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I have a sickening feeling it was Scoots....

Oh good, I wasn't the only one thinking this. Though that would make this sad alongside the creepy since that would mean Dash was unaware Scoots had died, let alone had a kid she was borderline neglecting.

Bow's comment about his career doesn't quite make sense to me. Six ponies in the world who know about the situation, and the only two who even might want to reveal it are dead and gone, so... how would anypony know?

Logically, they wouldn't. And assuming anyone did find out, Bay and Rainbow would never be blamed for falling in love without that knowledge.


Agreed, like, I could see maybe adding twilight or a unicorn doctor in just to make sure the baby’s going to be okay. But this is the sort of secret purplesmart would know to keep where it belongs.

This is the third "Dash accidentally gets knocked up by her secret half-brother" story I have run across, but it's much better than the other ones save for the bit of melodrama at the end about ruining reputations and careers. Nobody else knows about this, Nobody else has to know.


If you think two celebrities getting married wouldn't be scrutinized to death by the media, you'd be living in a fantasy world. Unfortunately, thanks to canon things in MLP, we know that their fantasy world has just as terrible of a media presence as the real one.

Oh, it'd absolutely be scrutinized - but adoption records are usually sealed with some *hefty* penalties if you make them public.

It's just the certainty that Bow has about that, that seems odd - if they were that thorough, they'd have probably already found out about it before she retired, just looking into her family.

That's a fair argument, though I don't know if 'famous person was adopted' would be anything more than a curiosity. Particularly since, as you mention, adoption records are sealed, and Rainbow could simply refute the rumors. Though there's nothing in the show to indicate if Equestrian law applies there, either way.

But perhaps I can offer this: this is a case of two ponies looking very alike getting together, and then it turns out that his parentage is questionable. You go digging, find any evidence that his mother gave up a foal for adoption, and now there's a reason to dig deeper into the 'Rainbow was adopted' question.

In any case, at the end of the day, I don't have time (within the limits of the contest) to scrutinize every detail, and it's just a fun little story I came up with for a contest. I'm not trying to write a literal novel here, despite appearances.

Those rules were all broken. :rainbowlaugh: LMFAO!

Speaking of, when is Angelina Jolie finally going to marry her brother?

This won the contest! Congrats!

Rainbow losing her virginity at 43 to her long lost brother young enough to be her son, who then fucks her while listening to two ponies old enough to be his grandparents fucking nextdoor.

I definitely still enjoyed this, just seemed weird to set it after RD's retirement and with this age difference without playing to the milf angle or something

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