Dinos that bite back! 15 members · 2 stories

For anything from the past the kicks flank, from T-Rex to Spinosaurus!
Join and post stories, because let`s face it the past is awesome and Equestria can`t be harmed by becoming 20% cooler!
Any creativity is good creativity so post your Dino/pony here!

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I have had thought about creating a story involving dinosaurs in Equestria, but I didn't think I'd be able to do so:ajsleepy:. However, after watching a few movies and seeing some new ones that are coming out soon, I suppose I can give it a try:twilightsmile:. I'm already planning on making an MLP story version of a certain Disney movie that I saw, and haven't seen for quite a long time, and I justknow that it's gonna be epic!:rainbowdetermined2:

I was going to join, until I saw...

Equestria can`t be harmed by becoming 20% cooler!

by becoming 20% cooler!

20% cooler!


I'm not a dinosaur, but I do bite.

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