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Thanks for joining, or just visiting! We're always happy to accept new people!
This is the Orbital Equestrians group page- here, we write about ponies in space.
REMEMBER: This is a hard science group. All stories are subject to scrutiny!

Be mature and be respectful! If someone points out a piece of information that may be wrong, grin and bear it! It doesn't mean you have to change it! If an argument happens, get to know the other side! You just might make some friends!

There's some guidelines I tend to nitpick about, so let's go through them!
- Ponies cannot survive in space, period. Exposure causes ebullism, which is instantly fatal! Talk about space suits!
-Artificial gravity is a touchy subject. Centrifuges and velcro hoofboots are totally fine, but 'gravity plates' need to be explained.
-Are they being resupplied, or are they growing their own food? Talk about it!
-How do they get 'there'? If it's a space station, how do they get back? If it's a deep space mission to HumanLand, how do they go about crossing the gap?
-Exercise! Ponies need to exercise in space or else they turn into the people from WALL-E! If artificial gravity is present, disregard this!
-Purpose! What are they doing in space? Is there some awesome war going on? Or are they doing research?

That's all I can really nitpick about without making this a non-free-thought group!
Have fun!
Have respect!
Have knowlege!

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