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Well this was... unexpected.

BatTroll, initiate!

I ... uh ... I ...
Ok cool. Good job.

Anon, destined to be a professional door-to-door salesman.

Wait, was THIS the super secret project you kept alluding to? Because this felt/feels more spur of the moment..

5219061 No, still working on the secret project. :moustache:

pfft hahhahahahahahaaaaaaaa

Stupid Moonbutt. Sometimes you think she does it on purpose, just to fuck with you. Seriously, all you did was tell her that her moon was bigger than the one back home. It’s not like you called her fat or anything.


Posted here because there is not enough rule 63 Shining Armor on this site.

There isn't enough rule 63 in general, tbh.

The question I can't help but ask is this: why is there milk in the mares teats?

Couple of minor errors I found:

your grip on her nibble


sending you mind reeling


The batpony at the end is adorable btw.

:twilightblush: C-Can I have some of that milk? (Even though I am female)

reading this story and then I

5219068 Ah, you had me worried for a moment there Blackie. :fluttershysad:
Last chapter came out fine btw, no obvious grammatical errors that I could see.

5219103 So very, very true.

This was... Surprisingly hot! Glad that there was a sex scene, too hot!

You can feel the heat coming off of her folds now, your heads inches from their destination.


You’re so preoccupied that you don’t even realize that there is no more milk coming from the nipple in your mouht.


5219171 Absolutely. Milk for everyone! :pinkiecrazy:

5219306 "But wait, there's more! Any orders of 10 gallons or more allows you 50% off of the special Stallion-Milker-O-Matic! Tired of mares being a tease, your fillyfriend not putting out like she used to, blueballs becoming more and more common? Come on down to Anon's Milking Emporium, where we suck all the troubles away!"

Gleaming’s entire body is shaking, her legs tremble horrible.


Great story.

“Hi, Anon~” they all say at once, giving you large, fang-filled smiles. They suddenly swarm you, pushing you back into your room. The door closes behind them, and the lock slides into place

Turning your head to the side, your stare at the edge of your bed in trepidation. Your eyes widen in horror as, slowly, a pair of yellow, cat-like eyes peer over the edge of the bed, tufted ears twitching excitedly.
holy shit are bat ponies part time ninjas?

Got to admit best milk fetish story I've read yet! Good job nobody does femdom lactation stories. Will you make one where he meets a bat pony for the first time?

5219435 Possibly. I'm also toying with the idea of a sequel, but that's only in the idea stages at the moment.

Is the cover pic the full version or is it cropped?

5219306 Hilarious! ...But my penis shriveled up and retreated into my body from the thought.

5219543 Sorry, had to get to a computer to find the source. It's by Divided-S, and can be found: Here. I just changed the background color.

Anon would later go on to monopolize the milk industry, single handedly cornering the milk market,

Anon: "Why settle for less, when you can get the real thing?" :pinkiecrazy:

5219359 yes. Yes there are

5219956 yaaa thats just slightly terrifying

Comment posted by Flat Tire deleted Nov 3rd, 2014

...I tried to take this seriously.
I lost at Internet.

Seriouly though, not bad.

5219438 i hope it gets past the idea stage, i would love to see a sequel!

why oh why did I read this. I am now tainted for life.

5220434 With how much attention this story is getting, it probably will. :moustache:

5219115 A better question is: Why was that stallion walking around with an erection?

5220445 The good kind right?:ajsmug:

Sorry, but I'm not going to read this. I just saw the title and laughed so hard I pissed myself.:trollestia::twilightoops:

Nice chapter. I wish more people wrote Gleaming Shield stories. If you know of any other good ones let me know but for now, here are some errors that I found mines the ones that DreamKitsune pointed out. :pinkiesmile:

she didn't want to give any stallions the change [chance] to say she had help

I think you meant to put the word "chance" there instead.

You try to look away, you really do, but you can’t tear your eyes from [the] sight before you.

You forgot to put the word "the" in between "from" and "sight".

“Suck,["] Gleaming orders,

You left out the closing quotation.

she had arrived five minutes late for inspection, smell [smelled] of sweat and arousal, and had

The word should be "smelled" not "smell".

You quickly realize that all of the [them] were mares.

The word should be "them" not "the".


Good story, but where is Luna or Celestia? :twilightblush: (and what are they thinking about the milking).
Would be interesting to see them getting milked. :rainbowwild:

I read through the whole story and was going to leave a comment about how much I love milk and enjoyed it...

And then I saw who wrote it...

This. Changes. Everything.

This ended up really hot, and pretty funny too! I love the R63 stuff, and it's an Anon story that doesn't feel too awkward. If I had one suggestion, it would be to tone down the euphemisms ("Lil Anon" is pretty overused), but that's about it. Thanks for writing, and for some rather enjoyable mental images...

There will NEVER be enough GS on this site.

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