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For depictions of drugs, intoxication, and the shadier side of Equestria in general.

Alcohol, Hard Drugs, Pony Weed, and Psychedelics are exactly what they say on the tin. Miscellaneous is for stories that do not fit such clear-cut divisions.

Grimdark is for drug-related stories with darker themes, such as abuse, prostitution, addiction, overdose, and so on.

RWI is full of stories I would want to read on drugs, normally psychedelics.

Submissions is for user submissions, natch. Read the announcement here.

Have fun~!

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Intoxicated Ponies. Some fun, right there ..

My kind of group. Psychedelic drugs are fun. :derpytongue2:

I have been waiting for a group about this forever now.

my body is ready

And the story hasn't even got to that yet! Oh god. The every-form-of-alcohol ever shall flow! It's mostly alcohol. But a bit of something more might slip in~

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