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Yea yea... I posted this story knowing full well how many people would think this.

Omg the clichés everywhere o_O

There is nothing original at all in the story so far. And you can't even build characters interractions or world with chapters this short.


You raise fair points.

When I started writing this story, I was not very good at it. This is pretty much the same story with a few altercations made.

i think you should countinue this :D i want too see some applejack X OC :ajsmug:

Story Approver

I've seen some blatant cliches, but I think this is the first one that has openly announced it as such...

And not to be an asshole, but if you know it's bad, why release this first? Chapter lengths are entirely too short at first glance, the largest one is just a hair over 1,400 words... Prepare thy anus, fair warning.

I like this story. It's good, it's original to a degree. 3.7 Stars if i could

Well you can always count the one in the chamber. Forsome reason I was trained with a 1911 acp .45. It sucks to take apart and put back togather like 50 times in one hour.

Before you ask, there won't be any clop, at least not directly. The sex will be hinted at heavily, but it's all behind closed documents.

It's depressing that people downvoted this when I think it's a fair voting. Butthurt much?

As we on /mlp/ have started saying; my angus is peppered.


I can honestly field strip my pistol in roughly twenty seconds. That includes clearing any jams, wiping it down, and putting it back together.

This is good. I can't find any EOD stories. Save for mine who one of the characters is an EOD Tech/Sapper

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Awesome story bro really felt like I was there:derpytongue2:

Its good but please make It longer


One of the things that makes my story original-ish.

Yes hilarious age, species and gender swap.

Also... M60? How about... M134 minigun :)

Good sir, it appears that I'm too weak to hold up a minigun! Still, you're the first person to suggest me having a minigun on any of the websites I have this story on. :moustache:

Can never go wrong with an M60, beautifully made weapon

What if he asked for the mark 3 Ironman suit or a mark 6 Mjolnir Armor from the Halo series would that have been duable for Dawn?


Ehh... Not really. Dawn's not going to give a human who's probably a little psychotic at the moment something that would pretty much make him invulnerable.

'Sides, that's not only been done before, but Mark would have to take the time to learn how to use it.


eh. I thought it was funny but anywhoo.

So... These chapters, how many can we expect a day?


Until I can get caught up to what the one I'm working on, at least three to five. :pinkiehappy:

(I'm on chapter 57)

Some people can write. Me... It's tough man it truly is tough.


Before I began truly liking what I write, it was hard for me, too.


:derpytongue2: This video pretty much sums up how I make chapters;

3456821 i meant that i was seeing forward to some romance,thats all :D

There's gonna be some with AJ, if you know what I mean (SFW version, sadly):ajsmug:

Hey, don't be too hard on yourself. I personally enjoy it much.

I WILL NOT bring you a fucking nuclear missile.

Now I want a nuke...
... I'm kidding


Trust me, I'm not being hard on myself.
(The later chapters are a lot better, tbh.):pinkiehappy:

I heard a now familiar crack and inwardly rolled my eyes as I slipped back into unconsciousness.

You bastard! How could you make Pinkie do that to him?

damn! And I was just about to finish a new chapter for one of my fics until this awesome stuff came up.

Please produce more of this great story! I love the Marine Core.

Although I'm a Navy man myself.


Mark has no problems with the Navy, only the Army.


Too weak in his opinion. Remember, the dude's not only a marine, but also EOD. Have to be a PT god to be EOD, as well as SEALs and others.


Yeah SEAL pt is f-Ing ridiculous and fun. Damn I can't wait to get to buds now!


Mark's going out for SEALs training too, pretty soon. Either the beginning of next year or the year after. :derpytongue2:


wait, wait, wait... I thought mark was in Equestria?

but of course he isn't... Well is he going in as a civilian or is he already in the military?

The Colt M1911A1 .45 ACP Semi-automatic Pistol, best damn sidearm ever, don't know why our military started using a 9mm pistol instead, magazine capacity perhaps? Still, 1911 is best gun.


Only thing that's false about Mark is that he blew up :derpytongue2:

(This is completely about my brother, and everything he'd do.)

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