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A single monster hunter, in a region she can barely survive, advising a lone guardsmare, who’s not even supposed to be here, on how to defend a town neither of them are familiar with, against a threat nopony knows. Welcome to the Parks and Wilderness Guard.

Originally written as a greentext for /mlp/'s Royal Guard Mare Thread. 2nd person version can be found here.

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I'm guessing the "monster" is a human. I wonder what he is doing in the desert alone.

Uh... What exactly are you trying to say here?

That is a bot account advertising. Just report it.

As for the story, the characters are interesting. I'm invested enough to want to see where this goes.

Read the first 6 chapters yesterday and immediately jumped on the green text version to continue reading, and after hitting the end of it, I must say that this is really darn good.
The characters are loveable, the mysteries are intriguing and the action is quite packed.
Also, I love it when there's a language barrier, rather than English somehow being a universally spoken language.
I'll be eagerly looking forward to more.
Thanks for the awesome read.

Unless the, presumed, human fell for the same dust devil, it doesn't make any sense for it to live here but have sightings to the north of the Macintosh Mountains. Unless he has a portal to the other side of the mountains, or there are two different humans.

Damnation! Does this creature never quit?!


I wonder why the humans are assigned the same danger level as wild alicorns and Discord? At least this one didn't show any powers to put him on the same tier yet. Then again, Angel Bunny is on The List too so it's not just about pure strength.

This is a fantastic story. The writing is top-notch, the characters are amazing, and every new plot point ends up having a satisfying payoff.
Seriously, great work!
I look forward to every new chapter.

I love when stories have a language barrier between ponies and humans. It's an underrated trope.

He probably had a good guess he wasn't on a human planet that he knew about. Ya know, sandipedes and ponies and all. Still must suck to get confirmation that you are indeed the only human on the planet.

Well now, that would be very welcome if there was a mountain pass. Now we have to wonder what is happening on Fruit Punch's side of things.

I'm enjoying the little friendship developing here. Shared adversity can build trust and understanding. The big question remains. What's up with this Sand Witch and the monster in the mines? They are obviously related in some fashion and I'm guessing that the witch is trying to be helpful in their own way.

I'm sorry, what?! How the heck would anypony know the Sand Witch is an alicorn? Why is there a random alicorn hanging in the desert?

Where else would a wild alicorn that has seemingly gone insane from her, most likely self inflicted, ascension hang out if not the desert?

Remember what The List said:

There’s a whole genre of folk stories about regular ponies who, by magic or alchemy or a deal with Tirek, obtain the power of the Alicorns, only to accidentally destroy their home towns and end up as haunting spectres in the wilderness.

I honestly wrote that off because I didn't think it would be relevant or come back up. Silly me. So wow, that'll be interesting.

“Y’know, maybe this won’t be so bad after all.”

Famous last words, Graycier.

Welp, had something all typed up, hit the wrong button and it's all gone. Basically, still enjoying the story and I'm guessing it's coming to an end soon. Though if things pan out I think a sequel with Glacier and Anonymous would be nice. I wonder what they would talk about once he speaks Equestrian.

The greentext is still ongoing at least.
Personal wishes, with a slight spoiler below.

After making it through the battle and getting patched up, I'd love to see Gray, Fruit and Anon form a new squad that takes orders directly from Princess Twilight.
Dealing with entities from The List™, with some fun and cute slice-of-life stuff between their adventures.

Well, I guess since Anon is charging with the sword, Anon to the rescue? No idea if they will drive the sandwyrm away or will kill it, but I can't wait.

I'm guessing the guard will deal with that beast in the mines when backup arrives. Can't leave that so close to the town. Just what will happen with Anon and the Sand Witch? I'm enjoying this so far and I'm glad there is more to it.

A nice bit of levity after that banger of a battle.
Everything about the sand wyrm chapters were good, from the suspense, to the struggle, to the hope of escape and then hopelessness of it all when faced with such a clever beast.
But seeing everything from way earlier in the story coming together, from Pollen's hydra tactic, to Anon's pro-throwing skills, to the way a unicorn fights with a greatsword, all of it converging together to one final climax of a combination attack was just pure *Mwah!* Chef's Kiss.

One would hope so.
I don't recall if the fate of the wyrm was mentioned in the greentext or not, though it could be a part of the future green update, seeing as it will be dealing with them reporting about Anon and their adventure straight to the big boss herself.

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