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Typical latecomer, Brony since may 2017. Favorite ponies: Lightning Dust, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. I also play UT2004 and new Doom series as Rarity on Steam.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders have earned their Cutie Marks already, but that doesn't mean they should stop exploring and adventuring. Being the most adventurous of them all, Scootaloo persuades Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle to take a journey deep into the uncovered parts of the Everfree Forest, deeper than anypony has been before, far beyond the ancient Castle of the Two Sisters.
Meanwhile, Sunburst runs into an old tome and begins to investigate...

Warning: contains one ENORMOUS human, death of ponies and mild gore. A different touch on the HiE theme, where humans and ponies are not relatively the same size, and don't speak the same language. Inspired partly by Lovecraft, partly by HiE stories. CMC are aged and sized up to the stature of regular mares, despite the cover art.
Cover art is from S01E17 The Stare Master.

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Huh. This looks like it could be interesting.

This has a pungent, eldritch odor to it. My favorite, I'll bite.

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