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Twilight obtains a strange package one morning: A NIV Bible. What could this strange book,which speaks of strange creatures, different worlds, and an all-powerful being called God, possibly mean? With the help of an adventurer (OC), Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash go on an epic quest around Equestria, trying to solve the mystery of this other worldly book. As strange events occur and even stranger beings arrive, Twilight must figure out how other worlds apply to the one she knows and loves: her own.

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Hooboy. Bible and Ponies...


Oh by the way, get ready for a surge of downvotes too. The internet and religion do not mix well at all.

Oh. goodness. I don't want to be mean. But, unless you're prepared for it, you're in for one heck of a bad time.

I feel epic luz and controveecy from tjos one . And the rising of a cult pf.blood and war(jesus brang forgiveness not peace), I am an atheist by the way.:eeyup:

I will give you a lickw for.the lulz my only godes is luna(not realy I am atheist as fuck....

I know that all too well. Holy moley :applejackconfused: (no pun intended).

I propose womthing my litle devilish ponies lets just judhe the way he weites aince the holy bible is just cheap fiction after all

Its kinda funny (and slightly irritating) to see both sides act just as bad as eachother if you ask me.

Dont judge my gramar blame thw iphoney

804734 Odds are this all ends with Tia and Luna disposed and dead.:unsuresweetie:
Also begone fell troll! 804805 You are only makeing the what is yet to come worse!

I am going to get the hell away from this before the nuclear warhead hidden in this story destroys FIMfiction.net. This is going to get nasty.

If you ask me, someone should make story about how Twilight finds a bible and a few days after that is fearing for her life cause something called "The Audience" is now pissed off and wants to kill her entire world. :rainbowlaugh:

It would be just something to make fun of the usual reactions to this story ofcourse.

804874 That would be too much of a metafic.:pinkiesad2::raritycry::fluttershbad:

Oh yeah, forgot that those aren't allowed anymore.

Liked. Faved. Can't wait for the Shitstorm. :rainbowlaugh:

Geez, you guys act like I'm gonna shove Christianity down your throats! Looks like I'll have to...

SPOILERS No pony becomes Christian. No pony prays, or worships God, ever in this fic.

Now, let me get back to brainstorming Chapter 2...


First of all, I must say you are very brave for posting this story. What the others are saying is true, the internet is not very friendly towards religion. As all of them have said in one way or another, get ready for a lot of dislikes and unfriendly comments.

People are going to react negatively whether you shove Christianity down their throats or not. As we all know "love and tolerance" only works if you agree with what the readers personally believe...

I'm really interested to see where you will be going with this story!

804919 Okay, that's good, cause if you were..... I don't want to think about how it would end. You'd be as much of a target to bronies as a black man riding a bycicle at night would be to the Philidelphia police.

Well it's mostly cause that's how it usually ends up; with one or all of those three things happening. Good to know you wont be going that route.

I upvoted it to balance out the butthurt.
I'm curious where you're going with that. As for the three cheapest endings, you have already spoiled us, but I wouldn't expect them anyway.

... I'm not even going to read this...

Right after Twilight read the note:
Why does ‘HE’ love her, but did what ‘HE’ did for everyone?
I will post other grammar mistakes as I read more.

As a Christian, I can say that, so far, I have found nothing bad about this. Please keep it this way.

I find these comments funny. What's funny is the way I lay out my Christian faith in my Crashing Equestria books is about the most rational I can make it, and nopony downvoted me for it, nor did my pages get filled with controversy. I must've handled it well.

So it begins... The greatest sh!tstorm of our time...

So...it falls to ME to be the starter of the shitstorm...very well...:rainbowdetermined2:

Nope...No such thing as god.

Oh wow. I don't even know what to say. And I've always found the account of history in the the Bible to be perfectly legible and coherent, if you read it in the right order. The Bible actually follows a perfectly chronological timeline going from Moses all the way to the the Kings of Jerusalem to Jesus and even to the future and stuff. (of course just giving examples, there's much more than that.) Also, King James Version is best Bible, :rainbowwild:.

Oh yeah, goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway.
804750 Fail troll is a failure.

I'm a Christian. I'm giving this story an upvote, not because I think you're going to support my faith, but because I think it's an interesting concept.
Religion is important, both to us and to our fiction. We've fought wars over it, painted the greatest art for it, and even explored the universe because of it. Why shouldn't we explore how the ponies would react to our religion?
Would this story be different if it were the Quran, the Analects of Confucius, or the Principia Discordia? Maybe. Would people's reactions be different if it were those books instead? Maybe. (I'm not gonna go there.) In any case, I eagerly await to see where this story is going.

804851yes iknow I a son of discord, the one who leads pure ponies to madness804984>my togths exactly I am just atroll whose finds dwligrh in wars,but I guess this comunity is way to tigth for being devided by my:moustache: corruption so gg

Nice, looks like I fed the Parasprite... Now I'm really starting to regret my comment.

I know it hasn't been that long yet, but I hope you guys keep proving me wrong. I guess I just need to stop being so pessimistic.

BTW Just to let every pony know, I, the author, am Christian.:pinkiehappy:

I'll bet a few of you are wondering why I said what I said earlier. Well, a story where Twilight and her friends find a Bible and become Christians is either 1) boring or 2) already done. This story has the Bible playing a key role, but the characters' religious views are not part of the storyline.

Sheesh, how many spoilers do I have to give to keep people reading?

808582 Enough to keep us happy without ruining the story.

I misread the title as "The World Became Ponified," and concluded that this is a "Equestria is Earth in the Future" story, and that the Bible will serve as a lead into that. I suppose it will remain to be seen whether or not this theory is correct.

