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which one do i read first? i guess this one since it starts with chapter 0

Wow, never seen a story divided between two profiles before.

Not every day I get to like a story twice!

"You know, it might just be a good place to meet some other filly your age to be your special somepony instead."

"Mom..." he groaned, irritated to be having this talk again.

"I'm not saying that you have to. But maybe just keep your eyes open, hmm?"

I think I know who...:ajsmug:.

"But Vee," Cream said between panting rapidly, "I'm straight." Delta just grinned.

Not for long~:ajsmug:.

"There's no way I'm sleeping on this, now," Cream said. Delta smiled.

No you are not:rainbowlaugh:!!!

"Vee, look, we were both..." Cream didn't want to say the word 'desperate'. "It was fun, but I really do prefer stallions."

"Hey, I like stallions too," Delta said. "You can like both. Maybe you just need to try it again with a mare." Cream smiled softly.

Sure you two do:ajsmug:.

Delta shook her head and pushed the memory away. She looked back and forth between Apogee and Button before finally looking back at Cream Heart.

"Yeah. We've met," Delta said to Apogee. "So you found yourself a colt, huh? Why did you bring him back here?"

Apogee and Button exchanged knowing looks.

Let the foursome commence:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

9462979 Let me know when you win the Powerball.

"Sure," Cream said. Button was beaming with excitement in anticipation of this becoming a regular thing for them. Apogee ducked into her mother bedroom for a moment and reappeared wearing a strap-on dildo harness and a wry grin.

"Maybe I'll bring this," Apogee said. Button's tail tucked between his legs.

Oh shit:rainbowderp:!

Ever since Shino came out with that first Cream and Delta pic I've been warming up more and more to the idea of them just all being in a full-on open four-way relationship.

"So is spaghetti until it gets wet,"

This. This is officially the best thing anybody has ever written in history.

Comment posted by Killjoy1221 deleted Feb 17th, 2019

is there a precursor fix to this where ap and delta smash? I don't see one on CFITC's profile


Is there a precursor fic to this where Apogee and Delta smash?

Course Correction

I agree. Its one of the best quotes ever, I never get tired of seeing it.

This story is a sequel to Apogee's Play Date

This story is a sequel to Button's Play Date

For there to be a sequel, one has to come first. Cant both be sequels.

Do you mean an alternate viewpoint to Apogee's Play Date?

The Monk
"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study and be evil." - Reykan

So does this mean Apogee technically just cheated on her father, Jet, with two mares and with another colt? I doubt Jet would be happy to hear this has all been happening without any word from Apogee. Kinda feels like she takes all this for granted, without thinking about how her father might feel despite having a special certain kind of relationship with him.


Do you mean an alternate viewpoint to Apogee's Play Date?


9463620 I would think that he would be happy that she was 'dating' a colt her own age. Beyond that, I can't imagine that he could have much of a say on the matter with Delta. Kettle meet Pot, and all that.

Oh my, both stories are on the featured list, right next to each other. :rainbowderp:

I was confused by that for a few monents there.

Same here.

P.S. Congratulations, you must have made some kind of first.

My meat upon seeing the featured box and realizing the devastation in the hours to come.

You boys absolutely crushed it with this collab. :heart: My favorite OC pones and you both wrote something downright spicy for them. Especially Cream, holy shit. Thank you so much!

That image makes me very uncomfortable.

But thank you for the praise!

I'm gonna suck this cock!"

"You can't suck that cock!" Delta yelled.

"Aaaah!" Apogee yelled louder


This collab. Nay, this masterpiece, is truely an amazing read. Shakes and Clops, i do believe the feature box was not ready for this excessive amount of cute lewdness.

9464403 Thank you very much for the high praise.

:rainbowlaugh: Christ on a crutch, this was a fantastic collaboration. 10/10

Also, the last lines were hilarious. Run Button!

Not big into foalcon, but wanted to read some better prose to learn how to improve my own writing. Your stuff is fantastic!

Boner inducing story? check

cute foal story? check

amazing story by 2 equally amazing writers? triple check

Once again blown away shakespearicles and clops if they ever see this comment ^^

Thanks for spelling out these next chapter things, my stupid lizard brain is two for two now of accidentally hitting the next button.

yep a new grate story from the strongest righter there is.
the one the only Shakespearicles...:scootangel:

An amazing collaboration between two of the best adult writers in the fandom. On heck of a ride.

:ajsmug: It will take more than that to stop us.

He might be so upset he gives her a spanking.

Actually, if you stare at it long enough, they start to run backwards. :applejackconfused:

'Button's mom had it going on'. And Button was the only colt that got lucky that night.
I'm going to hell either way so... 👍

I never stop to ask if I should. I ask forgiveness, not permission.
I am happy. But not from your 'witty' analogy.
I actually would have put it in the long description if you hadn't tried to goad me into it. Shame.

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