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Norwegian guy who writes stuff. Also plays too much games.


The Lost Chapters: Part 2 is here! and more · 7:55pm Sep 25th, 2014

Heyheyhey, I'm back from the dead. This time with another Lost Chapter for those able to find the password to access it. And the key to the password is as follows:

A province in Tamriel had a large change in terms of climate With the arrival of one of the Elder Scrolls games, from jungle to a more temperate climate. What is the earliest know name for the person credited With the change? The person is credited With this both in the game Oblivion, and in the game Skyrim.

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What ever happened to the first dear diary, did you remove it.

That is only because you're good enough to hide the boodies! I assume so anyway... Better safe than sorry, yes?

no need to worry.
so far it seems that being watched by me is completely safe :pinkiecrazy:

So is the Dear Diary series going to continue in a new series or is this going to just die out as a cliffhanger? I was really hoping to see how they dealt with the changelings.

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