• Published 18th Apr 2020
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Into the Friendship - AmanDash

The Doom Slayer is about to kill Olivia Pierce on top of the Argent Tower where she ruptures the Argent Accumulator and rips open a portal into Hell as well as Equestria, locking the Slayer in the latter...

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Ponyville, part I

You walk with Fluttershy out of the Everfree Forest without a word. Finally, her curiosity overpowers her shyness and she asks you a question.

"Flynn? Do you live in the Everfree Forest?"


"Then where are you from, and how did you end up in the Everfree Forest?"

"I am from Planet Earth. I was trying to save the humans on Mars from a demonic invasion, but one of my enemies created a portal to Hell and another portal to here and I ended up here. Can you tell me where am I exactly?"

"Um... Planet Earth? I have never heard of an other planet. Are you an alien?"

"Yes. And I don't know where I am."

"This is Planet Equis, the land of Equestria. I didn't even know there were other habitable planets beside Equis."

"Great. Just fucking great. Of all the places I could have ended up, it had to be a realm completely unknown. Someone is gonna pay for this."

"Um... Flynn? You don't want to become a bully and harm others, do you?"

"No, I won't become a bully, but those who took everything from me will sorely regret it."

"What happened to you? I.. Um. I'm sorry to bother you, but why are you so full of hatred? I saw how kind you can be with animals."

"It is a long story. To be short, my home planet was invaded by demons and everyone I loved got killed or even worse, some got turned into low-ranking demons or slaves for higher demons or condemned to eternal torment. My friends, my family, my fellow soldiers in the army and even my pet rabbit. I was too weak to save them, but I am strong enough to avenge the death of them! Or to put an end to their endless misery... But right now, I don't fight solely out of vengeance."

Suddenly you felt two forelegs hugging your legs. You felt a bit awkward as Fluttershy's head was right at your crotch but returned the hug nevertheless. Meanwhile, Fluttershy started sobbing.

"I... I'm so sorry for you. I... I... I can't even imagine anypony being able to deeds such horrible. Invading, killing and eternal torment? Even the fiercest invaders in Equestria only wanted control and power, not the death and destruction of others. They should be banished to Tartarus for their crimes!"

Suddenly, your face of hatred and sorrow lights up with eagerness, though Fluttershy couldn't see it behind the helmet. If you could somehow get into Hell, you could slaughter your way out of there and get back to Mars.
"You... have access to Tartarus? As of... Hell?"

"I don't know... I have never heard of this Hell... That's how you name Tartarus?"

"That depends on what are you referring to by Tartarus."

"Tartarus is where the evil are imprisoned and guarded by Cerberus, the three-headed dog. Our rulers, the Princesses, Celestia, Luna and Twilight can banish others there."

"Well. It doesn't sound like Hell, but it is worth a try. Can you bring me to your rulers? If they can place me there, I will be in their debt."


"If your rulers put the evil there, there are high chances that at least some of them has knowledge of Hell. The forces of Hell, the demons absorbed my world. Now they are threatening an other human realm with invasion. I MUST stop them. I won't let Earth fall, I won't let an entire planet absorbed by Hell and its inhabitants slaughtered or worse. Help me... please?"

Upon hearing your plea for help, Fluttershy looked at you with surprise, as if she found it unimaginable, that a battle-hardened warrior who presumably has killed many before can ask so gently. Truth is, you could ask gently, at least those who were willing to help you. Of course, there were many who only bent to force they couldn't oppose to, the demons being the primary example of that.

"Um... Twilight, the Princess of Friendship is my good friend, and her special talent is magic. I will send her a message so we can meet her as soon as possible, I'm sure she knows much more about demons and other worlds than me. But if it is okay with you, could you tell me what is this Hell exactly? And what are humans? I mean, I don't want to be a burden, but these are things I have never heard of, and I'd like to understand."

"Humans are my species. I am... I was a human once. I have enhanced abilities bestowed upon me by the Seraphim, and apparently I age and tire considerably less than an average human, but I am still mortal. My physical form hasn't changed. As for what Hell is... Hell is the domain of the evil and the dark entities and forces of the universe. The less you know about it, the less anybody know about it, the safer for all of your planet. It is the knowledge of Hell that led to the fall of my home... and the knowledge of Hell led to the current invasion on Mars, which puts the fate of Earth in jeopardy as well."

As both of you tried to get a grasp on the world of each other, you got out of the forest and noticed a quaint little town. The view was dominated by a huge, cartoonish crystal palace with lovely colors, but most houses seemed small.

Suddenly, you notice something pink charging towards you from a big distance. You get pretty surprised, but you are by no means unprepared. This world was clearly not overtaken by Hell (and hopefully, never will be), then what is up with the Pinky charging towards you? You immediately tensed up and called forth your trusty Super Shotgun and stood attentively, ready to jump... Only to dismiss it when the supposed Pinky got close enough for you to see that it was indeed much smaller than they usually are, and it looked like a pony. She moved also much faster and more agile than Pinkies. She wore the biggest smile on her face you have ever seen, and by looking at her, she was the very definition of happiness, joy and laughter. Just when you thought she would crash right into you, she suddenly stopped in front of you.

