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o this looks to be good. I am still rereading the first story.

All of my feels have been hit.

I hate/love to say this, Z, but you should have done this from the beginning. That last arc was just plain weird.


Yep it was, thus why I'm doing this now, years later :twilightsheepish:

To be honest I have no idea what I was thinking then, but it doesn't matter now. Here's to the sequel, yay! :pinkiehappy:


Such a sweet ending! Yet, at one point, I was half-expecting it to go south... glad that it didn't though! Also, really glad to see you back!

This is so much better than your previous arc.

I am happy to read this!!! :raritystarry:

Seems Chrysalis is drunk on this new feeling of hers and is terrified to lose it. She also seems to have picked up some of Richard's mannerisms and turns of phrase. I actually almost forgot the original plot when it was mentioned how Richard was saving Equestria from a population crisis. The two characters here seem perfect for each other with them being mutual outcasts too, so there is a good character dynamic going on there.

From what I can infer so far, I think your intention with Celestia is to make her jealous, and since you made her intentions vague enough during the first act it can still work. I like the direction of this much better than what you had planned before. Good stuff.

Ah!!!! at long last the sequel!!!!

Ouch. That description is a mess.

I freakin love this story and I eagerly await all that is to come. seriously write at your own pace I'm just glad to see more but if you could TRY to make upload's as close to instantaneous as possible that would be great

So much for "I'm not writing anymore," eh? :derpytongue2:

Oh hey, you're not dead.

totally forgot this was a thing, i forgot you even planned a sequel! im looking forward to reading this in its entirety

Bro...the second act...it still happened. I'm so sorry. :(

I am looking forward to this though. Gon b gud.

So, is all that weird stuff with Richard being reincarnated as an alicorn son of Celestia and Luna getting pregnant and banished still going to happen, just differently, or are you going to go with something a little more down to earth and less nigh impossible to follow? :b

I'll check it later. I liked the first act, but that second and where the third was going....*shudders* that was a dark place. One I've been to, granted, but dark none-the-less.

Sorry, it's been long enough that we forgot the first arc. This was the story where Celestia kidnapped a dude to "save the species", right?
Keep going! ;)


More or less, yes. Celestia refused to find him a way home when he refused to save their race. So now he begrudgingly gives 'samples' every so often and in return is supplied with bits and a permit to own a house.

But as the summary here says, there may just be another reason why he's kept in Canterlot...

IT'S HEEEEEEEEEEEERE! I'll get to it the moment I can.
So excited though!

We have liftoff!
I repeat, we have a liftoff!

Must... Wait... Until completion.

yep this is defiantly going to be a good story to keep a vary close eye on.

Now THIS is more like it. Can't wait to see more.

This is so much better then that Act 2 garbage.

Oh thank goodness, that second act was traaaash~ :rainbowlaugh:

Looking forward to seeing where this one will go :pinkiehappy:

7253733 aw... hell now I'm thinking of that... just a blur of motion and rapid fire tapping as the drugged up humming bird frantically hits the up vote button, all wide eyed and screaming about flowers, nectar and thumbs...

Aww yeah, Act two did leave a bit of a bad taste, especially the ending.
I will be following this closely.

Good job.

Really liking how Chryssi comes across in this story. Prequel included.

Rustled jimmies have been un-rustled.

That reason being probably that she has a BIG crush/love/obsessiveness on Richard and want's him by any means necessary.

I just hope that you will not make Richard Celestia's son.

Hehe... I know what it feels like to be dipped into a wall. Or more accurately, the floor. :pinkiecrazy:

It hasn't even been a day and this story's been featured. GG.

7256455 everyone is celestias son. She's pony Jesus.

Oh.....this will Definitely be good, can't wait to see how this goes.

To quote Main Lawrence--- "Shit just got real."

And. Here. We. Go.

Zam, you're drop-kicking this story into my favorites so fast that I'm having a slight seizure.......IT'S AWESOME! (I can't feel my legs)

This just got interesting or rather more interesting than it already was. The next chapter is gonna be good and I expect their will probably be some Celestia-bashing and Twi-bashing.

im down for a little twibashing; this one is crazy AF

Power party, huh? But where is Luna? Hmmm....
Keep going! ;)

Are people that scared of genitals that they'd down vote a story just for tags that even hint at it? I wanna say no, but this is Fimfic so all bets are off.

That would be a tad bit hypocritical, even from this fandom, don't you think?

7257789 have you been though this site, friend? Tis full of hypocrisy.

Been here for a better part of five years.
As the saying goes: There is nothing new under the sun.


Well since the brave soldiers don't seem to have a voice, I'll say it for them. They downvote either because of the genres or because of who I am.

As I've come to learn recently, people love it when someone more popular then they or their favourites, even if they don't really think anything of it, are hated on.

So if there's any other reason then what I've listed, I can't think of it. :twilightoops:

Now this is what I've been waiting for.

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