtle time skip? It sure seems like that.

Trixie paused from hearing that. "Sisters?” .... “Wait...but then wouldn’t that make Shining Armor my brother?”

Looks like somepony has a crush. Poor Trixie, she feels like the third wheel of the trio. Maybe she'll have to take over the entertainment herself in Neighara Falls instead.

And now we see the first real bits of the deviation from the canon setting, like the Crystal Empire being its own separate force and attacking Neighara Falls. I pretty much called who the mysterious mare was that was casting spells right away, and of course was proven right :rainbowwild:

It does feel like you're focusing mainly on Trixie in this story, given how she's the main in most of the scenes. So far, she seems to be getting slightly disenchanted, so somepony's gonna have to do something to bring her morale up.

Sunset's pretty badass and everything. That was a neat battle to read, and Sunset's really in her element when it comes to fire magic. Unfortunately for her, Celestia's going to have to eventually stomp out some of her poorer habits like her carelessness.

Even in an alternate universe, it seems Sweetie Belle is still a walking disaster zone :unsuresweetie:

No mention of where Trixie went, I notice? Unless she already went to Nirvana, after reading about that goofy grin on her face and the mentions of Shining Armor...

Man, Celly seems to just about be making Trixie a buttmonkey here.

That being said, I think this won't turn out as intended. Either Trixie will starve, or a month later she'll march back into Canterlot, Empress of a whole new country.

Wow. Sunset's getting pretty powerful.

This is getting pretty good. I can't wait to read about Sunset and Twilight's studies and hopefully Trixie will be okay.

Geesh. If Sunset Shimmer ends up betraying Celestia again, than that's going to be one big slap to the face.

Well, Trixie has a crush on Twilight's brother! Hopefully the feeling's mutual?

A time of tribal warfare and petty arguments over land.

ugh. a password protected story? thats gonna bother the hell out of me for the rest of the week.

Ahhh...this should be a good lesson for sunset

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