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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Maximum degeneracy achieved.

Stumbled across this on Derpibooru,
Gotta say I'm very interested in continuing reading this after this first chapter! ^^

"Delta’s coldness never seemed to register with Apogee… sometimes she thought it was impossible to dampen the filly’s spirits - as if the little thing was a belt-fed source of annoying enthusiasm."

Ok... I'm hooked now.
Onward to chapter 3! ^^

Comment posted by AutumnShy_88 deleted Apr 18th, 2020

All ponies in my writing live on a version of Equestria that is at the deepest part of a gravity well, making any pony over 100,000 years old in Earth years.

This amuses me because the nature of these particular characters makes it significantly more eyebrow-raising than it is on your stories that don't involve rocket scientists. Of course, the old classic of a disclaimer that says all characters are over 18 "no matter what the actual text says" is sufficient for legal purposes, so amusement is the end of it.

O yeah! Its time to party! Great build up!

Oh cum now Delta...
Don't fall asleep on the sweet girl. xD

Just asking,
Is the NSFW gif link supposed to be seperated like that? ^^

Yes. You're not supposed to link to NSFW so the workaround is to break the link or to only put the post number.

Ye he he he boooyyy... Lets start this partyyy :pinkiehappy:

Damn... Like a Gysir... Fabulous :raritystarry: Delicious story chapter :rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

Reading this was an expierence that felt soo wrong, but darn it if I couldn't stop reading it! xD

Now there's no doubting it...
Apogee is a devious filly that knows just how to get what she wants and leave others with no choice but endure her presence. lol

Please, oh please let this be a ship between Delta and Apogee. I've been a good girl this year!

I think this is the first Apogee fic I read, even though I've seen plenty of their blurbs (I do follow you after all). And honestly, now I want to see more of those two together like this. Bonus points if Delta gets a whole box and Apogee's the one to drink it next time.

Extra duper bonus cookies if it allows Delta to get past her wounded heart and lets herself feel and give all the love she feels for her daughter, genuinely. They deserve it :pinkiesad2:

I hate futa so I hate this fic

Comment posted by Hazard System Max deleted Apr 19th, 2020

All ponies in my writing live on a version of Equestria that is at the deepest part of a gravity well, making any pony over 100,000 years old in Earth years.

Oh my god, this is amazing! Hahaha!

Yet another fantastic Clops story, I'd been missing them! And yeah, Apogee definitely knew what she was doing :ajsmug:

The sadness between the the ponies of the SP family may never be resolved. I had an idea about how it might occur, but it would take a lot!

I think she probably left a note saying where she was going. That our Diamond already found out where she'd gone and got Jet to cool it and avoid making things worse!

Hehe, glad you liked my disclaimer. It's my version of the 20,000 year old witch from anime.

Comment posted by Hazard System Max deleted Apr 19th, 2020

I like your other works but not this one. Just my personal opinion.
For me futa is the worst kind of art ever.

I appreciate your earnestness! Hope the next story will be to your liking, sorry this isnt your alley, no hard feelings!

No problem. Take care and wash your hands

Overall I really liked it. Is it too much to hope that this will help Delta be slightlyless of a despicable deadbeat, at least regarding Apogee? Not getting back with Jet, but idk, actually going to a game or whatever she does for fun (I think I remember in the very first of these fics Jet thinking about many times Delta gave an empty promise to show up, much to Apogee's dismay)? I'd like that. I'm kind of a sucker for taking characters I hate and giving them redemption arcs. Doesn't even have to involve smut!

Hawt. Make Delta less of a deadbeat cunt please.

She's getting better, and will continue to get better.

I sure hope that Apogee was on her foal-control! She probably was if she was planning to have a 'special night' with Jet.

shes always on foal-control

but it be... even hotter if she wasn't on it

Once more, another good start to a SP story. Curious to see how this one goes.

Good show.

I definitely loved this one, both hot and touching at the same time. Nice to see a new arc to Delta. Thanks for writing it!

Fuck yeah ♡ Love to read this kink. :eeyup: What is more ego boost than bring your mate to the peak and hear em 'sing' :trollestia:

Your story are the best clops.

>never met a bad girl
>Trixie is his favorite pony

Inhales. Boi, I have every right mind to slap you upside the head.

Reading heaven! Magnificent :raritystarry:

So this is how Delta and Jet get back together. They both end up getting in a three way their daughter

This was a fun story! Apogee is just too cute with everything she does.

I have a question, if you don’t mind. Ahem... *puts on Professor glasses... Are you a boy or a girl?

“Yeah.” Delta groaned, slapping her hoof to her forehead. “That fuckin’ unicorn did a shit job installing this system. The interior sensor doesn’t recognize me as the owner of the home if I’m drunk - probably thinks I’m a totally different consciousness. So I get locked in until I sober up.”

Whoever designed and installed this system needs to be examined in the head. The exterior system registers its owner no matter the situation, but the interior system does not? What kind of sh*tty system is this? I'm even starting to think that this 'design error' was intentional for situations like the one shown in this story.

A very possible outcome. The only question would be the arrangement, who's on top, who's in the middle, who gets which orifice.

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