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"It is my sworn duty to protect the harmony of the Haremverse but if ones so salty try to disrupt this harmony in any way, THO SHALL GET RIGIDITY WREAKED BITCH BOI!"

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My feeling what's about to go down in the next chapter

I think I'm ready for more Is like having a bunch of food on a table in a sign says all you can eat in front of Goku

This is your hard work my words means nothing in the grand scheme of it all as long as you enjoy writing you will always have my thumbs up maybe one day you'll do a update to Z.B.S.L: Zack's Big Sexy Ladies

OK, now I'm interested. I know that a lot of people have this thing about unreal humans end up in Equestira but I only have a problem when it's not done right. On that note, you did a go job introducing him, most have that problem. ( Dare say that I might have that problem too) I feel like you let us see enough of his character form the unspoken aspects, now I hope we will get some back story as he explores the world he is in. (Or is this a cross over?)
Well think you. I hope it continues to entertain. Enjoy number 140 on my shelve.

Thank you for the kind words and this is not a crossover story but there are some elements from other media that you'll find out later

Well this looks interesting. *Sips Tea* I am quite eager to read more.

I have informed Flare personally of your worship

So far the dynamic of the main character and his companion is what drew me in *Sips Tea* I quite enjoy a good snarky duo character dynamic.

*eating some popcorn* can't wait to see how other members of the mane six will react seeing this im betting twilight will go in her crazy like state

This seems interesting. I'm getting some Honedge (Pokemon) vibes from the sword.

My thoughts as I read the story:

'Okay, the detail is good. That's usually a promising sign.'

'Yeah, I'm definitely getting a good feel of what the environment is. Not many pay much attention to the little things about what makes a good fic.'

*snrk* 'poor guy, that sucks. I'm glad I'm a solid six foot.'

'A put-things-in-hair contest between Pinky and Roni. Just throwing that out there.'

'Is Rainbow more playful? Maybe.'

'HAHA, Jesus that sword gained a few levels of awesome. Oh, that's gotta burn!'

'So how is it pronounced? Ron-nee or Ron-eye?'

'I'm getting Assassin's Creed Origins god boss dialogue vibes. This is kinda sweet!'

'Motomeru and RD are going to get along juuuuussst fiiiiine.'

'I know Dash is brash but this is kinda reaching asshole.'

So far so good. I'm liking this a lot! I'll track it.

If Discord is a guy still I bet he set off Rainbow and a lot of other mares even more you know what with being an almost all powerful god.

That would be funny as hell:rainbowlaugh:

I just might do that and just have Eris be his daughter

Inspired by The Scent? Oh boy... this, I have to read...

Maybe have Discord and his potentially daughter be the draconequus version of Alicorns?

Sorry if that came out of nowhere it’s just when there’s more than one draconequus I like for there to be a reason for Discord to be as powerful as he is if the others of his race aren’t not that that’s much of problem if there’s only two again sorry for bringing this up

Wow a song in your fan fic that’s pretty cringe bro
But other than that I think this has a lot of potential keep up the good work my dude!

So uhhh, this story gunna make it past 3 chapters? You got a lot of dead stories

Ok, you got my attention now, just don't go overboard with this super hero vibe ok?

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