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Welcome to P.N.L.T.!!! This group focuses on one thing, making sure that the Royal Sisters, Princess Cadence, and now Princess Twilight Sparkle or any other close to royal characters feel our love too. If your story involves a romance or fling with the princesses in any way, with any character (E.G. Mane six, human, crossover, or whatever you want!), then it belongs here. Note; the story can just have a small piece of romance or be solely about it, but any story added that is lacking this one little aspect will probably be removed. So come here to add stories and comment on them, find and discuss new ideas, or just make general conversation about the "best ponies" we all love. Be polite and respectful and help each other out. ALL HAIL BEST PONIES!!!

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The only accessible folders are: 'Cadence' and 'Fling'. I cannot post in any of the other folders.

Comment posted by Xeadin deleted Apr 27th, 2014

I think I made enough folders, if anyone thinks of another one that would help their story better fit in let me know.

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining!:twilightsmile:

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