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Father Figure

All my friends do.

Wanna play games, and help me?

Probably not? Okay!

But if you do, add me on "League of Legends" under MisterCables!
Now I know what you're saying "But I don't have it, Cables!" but that's okay, because you can sign up, right here!
League of Legends
Which is also a referral link, which helps me not waste my money on superficial vanity items in game!

Story suggestions?

Someone please just throw story suggestions at me, I'm running out of things to read, and I find a suggestion from someone always makes me wonder why they want me to read that story specifically, whereas I find it hard to just start reading something new out of the blue.

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Comment posted by Father Figure deleted Nov 7th, 2018

Tea or coffee?

Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch!

1751205 Yeah, well I'm trying my best. Writing is hard work, but a lot of it comes naturally. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

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