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This is not a HIE group its a group for those who were created to either
(A.destroy Equestria! and all its inhabitants.
(B.Save Equestria! I do not mean just Equestria though if you like branch out to other parts such as Gem Fido or Saddle Arabia,
Also its a new group I am still hacking out some of the stuff in my story but I probably wont be on while I work on him. and collaborations are great a friend of mine is working on one with his O.C. POV and his brother does the same with his own but same world.
(just food for thought if it inspires any other would be's but also this Equestria is like the show but out side it is very different The griffin Kingdom is in dissaray while they look for a new king The Holy Empire is looking for their emperor who *cough That would be a spoiler sorry. And there are a few races some are hidden others very much only obvious to those outside and some have been sleeping far to long.

(This is a group for writers and artist to get together and make a real world version of MLP but the god's intervene and either want it to end to be rebuilt or to save it from the darkness trying to destroy it.)

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