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Chapter 3: Male/Female straight sex, magical genital enhancement, slight femdom, genital swap (guy gets a vagina), futa on cuntboy(?) sex, hymen breaking, magical bondage, cunnilingus, cum inflation, and worst of all: consensual sex in the missionary position.

consensual sex in the missionary position! consensual sex in the missionary position!!!

I'm looking forward to read the next part when it comes out. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

7768514 if you think that's unacceptable you will not like what I have planned

7768694 NO Thx U! My mind been rape enought.

7779338 This is the internet. Symptoms like that are normal enough, so long as it doesn't stay that way for more than 72 hours.

Awesome chapter! Cock vore is great, non-fatal cock vore is even better, and transformation as a result is a really hot idea I've never seen before. Great work!

...When this anniversary week thing is done, I half expect she'll lend him to Luna and Celestia to cock-vore and release him, just to see how he changes from them.

7793429 thanks, I got the idea from this fic (on fimfiction, NSFW), where the pred gained some assets from the prey, but I thought this route was a bit less "mary sue-ish" than our Anon getting a real horn. I don't think I'll have him get anything more than mild telekinesis.

7794517 if you click "this" in my comment it will take you to that fic. It's called "The Experiment".

7794573 Ah, okay. The link text blended in with the background so i didn't see it.

So many yous and yours like a its a full on blaming game

Nice story. I like the cockvore chapter and that DNA mix up add some twist and flavor to the plot. Looking forward for more.

This is amazing. @_@

Your stuff is so good.

You messed up the end of an italics tag, so most of the chapter is itialicized.

It's actually amazing how rare this particular kink is: two people fused with one being a living cock of sorts. I enjoy it every time I see it, this time being no exception. I'm definitely curious to see what happens next.

I'd say leave impregnating the Royal Sisters for a sequel, should you do one.
It kind of breaks up the way it's supposed to be about 'you' and Twilight.

As for impregnating Twilight, that's a definitive YES!!!

Nice new chapter. Glad to see Luna in this one. Happy New Year!

Can someone give me a link cover art? (it has to be from derpibooru)

"Drink that," she says, as you fumble to catch it. "It'll make sure you're okay during the process."

what would have happened if he didn't drink it?

8051194 painful digestion and less of a possibility that he survives it


i like it so far can't wait to see where this goes.

sweet and cute read.

That was so awesome and funny.

That was awesome!!!!!!!!screw all the hatter to ghis story it's awesome.

that was so sweet and awesome read.

I hope they did inpregnate Luna and Celestia is next so they can make a awesome. herd.

jizz blizzard is now my favorite term in anything ever

Please continue. I need it.

I have one last sex scene to write for the last chapter, then I'm writing a (hopefully) short epilogue, and I will release both at the same time. I've actually tried to work on it a bit more, since my goal is to finish before the 1-year anniversary of me starting the story (and also on kevinsano's birthday). I might just wait and drop it on that day overall, since it would make sense and gain some more traction that way.

Omg love this and eagerly waiting the finale

This was not bad. Could have gone into more detail for some of the nights fetishes (the boob growth/boobjob [while good, could have used a bit more], cock tf fucking luna [I feel like it could have been expanded more. Imagine getting a handjob, then imagine that but your whole body and every pump elicits thousands of positive synapses. Her pussy should have felt euphoric as all hell and I don't feel like it was conveyed that way. I was being told that it felt good, rather than shown it was], the growth at the end of the sizeplay chapter) but for what it's worth, the stories are well done. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy any of these stories, I was able to do so just fine, but I feel like every chapter was on the cusp of something great with just a bit more detail.

Personally, I would have liked it if Twilight was a bit more considerate in letting you fuck her rather than subjugating you with very little consent (at least at the start) as a part of her kinky experimentation. Then again, this story isn't written for me (I read it because it does feature a lot of my favorite fetishes) so I cannot complain much here.

I do want to point out that it does become difficult to follow the size differences/changes as several numbers get thrown around but context (think of this as "a frame of reference I could put this in" [for example, four inches tall could be the size of her index finger from knuckle to nail]) for these comes and goes. It's also difficult to keep track of how big Twilight is compared to you until you get to around chapter five part one, which makes enjoying some chapters challenging as Twilight is constantly changing some object's size every chapter.

I am curious to see how you will end the story though.

"It's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit."

i acutaly laughed for about and hour after i couldn't stop after 10 minutes i started timeing it

im not kidding

Wow, never thought that I would see this story finished, got to say I LOVE how it turned out, thought I hope that you make a sequel to it, after all youot both Luna and Twilight pregnant so there should be more to come, like as in a sequel to this story

that was nice... I'll need to reread it later to remember the plot.

Why did you give me 9 notifications for a single story?

9? Try 24. Get on my level.

Personally, Twilight didn't seem all that concerned for Anon or his well-being (apart from getting his consent and reassuring him that she loves him), and that was kind of a turn-off for me. The rest of the story was hot as hell, but I guess I'm just burnt out on the countless HiE stories out there where ponies shit all over the human and the punchline boils down to "Ha ha, the human is suffering, let's all act like sociopaths." Not that this story follows that path, but Twilight's attitude strayed a bit too close for my comfort. 8/10, I came.

what I've seen cant be unseen, so why not.

Not as weird as I was expecting. Not really my thing but was still pretty hot.

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