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The title says it all:derpytongue2::ajsmug::rainbowlaugh:.

Upon seeing a good bunch of my other friends creating groups that involved around them making a club of their own, I went and decided that I should make one of my own for many to enjoy. Just so you know, I'm not really doing this for fame and all that other shit. I just wanna create a group for people who know me, or don't can feel welcome and either wanna share stores or just hang out with me:twilightsmile:. If any of you have read my bio on my user page, or saw any comments I left on stories, then you should expect what to get from me, as well as what will happen of you overstep. This is a group has also been designed where everyone is supposed to be kind, gentle, caring, non-judgmental and understanding towards one another, and most of all, give one another support and advice on things that are troubling them. Not to be mean, cruel, cold, judgmental, patronizing, and most especially a bully or a troll:twilightangry2:. You'd better believe I'm gonna be keeping a watchful eye out for that, especially those two in particular. So as long as you don't go to that length, everything should be good here and we'll along fine. Because as I said on my bio, I'm choosy on who I talk to and associate with. And if you guys do cross that boundary...well, don't say that I didn't warn you.

Oh, and for those who are curious about the golden saber-tooth head, that's my OC's cutie mark:raritywink:.

1. No spamming, flaming, bullying, or trolling of any kind.

2. Be kind and respectful to all in this group, no being rude or hateful towards others. Most of all to those that are sensitive and delicate.

3. No bashing, hating, and criticizing others who write fics involving darkness, violence, gore, horror, or, most of all, clop. Clop especially. I cannot stress the last one enough:facehoof:!

4. Violation of the three rules above will lead to you getting one warning only, then a temporary ban or a permanent band.

5. Stories rating M and Anthro are allowed. Just be sure to put them in the correct folder, along with the ones that have the E or T Rates on them. I never really had a thing for Anthro stories, but I will allow them in this group as well.

6. Crossover fics are allowed, just put them in the Crossover folder, regardless if they are E, M, or T Rated.

7. If you have any stories you believe I will enjoy, please put them in the recommendations folder. I'm mainly a thriller, action, and adventure type of guy, but I wouldn't mind reading stories with other genres:twilightsmile:.

8. Please do not put your stories in the folder that says 'Golden Fang's Stories' in them. I won't get mad if you do it by accident. I'll just either move them to the correct folder or PM you about it. Or you can do it instead, whichever suits you.

9. Have fun, and be sure to give each other lots of kindness, love, and support, and make all feel welcome:heart:!!! Otherwise, you will awaken the wrath of the Saber-Tooth within me:flutterrage:!!! (It may sound rather metaphorical, but you know what I mean.)

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