Bad pony!

by AmanDash

Nightmare Night

"Alright. We are here."

"THIS is where you live? Oh my Celestia, this is enormous! It has much more rooms than my castle. Are you really not a prince in disguise? Though you should seriously contact with a fashionista or an interior designer. I have seen prisons less depressing and with more color."

"Calm down Twilight, I only own one room here. There are at least 200 people living in this buliding. As for the lack of coloration, I have seen ponies with LESS color. Without horns, wings, magic or the ability to talk, I might add."

"Um.... Fine. Just really strange, that's all. But really. 200 inhabitants or more in one building? Are you humans living in hives just like changelings?"

"For Christ's sake, tune it down a peg or two! We will never get in if you are asking questions every step we make. Even worse, some inhabitants would spot you and then they would be the ones asking questions. To you."

"I can cast an invisibility spell on me. I won't mess it up. Promise! It is simple! The you could walk in as you are used to and I could follow you without being spotted."

"Yeah, leaving any bystander wondering where that sound of hoof beats come from. I may have not thought this out. Maybe I should still call the police."

"No, please don't. I'd rather trust you than an alien police force. I know how authorities can be. They would overreact and arrest me on sight as if I were a criminal. I don't know exactly how it goes here, but we do it that way in Equestria. If an unknown creature appears out of the blue, either the Royal Guard, the Princesses or the Element Bearers are contacted to subdue it even before guessing its intentions. But I have this strange feeling that somehow I can trust you. I promise I will behave. I won't be a bad pony!"

"Fine. But we have to do something with the hoof beat anyway."

"Um... I can levitate?"

"You know what? I won't even ask. I know I said no magic, but if we manage to reach my flat without you being spotted, I will gladly let it slide this time. Just don't get too accustomed to it. And once inside, no magic. Please. It really makes me afraid."

"I promise. So, can we start? I'm going invisible now." She says while her horn lights up and she just... disappears without any visible or audible effect. Fucking creepy. I don't even hear her hooves clopping on the pavement. As handy as it is now, I will definitely have nightmares about this for a while. Thinking that aliens can just appear out of nowhere and be among us anywhere, anytime without us even suspecting them to be there, let alone noticing them. I don't even know why is she afraid of the police. Even if they would try to detain her, chances are she could hide from them with ease, maybe even overpower them. Just what have I got myself into? And yet, be it because of the many fantasy novels and movies, or an inner part of me, I just don't have it in me to rat her out or leave her behind. I want to help her, not to cause more problems. After all, she is dealing exceptionally well with this whole 'cast to a different reality' thing. Most people would have probably freaked out and be in a constant fight or flight state under similar circumstances. Not to say that if I do help her, she may be able to contact her kind on her home planet somehow and get back. Better for her, and certainly better for me and for the rest of humanity. Even if she weren't the one to make the first move, I suspect she would do whatever it takes to defend herself were a human to attack or threaten her, and I don't want any part of it. I don't want any alien wars and possible invasions in my life.

While I was musing on these thoughts I didn't even realize that I am already inside the lift heading to my level. Yeah, I'm a level 14 flat dweller. I exit the lift and head to my front door. I open it with the key, enter then lock it up for the night. Suddenly Twilight drops her invisibility spell and lands gracefully on all fours at my right. I can't deny, the whole scene is cuteness incarnate. A little colorful talking unicorn with BIG eyes tuned to maximum cuteness appearing out of nowhere with horn glowing and wings spread with the elegance of a swan, then landing gracefully and folding her wings neatly to her sides. Maybe I will spare the nightmares. After all, despite all the potentially dangerous and devastating powers she holds, she is very cute. She is acting nicely as well. More nicely than most of us humans. I bet the internet would just eat this up. Knowing the unicorn frenzy of the people and the internets of this era, she would probably gain world domination only by posting a video about herself on YouTube even without fighting for it.

That doesn't mean that I am overly happy with her illuminating the whole room in an unnatural purplish light cast with her horn before I can find the light switch. I manage to flip up the light while I can't help myself scolding her again.

