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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. Books are available again; check my userpage for details.

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I think this story is beautiful. Also, aha! I knew I recognized some of those lines. That Calvin and Hobbes comic strip handled the concept of explaining death to a young child very well, as did you. It was beautiful and moving, great job.

Your story brings back memories.
Memories of when our family found a tiny, abandoned kitten one night in 2016.

We heard this strange sound like a rusty gate swinging. We also have acres of bush behind our house so there is plenty of wildlife, but this sound was different and it kept going.

After getting a torch we found the smallest kitten any of us had seen. It was against the backboard of an old outdoor bookshelf - on the lowest shelf and crying in the corner. It was a feral kitten abandoned by its mother.

We took it in and it was adopted by our dear sweet male chihuahua. He bonded to it and looked after it like a mother hen.

Sadly, the kitten died a month later. When we took her to the vet, it became clear that the mother had abandoned her not just because she was undersize, but she was terribly afflicted with ringworm and other parasites. So much so that her whiskers had fallen out or hadn’t grown. The skin was very patchy and inflamed in those areas.

Even though our family never liked cats (feral cats and former-pet cats kill the native wildlife) we took her in and gave her a chance.
I cried so much when she died.

Thankyou for your short, but emotional fic.

I THOUGHT I remembered where this situation came from, you confirmed it

Aldon #5 · Apr 23rd, 2021 · · 1 ·

it was precious but Twilight really didn't sound like a kid. I'm just nitpicking btw I still liked the story

Twilight sounds like she’s speaking in retrospect 10 years after the fact. It’s very not how someone talks while they’re still processing grief. Celestia was great though.

Comment posted by HarryBuilder deleted Apr 28th, 2021

Really great story 🥰

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