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The one German who is lazy for real.

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Journey? never heard of it. But as soon as i read Albion i though of this

Also I liked to mention that this story was originally was written in German.

Well, make sure you have an native English speaker to edit/proofread then.:moustache: Preferably one with a stylish moustache.:eeyup:

Some useless fact: The term, "Mad as a hatter", originated in the 1800's. Hatters back in the day used to use mercury in the tailoring of the hats. The insanity they suffered was a result of inhaling retarded amounts of mercury fumes. So remember kids, if you want to make somebody less boring, put mercury in their pillow, and watch science at its most fun.


Nice story!:pinkiehappy: I can tell that this is going to get very popular, looking at the cover and stuff. Also because of the setting, not many story's take place outside of Equestria for sum reason:applejackunsure:

Darn! I thought I'd be the first commenter:ajbemused:

Excellent 1st chapter, a proofreader could easily clear up any errors and it'd be perfect! PM me if you need one, I'm always looking for something to keep myself occupied.:pinkiehappy:

Thank goodness I'm not the only one who got that.

:rainbowlaugh: I like this guy already! I won't ever forget the numerous times I got into trouble by talking back, usually with some remark perceived to be an insult.

It's interesting so far, but a bit difficult to read. A proofreader whose native language is English would definitely help this story.

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I really enjoy this story so far and I'm suprised at how fast you updated. There is just one thing in the chapter that annoyed me:

“Doesn’t matter Bronze, you know the law. He has been drinking, his breath is more than proof enough.”

The sentence confuses me, I'm not sure if you are seriously suggesting that one of the reasons that the sheriff arrested him for having a drink in a bar or that the sheriff was just pointing out that his breath smells. I mean really? Hes in a bar, in case you didn't know bars purposefully sell alcohol with the intention for people to drink it:rainbowlaugh:
I am rather sleep deprived as I write this so I'm not sure if I sound like a complete idiot/jerk so I apoligise in advance if you take offense to this comment as I am not sure how you would react to criticism/rants:twilightblush:


I'm suprised at how fast you updated

Chapter 2 was almost finished by the point I posted the story. I wanted to have something done when I publish.

To the small drink he had...
Consider the Broken Laylands as an Area like the wild west, shoot, then ask the questions. If a stranger makes trouble, you arrest him before something worse happens. There is more, but can't tell because it would spoiler the story.

2045945 Ahhh that makes more sense now sorry for bothering :)

Indeed. You're looking at a leftover of the German original.
I think he's called Baloo, what in my opinion is nearly the same and I don't know why the translators changed it anyway.
But yeah, in German the Show isn't called "TailSpin" but "Captain Baloo and his daring Crew". What, if you ask me, sounds better.

OK, I talk too much.Just a bit trivia.

YEEEHHAAAAA!!! Now I can read the Story in English, too :twilightsmile:


That you did *throws the dog a cookie*

great chapter! keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

i don't really have any suggestions other than i want them to arrive in ponyville within the next 3 chapters or so.

(\ any time Tio, enjoying the story! :moustache:

Everybody loves a good brawl!

Albion? Do I sense a Fable reference?

2103083 I know, but I was wondering if the game influenced his decision to name it that.


No, Fable hasn't much to do with this. Albion is a often used name for many fantasy worlds and
I decided to use it since it is in fact an old name for England. Canterlot, the capital of Equestria, is a pun on Camelot, which is also
an old English city. If you believe wikipedia, it really existed. Today its called Colchester.

2105739 I know what Camelot is...

King Arthur haha


I didn't mean to say you don't. Just wanted to have the thought complete.

great chapter once again! keep up the good work my kind sir:moustache:

i'd love to see thiemo angry sometime:rainbowlaugh:

Is that suppossed to be a duck...?:rainbowhuh:

Lol, never mind, I forgot what I was going to say when I saw the platypus:derpyderp2:

I think you need to reply to him to get a response.



This looks pretty cool.

great chapter once again! keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

very cool Kry, here to your newest undertaking /)

"go for it and never let up"

Just wow!
Amazing story !
And amazing characters !
Thank you for sharing it with us ! :twilightsmile:

One question: what it color of Aura eyes ? Did not find it in text.
And another one: so he killed Hildegard de-facto ?

I like the "Journey To the West" references. it was my favorite story when I was small.
Also, THE MONKEY GOD BANANARAMA! Hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:


They are blue. Orange Filly with a white mane and blue eyes.
And Hildegard is not dead. She's a minotaur. She can withstand some damage. Also, birds fly low in the desert, because of the heat, so it wasn't that much of a drop in the pond.

:pinkiegasp: Update !
Squee ! :pinkiehappy:

As to Hildegard - I mean he dropped her in the middle of nowhere and no one know where to search for her (he did not tell the sheriff). If she is not familiar with that particular oasis to find her bearings - she is dead.


Well, never said he's a saint ^^

Another darn good chapter. Still wandering how he makes those talismans and how they work, but i'm assuming that will be answered in a later chapter, in any case i shall gladly wait for my question to be answered. Keep up the good work, can't wait for more :pinkiesmile:.

You already know that I like your story, but I know that it is always pleasant for author to hear praise :) - so here it goes again: the story is brilliant :)
As to suggestions - I cannot suggest - it is your story, but I hope that you have main story plot sketched already however vague that sketch could be (it means for readers that the story will be more consistent and more likely will be finished) and that mane 6 will have as small as possible role in the story (that's personal hope and it will likely contradict most of your readers opinions, but I am tired of mane6 stories, I want more ponies but something unique and original, like yours story). Sadly, there is very small amount of quality OC stories with live characters here.
And as a remark: somehow every time I see Journey update or simply see it’s cover in my favs – I remember “I’m Aura and this here is just my moron dad who doesn’t know when to shut his yapper.” – frankly that dialogue is by now the best part. The second is of course "monkey god Bananarama" :pinkiehappy:

i just finished the story....it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:derpytongue2:

great chapter once again:twilightsmile: keep up the good work!

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