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robo right handed betting maker. ( AKA Mr.H from 'WiiU')


Who remembers this old show?? · 4:40pm Aug 21st, 2020

this is an old show that sort of inspired me to start cooking. i know its a little strange but all shows are like that. i mean look at sponge bob square pants. that is the most strangest show there is.

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helping out a friend in need. · 5:26pm Apr 16th, 2020

hey guys and gals who fallow me for one reason or another. this blog goes out to someone in need of help. thanks to this stupid corvid-19 bug it makes things even more harder for him for more info please fallow the link.
I hope in my hart that there is some out there that can lend a hand in need. I know I would.

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I'm the bet maker. bets Rules. · 1:07am Feb 23rd, 2020

hey my followers. i'm making this post to let you all know something. I make bets on this site. and they are for fun so don't worry about losing money. but I do have rules about my bets.
1: I don't let righters make bets on there own stories. very unfair for others.
2: bets are closed when the next chapter is up.
3: I do not take bribes. very unfair for others to.

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syill working on first story. · 9:23pm Jan 13th, 2018

hey my followers. still working on the first chapter but please try & bare it. I'm doing my best in making it jest as good as 2 others that I like a lot.
But if you all need the calming then here's the title of the story. 'The Fore World Adventures'. So please try & keep calm ok. :twilightsmile:

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Working on a story. · 10:10pm Sep 25th, 2017

Hey guys & gals who fallow me. jest thought I'd let you all know on what I'm doing.
can't give out many spoilers at this point but I can say this.
you better grab you're hammer, lace up you're shoes, charge up you're spells & shine up you're hair because fore hero's are gonna join forces in an upcoming adventure :twilightsmile: :raritywink:

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