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I understand. The shadows are the best place for these sorts of things. Especially in regards to the specifics of performing something like instant global destabilization. I'll ask The Master about the report, though. It sounds very intriguing. The concept of a viable stealth-suit is something I'd love to see, as ironic as that may be. Hopefully the document is still intact.

Ah, and thank you for your assistance! Operation Discord may be the best strategy to begin our complete domination of the world!:pinkiecrazy:


hehe, stealth, sabotage and subterfuge are wonderful things! Crippling ones foes, causing them to war among themselves. Stealing vital plans and using it against them. Causing panic among the masses, getting components on vehicles and weapons to malfunction at the worst of times...

..ah, but I'm rambling now. alternate step four: operation discord completely my idea (still finalizing things, i mean really causing the entire world to fall into chaos at the exact same time is not easy)

now as for light stealth armor, I wrote a 3-5 page report for lack of a better word for a person light armor system going so far as to list all materiel used, and where and how they are used and exactly how much... i gave that to The Master at one point in time now i have no idea where it is :(

rambling again! anyway, dont expect me to be commenting much around World Conquerers i will if i feel necessary or specifically asked but other than that I'll just be reading the posts.

Greetings and salutations from the mighty World Builder's Guild! Ah, and welcome to World Conquerers United :rainbowdetermined2: I've been informed by The Master that you may have some interest in stealth technology:coolphoto: If you're up for talking about anything like that, or other forms of awesome, I would welcome your brain-waves :twilightsmile:

Y u so damn lazy?:trixieshiftleft:

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