In the mean time, a couple of things I noticed:

-It seems a bit out of character for Twilight to get angry about a prized possession being a book. Out of all the ponies, she'd be the most willing to understand.

-You might want to try reading your story aloud when proofing it to catch things like "formulate the formula", which, while syntactically correct, read a bit awkwardly.

Overall, though, it's too soon to make any judgments, since we still don't really know what the story's about. (I probably would have waited for more chapters to publish, if I were you.)

Have you read "The Gospel According to Twilight Sparkle"? It begins the same way, and is very entertaining. (And that's coming from a non-Christian, so I'm not showing favoritism.)

Twilight, given how obsessed she is with books, should not be treating the Bible with disdain, but rather respect. Granted, it'd be because it's a book and not because of its contents, but she still would be respectful.

That's . . . a tad unexpected, but understandable given that they don't have anyone to give them context. Heck, there are folks falling out of the faith even now who do so because they haven't got anyone to give them context. The poor ponies don't even have the context of knowing what a human is.

Though, on that note, I'm surprised that you're using a religious book for a major plot point if nopony's beliefs are being brought up at all. Why not just use a regular history book then?

I agree. There's just something special about the original King James Version. Perhaps because its translation was a labor of love done by college students doing their best to bring the Word of God to the people of England in a language they could understand. Quite the interesting and harrowing tale.

....oh what the hell, lets see where this goes

Woo, I never thought I'd write a second chapter. I can't believe I'm actually going through with this. My first fanfic may actually be complete someday...:twilightsheepish:

Err... I did say I supported your decision to write this in the last chapter, but...
Are you using an actual, physical Bible to help you with these chapters? I believe you said you consider yourself a Christian previously, but are you regularly in practice? This chapter kind of seems like you only know the story of Noah from hearsay rather than having actually read it. After all, if Twilight had actually read the Bible, she would know, and I quote:
"5 The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.
"6 The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled.
"7 So the Lord said, 'I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created—and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground—for I regret that I have made them.'
"8 But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord." -Genesis 6:5-8, NIV
In other words, it says exactly why they had to die, why only Noah had a boat, and a dozen of other questions Twilight had. I'm not trying to be mean, I guess, just making sure you are going to put a lot of thought into this. I think you've got a good thing started, contrasting the Hebrew and Equestrian society, but I want you to make sure it is a just and well thought out comparison.
I might also, as a stylistic thing, suggest quoting the focal Bible verse for each chapter. Although that calls to mind the question: which version are you using?
EDIT: As an afterthought, I thought you might like to know that I got that quote from BibleGateway.com. If you don't actually have a Bible, or you want to be able to quote stuff without retyping the whole thing, that might be a good place to go. It's got a variety of versions, including KJV, NIV, ESV, and other ones I'm not quite as fond of, like the Message or the Living Translation. Oh, and multiple languages, too!

I believed it's the NKJV. It has both God and Lord in there, so I'm guessing that Twilight is deducing Lord is just another name of God, since she knows nothing of the Trinity (yet).

The NIV is, in my opinion, definitely the easiest to understand, with just the right amount of poetry in the vocabulary to be beautiful. I enjoy thees and thous more than most ponies, but most people don't know what "iniquity" or "propitiation" even mean!
But I don't want to get into a version argument. As long as we both agree that the Message doesn't count as a real translation, we're solid. :rainbowwild:

The teaser up top says "NIV." Really, regardless of the version or even the physicality, my question was more toward whether he's actually reading the Bible and judging how Twilight would react to it, or if he's just assuming he knows what's in there.

im pretty sure twilight would tsart readong from yhe beginning of a book, doesnt make sense to start 15 pages in. If she did this chapter would have been about God, third chapter should have been this. Just my opinion. Anyways fun read waiting for more.:pinkiehappy:

I didn't not see that NIV in description:facehoof:

*cough* double negative

Liked the fic. I was confused by her starting at Noah, and not at the beginning, but, oh well.

805125,805143,805244,805533 We Christian Bronies need to stick together in this world :pinkiehappy:img.ponibooru.org/_images/f36eb513aab22717e151b8e9b331e59c/53756%20-%20artist%3Aconicer%20fluttershy%20mega_yay%20rainbow_dash%20yay.png .

(My motto) Celestia:trollestia: and Luna are my princesses, but Christ is my God:twilightsmile: And 804750 Please, lets remember to love and tolerate EVERYONE, I am a Christian but I still will respect ur views a an athiest, please do the same and respect ours:twilightsmile:

Also807340 do not feel down, this is a very widely debated topic, not saying anything and saying something will feed the parasprites either way.

And finally, 808582, as said in Code Geass, "U are choosing to walk the path of (vertual) blood" because a shitstorm is comming and there will be no avoiding it, do not let the hate comments deture u from writing this fic, it is an interesting concept and I wish for u to not stop on account of large amounts of hate comments. Be brave and continue with your story to the end:rainbowdetermined2:.

My personal statement is more along the lines of, "The Princesses rule in fiction, God rules IRL." I can say whatever I want in my stories, so long as I keep myself pointed towards Him in my everyday life.
But we should keep ourselves and our personal beliefs out of this. Let Twilight discover our faith for herself, and let her make her judgment call without our bias.
Do you know if there's, say, a Christian Bronies group here on FiMFiction? I might be convinced to join it. :scootangel:
Oh, and >> mariosalvatore is a troll. Just leave him be.

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