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This is a place for everypony to confess on anything. Like some one might confess they are a clopper. It's ok to confess anything. No ones judging. So CONFESS! :P
1. There are no rules
2. Why are you still reading the non-rules
3. Make a note of changing rules to non-rules
4. Go confess I'm thinking
5. I'm going to go get some food. While I'm gone just go confess some things.

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Comment posted by Ghostaloo deleted Aug 6th, 2019

i want to kill myself everyday to get off this planet

I am in love with ponies

Me as a brony
Hey everypony, I got a story for this site. It's not done or even submitted yet, but here's the link to get to it before, and after I'm done with it, enjoy

I have very little empathy.

Here's a confession of the owner.. I forgot to put a banner...........

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