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Our current world is shattered and broken. Divided, separated. Ruled by the greedy, the corrupt, those who would do us harm. But there are some of us who can see it. Humanities potential, and the chains that hold our wonderful species back! This group is to unite who can see through that fog, to bring together ideas, resources, manpower. To bring together a group of remarkable people, to fight the battles no one else could. Well the time is now brothers and sisters! We can unite to change the world, to bring mankind under one flag, and forge an empire under god that will last for millennia. It matters not race nor gender, we shall rule this world as equals! LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!! LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!!!

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Updoot, not dead.


Just letting you guys all know, this is still a thing. Not dead. Still doing this. Do not lose faith.

Just 598 more members...



Granted its a bloody epic looking symbol

345090 I just like the symbol, what with its ties to a powerful galaxy spanning empire and whatnot. I do not intend to relive the grimdark part of the 40k universe. :twilightsmile:


That i understand from (bearing in mind 40k verse here) the orks the chaos gods and the dark eldar and eldar.....but what about the tau, the tau didnt immideatly shoot a imperial on sight

345009 Because the aquila is also a sign of humanities strength. A majestic manifestation of the emperors kindness, to shelter the weak and helpless in times of need.

Quick question.....why is the banner the sigil of a extremely xenophobic and fascist culture if where thinking of 'reforming' the world?

I pledge my allegiance to the World Conquerors United Group. In the words of Gerard DuGalle, Admiral of the United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Fleet:

Serve the Directorate, Serve Mankind.

I will serve mankind and do my duty to God, and to my People.

For the Glory of Colossus,
Herr Director

Ok this is my to bits to a united earth it is if you do it correctly the mane reson war happens is of hunger for more power and money so all you have to do is make a way for trading to be easier and faster than war and that has to be done in to ways distroy bureaucracy to speed up the trading and then remove corruption so all the money and power is spred to all what that happens the will be a united earth

Ahhh, it does my heart good to see new blood running in our veins. Muahahahaha...

*Proceeds to spin around on a large swivel chair and pet a fluffy white cat ominously*

Love the Emperor,
for He is the salvation of mankind
Obey His words,
for He will lead you into the light of the future
Heed his wisdom,
for He will protect you from evil
Whisper his prayers with devotion,
for they will save your soul
Honour His servants,
for they speak in His voice
Tremble before His majesty,
for we all walk in His immortal shadow.


I shall throw my name into this bowl off madness. May humanity's future be bright and ever expanding!

United we stand deviated we fall. We will conquer the stars if is the last thing we as humans do.

May a million worlds tremble before the might of the terrain empire, and may the boots of our armies shatter any resistance that remains! :moustache:

Mine Byzantine Empire will destroy you

336483 My good man, I don't think we could STOP quarreling amongst ourselves even if united. There is no worries as to making sure we stay that way. :eeyup:

P.S. Huge fan of Bolo univers and 40k universe, PM me if you wanna talk later.

Here's hoping that, one day, humanity uses it's science to create the Immortal Emperor of Mankind and His vision comes to fruition with His Sons.

Hopefully without all the grimdark and craptastic that goes with it...

Maybe something more like the Human Concordiate from Bolo.

Speaking of which, Bolo + Ponies, anyone?

By the way, the most important thing to remember with a united humanity is that we must continue competing (though in a friendly, but intense, rivalry sort of way) in order to not lose the advantages that come with adversity.

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