"HI, I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie, but you can call me Pinkie Pie, and you are a new pony in Ponyville, and GAAAAAASP
You are an alien! Wiiiii! I can throw my first Welcome to Equestria party to an alien! I can play games, listen to music, eat cupcakes, dance and prank other ponies with a being of an other world! Oh. Ooopsie, my bad, hi Fluttershy and Angel! Anyway, What's your name, where are you come from, Oh let me guess, you are one of those Humans Lyra keeps talking about, and they turn out to be real! Who would have thought it! I must invite her too! And the girls, and the Princesses, and Maud, and everypony in Ponyville!"

"Um... Pinkie?"

"Let me guess, you are... Moody? No, Doomy? Ha! I got it! Doomguy! You are Doomguy, because you look moody, and you are a guy!"

"My real name is Flynn Taggart, but you can call me Doomguy."

"Doomguy! I like it! Anyway, your Welcome to Equestria party will take place at Sugarcube Corner at 8pm! We have exactly 6 hours and 57 minutes to the beginning! Don't be late. Until then, byyyyee!"

Suddenly you are embraced with a pair of pink forelegs, and you see the cheerful pony dash off. You begin to smile. Fond memories begin to resurface... Your little sister. You were 10, and she was 7, and you helped your mother bake a special cake for her... her favorite. She was always cheerful, always full with merriness and positive energy... Your hands curl up into fists as the happy memory is overlapped by the tragic one. That fateful day... she was 15 by then... the fall of Argent d'Nur. You are shaken out of your reminiscence by the timid yellow pony still next to you.

"Um... Flynn? This is where I live. I know it's not too spacious and all but if you don't have any better idea, I'm more than happy to accomodate you until the party starts. I mean, if that's fine with you."

You didn't want to hurt the frail pony, but you had a demonic invasion to stop by any means, the sooner the better. You thought out how to carefully word what you wanted to say.

"Sorry, Fluttershy, I'm afraid I can't. By all means, you are very kind, but I need to stop the invasion on Mars. I must return there as soon as possible. The fate of others may be sealed if I stay here longer than necessary."

"B-but... You can't just skip a Pinkie Pie party! Not here, not in Equestria. M-Maybe your easiest way out is attending her party. Look on the bright side, you meet everypony who can help you! My friends, the Element Bearers, the Princesses... I know Pinkie intends it to be a regular Welcome to Equestria party, but think of it as a summit where you can discuss your cause with us."

You are taken aback by the reasoning of this pony. Of course! By attending the party, a lot of Equestrians would learn the presence of an alien, which would warrant enough sensation to draw the attention of the actual rulers, present or not, and with their help... you can continue your mission.

"Thank you Fluttershy. You have no idea how much you have helped me already. But I have no intention of taking up your precious time until the beginning of the party. I'm gonna head out for a walk. Gathering information. Taking in my surroundings. Maybe find a quicker way home."

You notice that she starts to get worried.

"Don't worry, I won't harm anypony."

"N- It's not that. There are some ponies of Ponyville who are always suspicious and even mean to newcomers, especially new species. I don't want you to get bad experience or bad memories. At least let me accompany you... please?"

You check on your current objective, which states:

Make friends with the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony 2/6

As it turns out, both Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are apparently Element Bearers. Though you wondered how "listening to one minute long to a pony and giving one answer" is considered as making friends, but after all, Pinkie Pie DID invite you to a party. Something what friends do. This just makes the mission easier.

"I don't want to be a bother either. If you have other things to do, please don't let me hold you back of it, I will take care of myself."

"Oh. You mean no problem. I only have our weekly chat and spa session planned with my friend Rarity, until then, I am free to go, and I'd like to introduce you to her anyway."

"Okay, then lead the way."

You start to walk towards the town which you assume to be Ponyville, which is positively buzzing with merriness and the light chatter of the inhabitants, until you hear a shrill voice cry.

"The horror! The horror! Another monster from the Everfree! Ponyville is doomed!"

You notice a pony with pink coat and blond mane run away in panic, along with two others: one with a pale yellow coat and red rose colored mane and one with a pale magenta coat and a lime mane. Fluttershy just eyes the three panicky mares with a hint of... condescension? You never thought the timid butter colored pony capable of it, but she just sighed and made a dismissal motion with her foreleg.

"I swear to the Sisters, these three haven't learned a thing in the past nine years. Reacting to all change by panic and running. Thank Celestia most of us have figured it out and don't fall for their panic."

You didn't want to remind her that when she first saw you, she screamed like a Lost Soul on fire, and that maybe, they were right in some case, since you were a dangerous alien. Just not dangerous to them. As you continue your way towards the town square, you see a rich looking mare in a fancy dress with a diamond tiara on her head looking at you with curiosity. Yeah, you kind of stand out with your bipedal stature, your height, your predatory look and decked out in the Praetor Suit in this little town of colorful ponies. Suddenly, a mint green unicorn with a light green/white mane stops before you and stares at you with awe.

