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The one German who is lazy for real.

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only 63 Chapters ahead as of now... hf translating^^

No it is not. I would like to stay human. Not change into a pony.

Although I understand German pretty well, I really hope you'll post the other translated chapters here. Otherwise it would be.. how do you say.. Blödsinn... :rainbowwild:

I like this... The fact that there is a German version is cool, because I am tryng to learn the language so I like to pop up the English version if I ever have trouble with a word.

Ooof... matey, I'm generally at least tolerant of HiE fics but I must request you find someone to edit this. The text walls are awful.


Every Chapter will be translated.Otherwise it really would be ... Blödsinn, dumm oder Sinnlos ;)

1389688 Great! Can't wait for more then! :twilightsmile:

Is the image intentionally remniscient of a classic Final Fantasy cover?

It should, because it is a Final Fantasy reference. I'm a huge Fan of the series and I thought, why not make the cover look like it.

the shit goes english ^^
you know me tio i love this story :yay:


Good luck ^^ German is not so hard to learn.

"giant tuffed Pikachu" joe there is a "s" lost ^^

there is someone walking behind you look at me you got faved

I am intrigued, while self insert stories are quite frequent on this sight (assuming this is a self insert). All the same, you have piqued my interests, favorited for the purpose of tracking, and good luck, the translation is quite well done.

Oh, I was hoping to find another one of these stories, First Pony View is one of my favourites. I'm liking this story a lot.

1389908 Shhhh... to needlessly panic the herd is the sign of a week hunter. That said, are you this guy's translator? Because its quite good, but there are a few awkwardly phrased sentences and a few words that may not have an exact 1 to 1 translation.

On the story itself however, has anyone here ever read Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, because if you have, all I can say is the family is taking this change much better than the family in aforementioned story.

The translation and grammar in this chapter has suffered quite a bit, but perhaps you intend to have it refined in the future?


Well no i am not the translater because my english sucks ^^
but i am in the Story...wait for chapter 25

My translator is not even a Brony. I looked quite some time for a translator and 'Beks', that's his Nickname, was kind enough to do this finally. After he send me the first two Chapters he also claimed he has read the German version quite a bit and likes it. That was a huge praise for me, that even non bronies likes it.

I also have a second translator who will switch with Beks. His Nickname is "Darth Keks (Darth Cookie)". I don't even know if he's a brony or not but he also has read the story to at least chapter 56 in German. They will switch every 5 chapters because the story will have 100 Chapters when its done. Thats quite much, too much for one alone I figured.

The biggest problem we have is that we are all Germans and only learned English in school. It would be really helpful to have a Editor whose native language is English. Maybe in time some will be found for that task.

(Again, don't mind my bad English, especially the grammar. That is why I don't translate myself.)

i don't really like the story but the way he told it was really good but i don't perticully like it my self but its written good *claps*

Is there gonna be some pony action anytime soon?

So, I just finish reading the update for Want me, Need me, Love me, head back to my page, and then see that this story updated. I could die today and be happy.

1402853 I don´t want to spoil anything but yes alot actually

1389891 lol, Ich fachtea noua ainbition doitch (I dont know how to spell in German, so just word it out...)

Note to self: Murder Nils.

1440739 Well, as a student of a foreign leader, Twilight Sparkle would have diplomatic immunity.
Also, I wonder if Fluttershy knows about Trent?

After you're call at youtube, i read the first chapters and will support you now! :)

very nice tio :p!!!
schöne grüße aus frankfurt :)

This Story is a masterpiece and brings back the faith to stories, which include a meeting of humans and ponies. I am at chapter 68 right now and will continue reading it until it ends. Tio is one hell of a writer and he earns the respect for this story :ajsmug:

aaaaaannnnd you got featured...again ^^

Edit: FIRST!!!

Well, thank you. And I must also thank you for your 3 masterpieces of fanart :twilightsmile:
Will link them here in the future.


We are at the beginning of the story. It will take a few chapters to build up the plot so the adventure can begin.
It's not like: "OK here I'm, so lets go in an old temple and fight evil monsters."

my god in the English version applejack has an accented :pinkiegasp:

Can you per chance find me a link to the original all on one page so that I may read it on my kindle? Warte, warum schreib ich das englisch... Kannst du mir einen Link zum Original auf einer einzigen Seite oder in einem einzigem Dokument schicken, sodass ich es auf meinem Kindle lesen kann?

1392271 The guy in Metamorphosis didn't actually change. He just went nuts and believed he changed.

Der Link zum Forenbeitrag wo alle bis jetzt 77 veröffentlichten Kapitel zu finden sind ist in der Beschreibung.

1579429 Da müsste ich aber 77 dateien runterladen und in eine einzige datei kompilieren. Das dauert lange. Oder ich könnte meinen Kindle mit 77 einzeldateien zumüllen. Das wär mist... Ich würde das erste machen... in ein paar wochen, irgendwann mal. bestimmt. und dann dir irgendwie zuschicken, damit du es kindlefreundlich veröffentlichen kannst. Aber es wär mir sehr lieb wenn du einen "Alles auf einer Seite" Link veröffentlichen könntest.

Da keine solche Datei existiert müsste ich auch alles zusammen kopieren.

Truekry dude may I ask how does Twilight have a pegasus foal because I never thought she would fall for a Pegasus unless he was an for lak of a better word Geek.
Don't get me wrong some of my favorite ships are (SoarinXAJ) and (FlutterXMac)

Also :yay: first

From the summary alone, this sounds like it'd be a good candidate for my group "The Hero... Nightmare Moon?"

Will need to read later, but would like to know you're thoughts on the matter truekry

Oh he shouldn't have touched that guitar

"oh yea if there's one thing AJ won't stand for it ponies using lost loved one's things without permission."

aawww...that was a cute date:pinkiehappy:

Seeing as how this is being translated, might I suggest an English editor? There are quite a few grammar errors here and there.

Wow not the reaction I would have thought.

"last time I touched one of AJ's father's things I got jumped by Applebloom."

But D'awww worthy nonetheless.

Who's the foal in your avatar picture?


Congrats on being featured :twilightsmile:

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