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Since I'm lazy and I don't want to write another long group-tailored announcement, read the Mystery + Noir announcement first:

I've been away from FiMFiction for a while, but I still check in every so often. Before leaving, I set the permissions on folders to Admin, as I didn't want to deal with examining folders for stories people had submitted and determining if they made the cut. I'm not sure why I didn't add Submissions in the first place, but I'm rectifying this mistake. Since I haven't been looking through stories, this group's throughput has been cut to zero, and that's detrimental to everyone involved, to noir fans and authors alike. This submissions folder is for any member of the group (it would be open to anyone, but the site interface doesn't support this), anyone who sees stories that match this group's themes, and any author who wants to promote their mystery or noir story here. I will periodically check back in and evaluate whatever stories are submitted to this folder to add them to the group proper.

In addition, I will probably add another folder for stories that match the group's themes but don't match my own standards of quality. This means the Equestria Noir series, for example. If I recall correctly, that series has a good following, and while I dislike it for a number of reasons, it is a detriment to the group and the stories that are featured by it to not advertise on similarly-themed stories, no matter the quality (or my personal valuation of it, anyways). If this sounds mercenary or self-serving, it totally is, and I don't see why that's a bad thing as that's probably how a lot of bad stories become popular. This group was fairly low-maintenance to begin with, and artificially cutting that maintenance to zero is to everyone's detriment. I hope this group can recover what little activity it had in order to give its featured stories some more love.

This same system will apply to the PWI group, although I doubt there will be as much mercenary promotion. Though this group has a higher member count, I think it's safe to say that stories featuring drugs (although this group is for any stories that contain drugs as a major thematic, story, or character element) have a much lower readership, and drug-centric stories will not be nearly as popular, whether they meet my personal standards or not. Any changes made to the Mystery + Noir group will be applied here as well, so no matter my own opinion on the popularity of drug-related stories, if there is to be a folder for less-than-enticing stories in Noir, there will be one here as well. This would be motivated less by mercenary advertisement, and more for the consideration of my own personal taste differing from others who may want to see stories here that I would otherwise not allow.

I will probably also make a Tree Hugger folder, as that pony is drugs come to life. Damn, son.

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