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I beat my muse regularly, yet she keeps coming back for more.

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And so it begins.

What this? Another Milf story, from MadMaxtheBlack? Yes please!~

What an good start, too. Let's see how this go down, hun?~

Took you long enough.

Sup bitches?

For some reason, i have this suspision max has a thing for milf mares...just a hunch

It would be nice if you could finish the stories you are already making before you start a new one

Max... I haven't read this yet... but you have my thanks.

Please keep the pregnancy stuff out of this one. Windy can have sex with a colt without wanting a foal out of it. That's fine.
I'd rather not see another story about an older mare taking advantage of a hormonal teenager to get a foal because she's lonely. That was messed up for so many reasons. If she's really lonely and wants another foal, adopt or find an adult sperm donor. Or, if it is absolutely vital to to story, at least have her tell him that's what's going on and have him agree to it.
Also, is Bow Hothoof dead? Who's going around killing all these dads? Should Hondo Flanks and Mr. Shy be worried?

I'm honestly surprised this is getting downvoted so hard. I mean, I can't be alone in the idea that it's a bit predatory to use a boy to have a child without his say-so in the matter. Sex is one thing, but come on, bringing new life into the world is fair bit more important and should require some form of consent from both proginators, even if only one of them plans on being a parent to the child.
I am flummoxed.

A gym huh? This is going to be good!

Here we go again!

Is this going to become a thing? Are we going to spend the next 5 years fucking the Mane 6's mothers as colts who were caught in some national crisis?


I mean, I can't be alone in the idea that it's a bit predatory to use a boy to have a child without his say-so in the matter.

In a fictional world, does it really matter? Can you honestly say what happens to these made up characters bothers you this much? Especially in a story as silly as the last one.

I guess it's kind of like, since the story is completely made up, there isn't actually any reason for this direction to be taken; no reason for this moral grey spot to even come about. The events are up to the author, and thus, if he wants to write that Windy tells the colt that she's looking to get pregnant, but doesn't want him to have to be a father, the author can then proceed to have said colt be completely okay with that and creampie her.
Does that make since? Eh, anyways, here's a blurb of how I imagine things would go down if his parents ever found out:

"I asked you to watch my son while the changelings were being dealt with, not have sex with him! What kind of friend does that!?"
"I'm sorry, but I just wanted a foal!"
"And you couldn't have gone to the bar!? For Celestia's sake, you're a mare! You could even tell them you were looking to get knocked up, and some drunk stallion would probably still go through with it! And they would have been an adult, not my bucking teenage son!"
"It's too late now! I'm already pregnant!"
"Yeah, and we'll be seeing you in court for custody!"
"What? You think I'm going to leave my grandson in the care of a bucking psychopath sexual predator!? There's not a judge in the world that would side with you!"
"You can't do that!"
"Just bucking watch me!"

So we arent getting a sequel where we get to know the consequences of Velvet having a child with a young teen ?

You can only imagine what his clop folder looks like, then.

Great chapter I hope for more!

I'm not trying to be rude in any way, mate, but the author doesn't actually owe anyone anything (with the exception of Patreon supporters, perhaps?). He can be happy to write whichever story he feels like at his leisure just as you can be happy for the free content.

Not only that, but writers aren't machines. Sometimes you burn out with an idea, you know? Sometimes you want a break from it, or there's just something new and exciting you feel like pursuing for a while. We shouldn't complain about that, we should be happy that the writer still takes time out of his life to produce content for us in return for nothing.

TL;DR: His stories, his choice. He can start and finish as many as he wants in whatever order he feels like.

with the long horn and tones thighs...


A decent opening. Does a good job of introducing the characters and setting the stage, but that's about it for the moment. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for this precocious colt!

I enjoyed Velvet touch quite a bit so i am looking foreward to this as well keep up the good work and always enjoy what your doing

Interesting start. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Also, I found a typo you may want to it.

Shivering, you crotch down in the carriage in an attempt to find shelter from the wind, only to jump when Windy suddenly places a wing about your shoulders.


Start of another Colt-with-milf-and-destroys-milf-pussy fic?

I am so fucking down

What aren't you down for?

Whew, seems I slept too long! Oof, well, this was a fucking awesome read dude! Whew! I can't even begin to express how much I loved the beginning of this, Windy Whistles is just top unf and I'm so so so happy you finally got around to writing her out :rainbowkiss:

I'm hype to see where this goes, a delicious and delectable start to what will no doubt be a tasty as fuck story :trollestia: I'm also curious to see if certain things happen...

Good show and keep it up!

Aw, shame it doesn't reach the sexy part for a little while. It's always kinda irritating when I see a new clopfic that hasn't actually reached the cloppy part and I'm in the mood.

Consenting human females holding a consenting human male's hand for the sole purpose of procreation in a monogamous relationship.

That's way too lewd for this chat.

I love how whenever Max makes a story, I get to enjoy both what he made and his always entertaining/ridiculous comment section. :rainbowlaugh:

Interested in seeing how this one'll play out.

