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DAMN IT STOP UPLOADING STUFF WHEN I'M BUSY, I'm thinking should i stop what i'm doing and read this or keep going. Damn this is like Mass effect what decision your gonna make and the entire galaxy is in you're hands but then i'm not deciding the fate of the motherfucking galaxy ah fuck it.

Already read this but i just wanted to say hi... Hi :heart:


Looks promising, I'll have a look see later.

Eleven faves, and up votes in just an hour, and no down votes. I will say that this story is off to a good start.

Also, a very lovely picture that you are using. I bet that is helping to get attention.



But come on, she is damn fineeee :rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

Very true.
The picture beckons, and the story ensnares them.

Ok before I even read I have to say I LOVE. That nmm pic! And I am excited for this sequel!

I give you all the *squees* (Fluttershy style) I can "do a barrel roll"
but seriously I like where this is going.

Ok continue please! So the end of come back to me the last chapter that was NMM and Jason this is shaping up to be a great series! Upvote and fave.

And a good love story for NMM always have a place in my heart everyone needs love ^^

So humans is Chris tony and Jason o.o >> so curious on how the main story will turn out I'm assuming after this story your gunna jump to Tonys story with Luna? 8D

And NMM is Damn fine in that pic xP can't stop staring

I did not say this in Come Back to me, of My Hearst Betrayal, but reading these stories again is just as good as the first time I read them.

Hmm. Very interesting. I'm enjoying this plot immensely. A wonderful little story. Very well done.

You did a great job , my good sir . :)

Im very excited about this make more please:pinkiehappy:

This was perfect!! LOVE IT!!

Again another good chapter but auron Fletcher why does that name ring so many bells in my head!?

character from a movie prohaps? Or story?

Love it. Please make updates often! :pinkiehappy:


Make updates often?

You do realize that you're talking to me right :pinkiehappy:

Please, give me a real challenge :rainbowlaugh:

Ok. Make the updates every week. If that isn't challenging enough, twice a week.:twilightsmile:

Interesting concept. I look forward to more, especially Moony's conversation with Jason's mother.

Given what's been said, is she a prostitute?


:pinkiegasp: Whoa steady on there Sally. Let's not go overboard XD

I'll probs update within the next few hours, give or take :twilightblush:


No, she just has a lot of time on her hands and likes to fuck around.

She's a charming Mother figure :twilightblush:


That wasn't a challenge! That was...an abomination!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:


I do! :ajbemused:

Hmph! For that you shall get the next chapter early! Take that!:flutterrage:

By the way, Love the story pic. :twilightsmile:
And a question. Where exactly is this story going to go?


Thanks. It almost stained my Sargent Serious T-shirt :pinkiehappy:


It's going to go...down a dark path. And that's all I'm saying :rainbowlaugh:

.......Why dark? What I've read so far, it doesn't seem like it could....Unless Moony gets pissed and uses that nightmare ability.....*shudders* God that was scary...

I like it, please continue, but I confuse in how they are sleeping. Jason is on top of Nightmare or Nightmare is on top of him?


Nightmare was born from jealously and anger...She can very well be jealousy and anger in pony form :fluttercry:

I'm not saying anymore...but the third chapter will show the signs :fluttercry:

Don't worry. It is going to be epic.

Jason has his head buried in her chest and she has her neck over and around his own. Like Twilight and Celestia after Nightmare Moon was defeated in the show I imagine :D

I like where this is going..Fav'd. Good job..

Oh I see...or at least I have an idea.

Hmmm it sounds like the pose you would see, from a mother and his foal, when they go to sleep

:yay: More of "Come Back To Me". :pinkiehappy:

But what does this have to do with the original ?

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