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Too much to write; too little time

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Gg mate... you got me interested.

I have sexual feelings about this. In a platonic way.
Please do continue.

I approve of this method of changeling queen succession, or as I had Zecora state:

“When the changeling queen dies, her life to another flies. If none live when her body retires, the race of changelings forever expires. "

Oh my -- I can already tell that this is going to be a glorious ride!

Great chapter I can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update soon

Mundo keeping tabs on this. Interesting!

Awesome start!

Minor correction, here:

She probably new the instant I had arrived at the hive.

Should be knew.

oh come on finish the stories you already started man what the heck

Under what obligation does he have to?

who said he has an obligation don't take shit so seriously, but you know it'd be nice if he did finish the great and high rated story's that he started years ago that halves his entire reader fan base

Or maybe he can write whatever makes him happy. Because he should enjoy writing, first and foremost.
Either way, this makes me happy, and I'm excited for it. Did you even read it before you commented?


don't take shit so seriously

I shouldn't take shit so seriously? I think you're kind of jumping the gun there.

As for you being nice, that's taking shit too seriously because it seems like you're demanding he should focus on his other works like you own him. I didn't realize you had such power over authors to make them work on stories that have yet to be cancelled. Please, tell me your ways of gaining this power because this seems like a bunch of fun.

Anyways, seeing as you have no understanding of what any person that writes for a fanfiction site, please make sure to read over 8328756 comments. They are of the few people that understand writing, and that we all write whatever we want as it comes to us.

Not gonna lie, things feel a bit over dramatic and Celestia is pretty far out of character. But I'll stick around and see how this goes. I'm a sucker for them clop based redemption fics.

You are unnecessarily hostile towards me, and I haven't even done anything to deserve this (I haven't even resorted to petty insults and you're acting like I'm kicking your puppy). Honestly, were you never loved by your mother enough? Did someone shit in your lucky charms?

As for your "typo" everything you have written has been heavily horrendous to read. Seriously, basic grammar exists for a reason and I think you should learn it.

Anyways, I will not be responding because I was only allowed two extra comments after the first one I made. I hope you learn to act like an adult soon, and have a nice day.

That really big reply is you taking things a bit too seriously. The guy made a complaint, not a demand. I know it is hard to not put your own feelings onto it, but without any specific emphasis you can't really know how he is saying it. Then when confronted, he made a decently coherent reply with reasons for his complaint. And then you bitched him out for putting his opinion on a public site.

Maybe lay off the poor guy? He probably just wants the author to push out some more chapters.you know, seeing as how he pretty much just all but says it.

Remember, friendship and tolerance here. We're all here for a good time. Some just aren't the best at expressing it.


friendship and tolerance

Th-this is Fimfiction we're talking about, right?

Okay... I have to ask... when you said "I was only allowed two extra comments after the first one I made", what did you mean? Like, are your parents watching your online activity? Because if yes, that just raises more questions, seeing as how the name of the first chapter in this story is what it is...

I am seriously fucking curious. I'm willing to bet it is an obvious answer, but man am I missing it.

Because Max only said I could do one to two more comments.

:rainbowderp:......... This prologue hooked me well. I need more. I NEED MORE! :flutterrage: please? :fluttercry:

Celestia walks in unprepared. When she encounters the changeling queen, she immediately starts pleading with her. She jumps at sounds. She goes weak in the legs. She stutters. She trails off in the middle of sentences.

What a strong and wise leader.


Well to be fair she is a pony, a member of a species that evolved in wide open plains (and skies considering the wings) that is currently deep in a dark underground maze, trying to track down a being that is not only perfectly at home there, but is likely going to be hostile and has beaten her twice within the last couple of years.

Also, the stuttering and such at the end of the chapter was due to her expectations being shattered (Chrysalis isn't the same one she fought in the past) and some legitimate horror at the state Chryssi is in right now.


A pony who has fought in any number of wars, has lived for possibly several thousand years and ruled alone for a thousand. Responsible for the day to day survival of the entire world. After this much time and experience, far beyond anything a human can understand, she'd have her basic equine instincts well in line. She'd have to have.

This Celestia was written in a very weak light. She didn't need to show up all fire and angelic choirs demanding this or that, but a cool, calm, regal poise. Full of concern and gentleness would have served the story without altering it and without painting the character in a more submissive position.

That said I'm tracking this. Chryslestia with equal relationship partners, or dominant Celestia is totally my fetish. Far too much submissive Celestia out there...

pft! we all know who would be the dominant one in the relationship here, lets not kid ourselves <3


I know, I already said Celestia. If you're insinuating someling else, we shall have to duel! :trollestia:

Can... can you please put a period after the last word in the description ok thank you bye

No, because you're doing it intentionally.

You even bare the scars of our battle

Bear, as in to carry.

To them, I am the same Chrysalis as the one that led this hive three hundred years ago… and five hundred years ago… a century, even.

I think you meant to put millennium there. A century is 100 years.


Liking this a lot, excited for the next bit. Chrylestia is best ship.

Raspy voice echoing around the dark, shattered throne room was a good image, too, and I liked the idea that the throne shards would still interfere with Celestia's magic, though I'm not sure it entirely fits with how easily they appeared to use magic at the end of To Where & Back Again.

Kisskisskiss already!!!:flutterrage: celestia is always so cute in shipfics

Hm interesting I believe I shall give this story a tracking and see where it goes

hilarious, don't comment then use excuses, i dont insult people its just how i talk get over yourself, and you said you did not insult me yet you when to something so pitiful it made me laugh calling someone out on bad grammar is like getting mad at a friend who walks when you want them to run so they can keep up, it just aint worth the effort,as long as you get what im saying

I honestly don't get what you're saying. Your simile (hell even if it was a supposed to be a metaphor) doesn't even exist. You seem to be speaking in tongues because all it takes a few seconds to have something properly typed out. If that could even be met, then I would take you about 1/4 seriously. Until then, please, follow your own advice and get over yourself. You're really standing high on a pedestal, and it's about time the kid understood he isn't above everyone else.

He's high on nothing but his own stupidity and misplaced pride in himself, aka pride in nothing.

I find it funny that one who has written nothing is telling a writer of dozens of stories what he should be spending his time on. You can't force writing, that is how you ruin a good story. Max knows that, and if he feels his time is better spent on a fresh idea than on old works, than nobody knows better than him on that. Want to know why? Because it's his works, his time, his effort, and ultimately his decision. End of discussion.

Very interesting, I'm liking it so far. Will be watching this for sure!:twilightsmile:

Oh no. Please don't let this be another fic that dies.

in case you didnt know that makes you hypocritical, i dont put myself on any pedestal you seem to be the only one doing that, not my fault its only 3 inchs off the ground

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