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Nerd, Geek, and Dork rolled into one happy burrito!

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The Bucket List [of Hot Sauce]

Stuff I'd like to accomplish!

[ ] Have 10 Followers
[ ] Have 25 Followers
[ ] Have 50 Followers

[ ] Have a story featured

[/] Write a mega-crossover (workin' on it)
[ ] Write a story with more than 10k words total
[ ] Write a chapter with more at least 5k words
[ ] Write a comedy
[ ] Write a romance

[ ] Go to Bronycon
[ ] Meet a brony/FiMFiction user in person

[x] Join 10 groups
[ ] Join 25 groups
[ ] Join 50 groups
[x] Make a group

About the Burrito

Hi, y'all!

I am Boogaloo10, a nerdy, geeky, and dorky writer/artist who makes an effort to be nice to everyone. I really like crossovers, comedies, and sad stories, so that's what I'll mostly be writing.

Some things about me:

  • I love all kinds of food, not just burritos. They just make such good metaphors.
  • I am lesbian, as well as both asexual and demisexual.
  • I'm a bit of a grammar freak.
  • You can also find me on Scratch as Boogaloo10.
  • I can be described as OwO (that's what my friends do)!

My life in emojis:

(Some of) My Fandoms

  • My Little Pony (obviously)
  • Star Wars/Star Trek/Stargate
  • Firefly (also Serenity)
  • Marvel (MCU; I don't have any of their comics)
  • DC (Certain comics, like Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, and a few TV shows; I try not to watch their movies (but there are a few exceptions))
  • Batman: TAS
  • Psych
  • Warehouse 13
  • LotR/The Hobbit (read the Hobbit, still working on LotR; seen all of the movies (but it's been a while))
  • Disney animated things in general
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • The Dragon Prince
  • Sailor Moon

(Man, I still have so many more fandoms...)

My MLP Ships

Dr. Whooves x Derpy
Starlight x Trixie
Sunburst x Flash Sentry

So... that's it! Why don't you go read some fanfics now?

Such as...
My Debut Fic
My Favorite Fics
Or go on an adventure and find a new story!

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