"No! Bad pony! No lighting magic!" Maybe I should get my sprinkler which I used on my little sister while we were kids when we had our affairs. It worked perfectly until she reached 12. Come to think of it, I should totally rename her Twinkle Sprinkle. She already has the twinkle in her eyes, and when her horn would start to glow, she would get the sprinkle in her face. She would deserve one for levitating me on first contact anyways.

"So, Twilight. This is the anteroom. After the anteroom is the living room with my bed. There is a small guest room with an other bed. Toilet and bathroom is to the right. Kitchen is to the left. I'll get you a blanket so you can sleep in the guest room. Tomorrow I will introduce you to Adam, but right now I think both of us need a good night's rest. Should you need anything, I will be here. Good night Twilight."

"Good night Dave."

Finally some alone time and some rest of this weirdness. First I do a quick search for that Pony facepalm picture. Yep. It is clearly that pony. Then I look up My Little Pony. So, we have My Little Pony, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony: The Movie, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and tons of artifacts, plushies, magazines and so on... I click the Wikipedia page of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I skip to the Cast and Characters part. There I see the name of Twilight Sparkle, so I click on the link List of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters. Let's see... Main characters, Mane six (Really? Horse related puns?), Princess Twilight Sparkle. There is even a picture of her. Yep. It is her. Total match. She is a princess, she has the same coat color, mane and tail, the same big eyes. She also has the wings and the horn and is apparently called an "alicorn", a kind of pegasus-unicorn hybrid. She used the same word to describe herself. She even has the same "cutie mark", an unexplainable difference of coloration of her coat on her flanks, which resembles a big six-pointed star surrounded by five small white stars.

Apparently, in an alternate reality these characters of a cartoon series created for entertainment by humans actually exist and live. Just how weird is that? My mind automatically jumps to that South Park episode where there is a TV show for aliens named something like Earth or Planet Earth about humanity. It is a big world (or there are big worlds), and as it turns out, anything is possible. I take some photos of her with my camera to send them to Adam in the morning. I really hope he can figure something out. With basic research done, I go to sleep also.

I wake up to an ear-piercing scream. I immediately switch on my reading lamp, get out of bed and reach for my stun gun, preparing for whatever will happen. Suddenly, the screaming stops and I hear the sounds of sobbing from the guest room. Huh. I'm lucky. No burglars or murderers, just Twilight getting frightened of something. I open the door to the guest room and I can see a very frightened Twilight with a disheveled mane and troubled and tear-filled eyes.

"Twilight, what happened?"

"I...-I'm *sob* Go *sob* nna... Die..."

"Twilight, it is me, Dave."

"I'm *sob*... Gonna *sob*... Die..."

I grab her by the shoulders and lightly shake her.

"Snap out of it! You just probably had a nightmare."

"Th *sob*... That's *sob* just it... Prin... cess *sob* Luna... dis... connected..."

"It's alright. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. This is a relatively safe house, and I am here. Just calm down." I say, while gently hugging her. She leans onto my chest and the sobs finally seem to quiet down.

"I was having a nightmare of getting chained down in a horrible construct without doors or windows, and I just couldn't move. Then little by little, I was starting to get turned to stone and to die... Princess Luna should have saved me! She always watches the dreams of ponies, and she didn't appear in my dream to help! Which means I am so far from Equestria that the magic link I had with the planet and with my fellow Princesses are cut off! I have no chance to reconnect them and get home! THIS IS EVEN MORE WORSE THAN THE NIGHTMARE ITSELF!!!"

She yells out the last sentence and breaks down to sobbing again. To be fair, I can't fault her. Right now I'm feeling helpless. After all, her nightmare may be the exact truth. She ended up in an alien world with little to no possibility of breaking out of it. I really hope we can fix this with Adam's help. I'm hugging her again and holding her tight, which seems to calm her down a bit. Finally, sleep starts to take over her again. I tuck her in and I can't explain why, but I kiss her forehead gently, as if she were a little child.