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My obsession with a flying rainbow pony made me do this.

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Hoo, boy. This is gonna be a good one

Ow man this is going to be interesting story to read :twilightsmile:

Before I read, will there be clop with Windy Whistles in this?

Wha? No.. its a continuation of excuses. Anon is human.

You honestly surprised me with this sequel. Let's see if this does just as well as Excuses.

Nice. I am very happy to see this!

My only almost complaint believe it or not is the near occasional tease of Anons work in your story.

The romance plus clop is great even and I don't want to see less of that... But I still feel like there could be more shown of the work at the ERD. It feels like you are doing that intentionally though. Which is understandable given the focus of the prior story.

It just feels like an itch in the back of my mind thinking he is essentially working in the Equestrian DARPA with a more benevolent Manhattan project-esque air to it. Maybe even with a hint of Bletchley park or something with the on the roof gang.

So again not a complaint just sharing my two bits.

It really is an excellent story so please keep it up!

You know its a good story when you hit the like button before you even read the damn thing.

>Fic is set in winter
>cover art is in autumn

What kind of second rate hodgepodge is this mobius hmm? downvote :P

If you're looking for some Windy on Anon action I'm sorry to say it won't be in this.
Definitely a human anon.
Interesting that you say that because I actually had DARPA in mind when writing it. I have quite a few ideas of projects he could realistically be a part of, but I've also gotten a lot of feedback saying that Anon's work is the more boring part of the fic, so I opted to keep it short.
I find your words hurtful sir and it's a shame you couldn't wait to post this until after I uploaded the next chapter because you'd see that your concern is explicitly addressed.

Awww... That's dissappointing to hear on my end. Oh well. I don't suppose a side story or two could possibly be a thing?

A bit demanding of me I know but I think alot could come of it. An inside view of a possibly not so cold war against threats to Equestria and even Dash could be involved for a personal angle? Heck, inbetween the other nations known that are threatening like the Changeling factions, and unknown ( The Storm nation especially or the Abyssinians could use some help recovering.) there is alot that could involve all characters.

Maybe even just as an arc showing a cross of their careers deepening their love. Meh. Not sure how that would work with the slice of life romance here unless it was a humanitarian mission or some minor operation.

But even if that doesn't happen at all you haven't lost a reader here.

I suppose I will just have to do with some slice of life romance and clop~. :raritywink:

Soooooooo, i don't mean to be a bother, but when do we get a chapter 2?

I could see it happening at some point but I won't make any promises.
Next week sometime. I just want to stay ahead with writing so I don't go a month or two without updating.

Yay! I understand and more than good enough for me. Thank you!

I just love how adorable this all is. Including the clop scenes, I just can't help but think of how diabetes-inducing it would be if you saw them in drawing or animated.

I love this story!

It’s got the surgery air of an ice cream shop, but warmer…a hint of cinnamon?

Did you mean sugary?

Thanks for catching that! I fixed it so it's much less disturbing now.

Please tell me this story isn't dead. It was so damn adorable. I really wanted this one to have an ending.

Don't worry I'm not going to abandon it! I just ran into a bit of a rough patch and had some irl stuff to deal with. I should be finding more time to write this upcoming week.

Well that's a relief. I can't wait to see an update. Half the stories I'm reading right now are incomplete. It'd be nice for one to get an actual ending.

This is so good. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Cant wait for more.

Just great more pony porn in the featured box..

Not if you turn off view mature. Which you have to go in and turn on and confirm in the first place. Better check yourself.

Interesting comment coming from a guy who writes rape/snuff, and poorly at that.

What’s in the fridge?!?

Oh, god... I think I'm becoming emotionally invested in this story. Fuck my life.

Keep it going, you beautiful bastard.

This is really good. Cany wait for the next chapter!

Thats......thats a lot of sex. This needs to be in the genuine book of world records for the most sex in one chapter. Lol. Great chapter though. I love this story!

I hope they will start a family besides really great story

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Jul 19th, 2018

Rape and revenge is my thing. Also! You did not even read the story did you.


So because I dislike your writing that must mean I didn't read your story? That seems extraordinarily narcissistic; perhaps there's a link between that and your infatuation with inflicting pain in your demented hero complex fantasies?

I read enough of your story to understand that it's a edgy teenage self-insert fantasy written at a junior high level, so I suppose you are accurate in stating that I did not in fact read your whole story.

It's not a good idea to submerge your head in a hot tub.

"The high fades and your thumb is still searching for the pot of gold in Rainbow’s ass." that might have been the funniest thing i've read on this site.

Why no human tag?

I'm very proud of that line.

It was really cute and I like the interaction with Bow and Wendy.

“—You moved in next to us?” She’s more flabbergasted than angry.

It'd be fun if Rainbow's parents made more noise than her and Anon.
I'm absolutely loving this story so far.

Excellent chapter name. I'm thoroughly enjoying the story so far. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

I dunno, man, I'm having trouble getting into your new story here. The previous story was about Anon and Rainbow exploring their feelings for each other, and sometimes they had sex. But what I've read so far in this one is that this story is just "I Want To Cum Inside Of Rainbow Dash: The Story". The chapters can be broken up into "Sex => doing stuff => sex => mushy 'i love you's => sex => 'so did i tell you i loved you for the 800th time today yet' => sex => sex => 'wanna have a foal some day' => sex => silly stuff => sex => sex => 'inexplicably bashful behaviour' => sex => sex". You've completely shifted priorities from a cutesy story about Anon and Rainbow Dash to smut mixed in with just barely enough plot to hold it together. I'm not saying you're wrong or that this story is objectively unenjoyable, but this is it for me; I'm done reading it. Maybe I'll reread the first story again or something.

i think you posted to soon man

Ehhh, it’s only been a couple months. Compared to the wait between the last two chapters, it hasn’t been that long, yet. XD

The sexy parts are a bit crazy, but the story has a reason for that. I like the awkwardness of the parents and I hope to see more of this in the future.

"—Oh, you mean when I give you muzzlejobs!" The car falls silent with the exception of a snickering colt being shushed by his mother. Dash realizes how loud she was and her face goes beat red.

This still makes me laugh whenever I read it, especially the colt's reaction.

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