"A Human! It's... I have never thought I would meet one in Ponyville, but they are real! Hi! I am Lyra Heartstrings. What's your name?"

"Hello, Lyra. I am Flynn Taggart."

"Even your name is human-like! Tell me, what are you doing here in Ponyville?"

"I accidentally got teleported here. I'm trying to get back to the human realm."

"The human realm? With more humans? Can you take me with you?"

"I'm trying to get back there because the humanity of Earth is facing a demonic invasion, while one of our other planets, Mars is already raided by the demons. In other words, a war, and I don't intend to bring any pony into a war zone. You ponies are too kind, too innocent to taste the misery of death and destruction. I'm sorry."

"So you are a soldier then? I love human soldiers, so loyal, so fierce, so brave, so... brutal, when it is needed. The Equestrian military should really learn a thing or two from you!"

Yeah, they could... - you thought - but they shouldn't.

"Anyways, what do you plan to do this evening?"

"We are taking a tour of the town. Maybe make new friends, calm the rumors, alleviate the tension, but first and foremost, find the means to get me back to Mars."

"Fluttershy? Can I accompany the two of you?"

"Um... Sure, I guess. Just... please... be gentle? I mean, not too prying, not too brash? Keeping your inner fanmare in control?"

"Splendid! And where are we going now? I know! I know! How about get back to my house and watch My Big Human?"

"Actually, we were heading towards Carousel Boutique to meet Rarity, if that's not much trouble for you."

"Really? Taking the first human to appear in Equestria to HER? When he could spend time with ME, somepony who has actual knowledge of humans instead?"

"I'm sorry. I don't want any trouble, but I just happen to have our weekly spa session today with Rarity... But I didn't say you would not be welcome, you can join us."

"Of course you would say that. But sadly, I don't like that mare. It is either me or her, and seeing that there is a Human here, he would be better off with me, than with her."

"That's for me to decide. I don't know what you may know about humans, Lyra, neither do I know what's your problem with Fluttershy's friend, but Fluttershy has been showing me nothing but kindness and good heart so far. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine. So, do you wish to join us, or not?"

"Oh my gosh, I can't wait to introduce you to Twilight, she would be overjoyed to hear an alien from a different world speak like that. As if you were not even an alien, but a pony at heart."

Somehow, you had reservations about that.

"Fine, I'll come. But don't expect me to be best friends with Rarity too soon. So anyway, what are your impressions of Ponyville so far? Are you interested in settling down? Do you already have eyes for somepony?"


To your surprise, the pony yelling with such volume was none other than Fluttershy. You were very grateful for at least having some seconds of quiet. The three of you headed out towards Rarity's home. Meanwhile, you checked on your Codex for possible new entries. You were relieved to find a new one about your current location, Ponyville.

Ponyville I
Ponyville, originally a quiet little town is one of the few towns in Equestria to have a roughly balanced population between the three basic pony races: unicorns, pegasi and Earth ponies. Each race possesses one special trait that makes them unique. Unicorns have the inherent, natural ability to use magic via their horns, pegasi have the ability to fly with their wings and control Equestrian weather, while Earth ponies have a natural connection to the physical entity of Planet Equis, which can be shown via enhanced physical strength and/or hoof and mouth dexterity far superior to unicorns and pegasi. These three races complement each other perfectly.

Settlements with balanced ratios of races have the strongest aura of harmony. Over the years, the aura of harmony surrounding Ponyville has evolved to be second only to Canterlot, the capital of Equestria. Friendship magic, a magical substance which strengthens the special talents of a pony if a friend is accompanying them, has also reached very high levels and has been increasing steadily throughout the last nine years.

The only unbalance Ponyville appears to have is general gender ratio, the latest census indicates a 73 to 27 percentage of mare/stallion ratio. To overcome this natural unbalance, most stallions tend to live with more than one mare, generally two or three, but even so, the rare occurrence of gay stallions further disrupts the ratio, making Ponyville occasionally overwhelming for single stallions.

You close the data log entry with the satisfaction of understanding. Finally you understand how you haven't stumble upon a stallion yet while having interactions with several mares.


"Congratulations my good pal Doom Slayer! You have made friends with two Element Bearers already! Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness, and Pinkie Pie, the Element of Laughter! Your path, the habits of my dear friend Fluttershy and the current time indicate that you are heading towards the third Element Bearer. You will meet the remaining three, and of course, little old me personally at Pinkie's party. I am currently briefing in Tia of your presence, she doesn't take it too well. I have only one humble request to you, please watch out for Fluttershy until I get back. She is my closest friend. Toodles!"

Author's Note:

I should really learn not to use Author's Notes as copy/paste area for formatting. Sorry for all readers who have seen trash here and got confused.

Also, Ponyville scene will be split into 2 parts because one does not simply describe a Pinkie party as part of a chapter.