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Faded Echelon

I am going to start uploading fanfictions. I don't know how often, but I will be uploading them.

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Sorry about the long wait guys. I'm working as best I can on chapter 6 of my story. I'm just struggling with what I want to do and how to execute what I have planned. Hang with me, I'm not going to end my story. I'm alive and writing, even after a month of struggle. Hopefully I'll be able to get the next chapter out soon. Being my first fanfiction I've ever written, let alone published, I am very pleased with the positive responses. I hope you all continue to enjoy, once I get around to actually writing more of the story. Thanks guys! Your all awesome, so keep being you.

1762857 Bring her on. XD Though, I'm still under the legal drinking age where I live, so keep the cops away while we go a few rounds.

1761796 I shall have to refer you to my drinking champion, Berry Punch.

1760740 Your welcome. Thanks for the great tips for clop stuff. i'll be sure to use them.
Also, you may be Shakspearicles, but once drunk, I turn into Beercules, the world's strongest drunk.

Thanks for the Follow!

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