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im looking for bronies on xbox live the games I most play are black ops 2 and minecraft and a bunch of other games message me at Fluttershy1 yay make sure to send me a mag because my friends list might be full

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Hmm, so has anyone here contacted anyone else?

my gamertag Safhell

its TICKed off4x4

i play a lot of other games too but I also have al the free games that Microsoft has released these past months

Man, those are also games I play frequently (although I don't play as much as my little brother now). If you want to add me, my GT is CwazyBoy77 (I really need to change that)

I'm not really into playing Minecraft online, and I don't have Black Ops II on Xbox, but if you guys wanna play Gears of War 3, L4D2, or Halo 4 I'm game.:rainbowdetermined2:

GT: Cyberslam8

FYI: If you send me a friend request, I'm going to reject it unless you msg me that you're from FiMFiction. I've been getting a lot of random friend requests lately. :applejackunsure:

Comment posted by fluttershy1yay deleted Nov 1st, 2013

make sure to send me a maessage on xbox saying you want to be my friend and a brohoof because im grounded for a week because I cant play during testing week during school

user name is my GT, feel free to send a brohoof message or something.

my gamer tag is StockyKinkaJou0

All Hail King Sombra

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