Yeah, double the distractions from your own stories. :rainbowwild:

Of course you are here. :P

Knowing Max he won't do this, but having the main focus of the MILF be taken away by some mediocre side plot that somehow Cloudsdale is going to be taken out by some Changeling Bomb and they have to figure out how to survive in an infested city or some shit.

You know, the kind of fic that focuses on the relationship for a chapter or two before the author goes "OH SHIT I'VE BEEN FEATURED I GOTTA MAKE SURE THIS FIC GOES 10 CHAPTERS PAST MY ORIGINAL PLAN TO MILK THIS AS LONG AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE I AM HORSE FAMOUS NOW"

The promising starts with the incomplete/on hiatus/cancelled ending.

You bet your sweet Canadian maple syrup drinking ass I am, not only is it Max but it's also Windy Whistles, how can I not be here? :trollestia: It was such a delicious start~ I'm eager for more, also MILFs!


N-no! Of course not! Why would you say such a thing?! :fluttercry:

You might be right, but I'd like to think I can use my free time however I want. If I want to write a quick story about a MILF during the month of May, I think I should be allowed to do so without others dictating what I should or shouldn't do.

Creepy for you, maybe, but I felt it fit in well with the story I was trying to tell. Granted, not everyone is going to like the same kinks, but that's just the sad life we live. Disagreeing over what happens with fictional, magical talking ponies. Ah well... :ajsleepy: As for this story, I can't really promise that pregnancy won't be involved, but based off of what little info I have jotted down already, I don't feel that it would work well with what I'm trying to tell. However, we'll just have to wait and see how things play out.

As for Bow Hothoof, we'll touch on that more later. :trollestia:

Depends on how many national crises there are in Equestria. :moustache:

We still might. I have a tentative outline etched out. I just have to find time and motivation to work on it. :fluttercry:

Oh please. I most certainly do not have a clop folder! What kind of heathen do you take me for? :scootangel:

Pusspuss and I are still working on the bat sisters, I promise. It's just slowed down to only about 200 words a week... unfortunately. :fluttercry: We really want to work on it, but real life just has other plans at the moment.

8898516 8898630
Thanks for the finds! :twilightsmile:

More like you're so fucking up! Put that hard on away, boy, there are children present!

Glad you are hyped. Here's hoping that it'll be a wild ride. :trollestia:

Come for the story, stay for the drama. There's always something for someone here at MadMax Industries®. :moustache:

Good start I can't wait till it is finished or at least continued

Hohohohoho I'm sure it will be one wild ride indeed!

And I saw Chris' Batty Family mentioned below, while I'll admit I am eager to see more of that posted, I'm certainly willing to wait! You guys haven't disappointed me at all, so I think the wait for the next chapter of that story will be well worth it :heart:

and i never said that you can't do what you want i just said it would be nice.
like it would be nice not to have to wait 1 to 2 years to see a story i love get an update


I agree, but we could probably be less blunt about it. How about we go beg on "Lunar Rebirt"'s page?

Also, YAY, MILF stories, about second best MILF.

so is this story about a female reader or male reader

I feel like Bow probably left her rather than passed away like Night did. That would be an interesting idea. But that being said, I'm already liking this and will definitely be watching.

This is gonna be a helluva ride.

A guy gets in trouble one time and boom, they never let him live it down. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll take an order of both.

If this story doesn't end up including some reference to the sketching scene in Titanic I'm going to be massively disappointed in you MadMax.

He mentioned his DICK several times, jackass

A-aw yis…

I'm fucking dying! Hahahah!

She glances at you as she passes, giving you a smile that sends a shiver down your spine and causes your face to flush. Reaching into her duffle bag, she tosses you something small. Upon catching it, you see that it’s a small piece of candy still in its wrapper.

The mare winks at you before strutting across the room and out the door. You watch through the windows as she gives her wings a good shake before taking to the air in a burst of speed that leaves a colored contrail behind.

:trollestia: That was rather nice of her... will we be seeing more of her soon?

Awesome chapter man, and so soon? :pinkiegasp: You spoil us! And damn, I'm a perv aren't I? Putting on her shorts and jerking it... fucking unnf I'm loving this shit so much, aaah! I love the drawing bit here as well, it's neat, I can really connect with that as I draw on rare occasions :yay:

Also, I like how one of my stories is in the Also Liked list of this :rainbowkiss: hue.

Also also, Velvet Touch is back in the popular list on the front page, I do wonder why :trollestia: surely not because of this, hmm?

I'm with this guy, lol.

Awesome job as always Max, I'm looking forward to more soon! :heart: Keep it up!

Omg another one of these? Blessed be the parents that send their son to live with a milf.

What is with these colts of Equestria and their fascination with mares' undergarments?

Because you can't control yourself.

Alright, guys! Let's get this up to 1000 likes within the week just like last time! Come on!

yes you are right and i'm sorry but i'm just a blunt kind of man so if i came across as rude i'm sorry i just don't like seeing good stories get forgotten

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